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by Barbara Sheridan
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June 2002 Issue

The Hot and the Humorous!

Featuring: Nina Bangs, Katherine Deauxville and Sandra Hill

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He's most assuredly an Alpha Hero, self-assured and confident (even when he has no clue what he's doing). Not the type to take direction (or ask for them), he's a take charge kind of guy. Yep, he's sure he's hung the moon (maybe even invented it). That's right, and he's handsome and sexy enough to make women melt. He's got dozens beating down his door. Oh yeah, he's talented inthe bed sport alright. But what wins over that one hard-to-get maiden he wants more than his next breath? Awwww, that trace of vulnerability, in extraordinary circumstances, that lets her know he needs her desperately, and that proud, protective, and tender heart, that lets her know she's the only woman in his world that really matters. His blunders will make you howl with laughter, his travails will bring you to tears, and his passion will make you hot, hot, hot!

Five hundred years in the future when the wealthy of the universe no longer need to lift a finger to have their heart's desire: there is no disease, no war, and no sex.... except as a spectator sport. Its the most popular entertainment around, and Brian Burne is the MVP! Abandoned as a child on a poor outer world, he had been well on his way to a life of crime, when his potential had been discovered. Now he had it all, and yet something was missing. What he needed was a vacation to a simpler time, where he could just be himself. He chose to visit an ancestral castle, 500 years in the past. An off-season no sex clause would insure that he would have no distractions. Wrong! Ally O'Neill has travelled to Ireland to regroup as well, after a divorce had destroyed her career as the writer of a successful self help series on being the "perfect wife". The last thing she needs is another man to please. But her new assignment is to write a book about sex and the single woman, and Brian comes with excellent references! Grab a score card and get ready for NIGHT GAMES by Nina Bangs.

When Maryellen Caswell wakes up and realizes that the appealing baritone voice she's hearing is coming from her own mouth, she thinks she's gone crazy. Unfortunately for her, she's not. Nope its not going to be that easy. Hey she only has to find a new body for a glowing golden hunk from another galaxy, whose been sent to the backwater planet "Styrex Three" (Earth) by his enemies at Intergalactic Travel! Next thing they know they're being pursued by the FBI, the CDC, and an alien obsessed therapy group. She may not be crazy, but Sub-commander Ur Targon will soon drive her there, if his golden glow doesn't melt her heart first. The third planet from the sun is getting hotter by the minute! Break out the O. J. and enjoy OUT OF THE BLUE by Katherine Deauxville.

What's a woman to do when the only physician skilled enough to save her gravely injured father refuses to come to his aid? Knock him over the head, throw him over her shoulder, and carry him off? That's exactly what Tyra did! Well, she's a most unusual Viking princess after all. In fact, the only thing she really wants is to be is a Norse soldier. If only her father would recover, so she could convince him to let her younger sisters get married instead of her. Ah but Adam, the medieval Saxon healer, is not about to take this afront lying down ... although he'd like nothing better than to get this bold beauty into his bed furs. He might even be successful if his erstwhile relatives, and her scheming sisters would just stop helping! The frozen north is about to get very warm, in MY FAIR VIKING by Sandra Hill.

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