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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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July 2002 Issue

Fated to Mate - A Date with Destiny!

Featuring: Carla Cook, Ann Lawrence, Catherine Snodgrass, and Deb Stover
Special Feature: PNR recognizes the Career Achievements of Nora Roberts

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Love at first sight? Yes, it happens to a lucky few. Could it be the memory of past lives shared?

What can you conclude when your best laid plans take you right back to the place you've done your best to leave behind? Destiny and Fate are at work for sure.

When a simple carpenter inherits a windfall which allows him to indulge his passion for magic, he begins to have nightmares involving a child who is in grave danger, and gains powers that aren't in his bag of tricks. In spite of his fears, he's not going crazy - the child is real - and he's the only one who can save her soul. But Gina Marlowe's soul isn't the only one he recognizes. He knows at first glance that he had loved her mother in lives past, and that she'd rejected him every time. Now she has no choice but to trust him. Will they get it right this time? If you like a dark fantasy you'll love THE MAGICIAN by Carla Cook. Don't forget to check out Carla's new light fantasy, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. A private investigator is searching for a missing woman, but what he finds will surprise them both.

Neil Scott, co-owner of the Virtual Heaven game store is disheartened by his mother's death and his failure to help her straighten out her life. He'd put his life on hold, had been a conscientious, responsible son, and all he had to show for it was a saltwater taffy box full of trinkets. But he was through with that now. No more responsibility. Where he was going no one would know his name. He could start over, be whatever he wanted to be. But he'd barely materialized in the virtual world of the Tolemac Wars III game when he is faced with a woman in peril, outnumbered, and about to be brutally violated. She is Ardra, the character he had dubbed "Refrigerator Girl", a woman who had held no appeal for him at all. He is at a crossroads in his life. What he does now could determine his destiny. Can Neil escape his own nature, or will love transform this uncommon man into a VIRTUAL WARRIOR? Enjoy this third novel in Ann Lawrence's virtual reality series.

Dr. Alec Edwards had been lucky. When the car heading toward him had crossed the barrier he'd expected to endure the impact. The car had missed his, but the woman driving the car behind him had not been so lucky. Dani Morgan was seriously injured, but her luck hadn't deserted her entirely. Alec is a physician, a plastic surgeon in fact, and though she's never met him before, she appears to recognize him for a moment, triggering a deep seated need in Alec to see to her welfare. In fact he's somehow convinced that only he can save her. Strange visions, and a deep attraction to this patient, sends Alec in search of answers. What he finds is a soul deep connection, one that has brought them together in multiple lifetimes, all of which had ended in tragedy. He'd saved her life this time, but it appears that someone is trying to kill her. Will tragedy find them again, or will they have ANOTHER CHANCE, ANOTHER TIME? Take time for this reincarnation romance by Catherine Snodgrass.

Fate hasn't been kind to Bridget Mulligan. She'd been abandoned on her honeymoon by her Irish husband. She'd never heard another word from him but she'd borne his child. She'd managed to find some stability, then one day discovers that the grandmother she's just buried had gambled away the roof over their heads. When things look like they can't get any worse, Bridget receives an invitation to visit her late husband's kin in Ireland. This clears up the mystery of Culley Mulligan's disappearance. Knowing that she'd misjudged him all those years, and longing for a family for her son, Bridget soon finds herself in Ireland. Will it be a blessing or a curse? The answer lies in a bewitched castle that whispers to Bridget and well as Cully's older brother, Riley, and fills them with heated dreams of each other. MULLIGAN STEW is a tasty tale of destiny by Deb Stover.

PNR is delighted to present its first ever P.E.A.R.L. Career Achievement recognition to bestselling author Nora Roberts. Nora has gifted paranormal lovers with many fine romances over the years, the latest of which are the books of the Three Sisters Island trilogy. DANCE UPON THE AIR, HEAVEN AND EARTH, and FACE THE FIRE are the stories of three modern witches who's legacy it is to face a potent evil from three centuries past. Nell, Ripley, and Mia must face the tests of courage, justice and love, and succeed where their ancestors, Air, Earth, and Fire had failed. Should they falter, their beloved island would be lost forever. Three incredible men will stand by these women, feeding their power with the strength of their unconditional love.

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