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by Barbara Sheridan
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April 2002 Issue

Love by the Light of the Moon!

Jaye Roycraft

Jaye Roycraft, wasn’t sure what she wanted to be when she grew up. A teacher? Not for long. A salesclerk? Not again! A computer systems analyst? Better! But that career, as good as it was, was a victim of a mid-life crisis. The answer? Start two new careers after the age of forty.

Jaye became a big-city police officer at forty-one, shocking friends and family. But as challenging as that job was, something was missing in her life.

Throughout her various careers, one thing remained a constant - Jaye’s love of books. Classics, mysteries, non-fiction- all had their time. Two genres stood out, though, science fiction and romance. When Jaye started her writing career, it seemed natural to combine her two favorites and write a futuristic romance. The result was Rainscape, her debut novel. Her first contemporary vampire romance, Double Image, is due out in July. Jaye is also the author of a romantic suspense, Aces, and has additional works in progress. So far, all Jaye’s novels have cops or ex-cops as heroes or heroines. As satisfying as writing has become, she can’t forget about her other career.

Jaye belongs to RWA and WisRWA. She is still a police officer, and lives in Wisconsin with her two dogs and two cats, half of which were rescued on the Job.

An Interview with Jaye Roycraft

PNR: You have said your two favorite genres are science fiction and romance which you combine in your writing. Your "IMAGE" series is contemporary vampire romances where RAINSCAPE was futuristic suspense. Is either easier or more captivating to you? Do you prefer "building a world" to using the contemporary world for your stories?

Jaye R.:
Both are captivating to me, but the vampire romances set in a very
real contemporary setting are much easier to write. "World building" from
scratch is a very time consuming and difficult thing to do, so while I enjoy the creativity and challenge, I prefer using the contemporary world in the writing I do now.

Your Vampire books have some different types of vampires because of
how they were made? Is that correct? Can you tell us a bit about their different characteristics/ powers?

Jaye R.:
I thought it would be boring if all vampires had the same powers (great strength, speed, mesmerizing eyes, etc.). Humans are born with different talents and gifts, so I thought "why not vampires, too?" So my vampires have different powers depending on who created them. Dallas is pretty traditional in that he can't tolerate sunlight, and his powers are limited mostly to the power of his eyes. Drago, who is a more powerful vamp, can tolerate sunlight and can also use the power of his mind to cut his enemies. Revelin Scott has the power of possession, and Ric De Chaux (Shadow Image) has a power called the Hand of Death, by which he can either heal or harm by the touch of his hand.

PNR: In DOUBLE IMAGE you introduced Alex whose story is told in AFTERIMAGE. Do you plan on other stories for this series? If so, do we know the hero/heroine?

Jaye R.:
There are two more Image books planned. Shadow Image, which should
be out in July, is Ric De Chaux's book. Ric made a very brief appearance in
Afterimage as a member of Drago's old alliance. Revelin Scott, who had a much larger role in Afterimage, also makes an appearance in Shadow Image, then gets his own book in Immortal Image, release date to be announced. The heroines for both Shadow Image and Immortal Image will be brand new characters.

In your personal life through various jobs, it seems you have explored the many possibilities that caught your interest. Will we be seeing more futuristics or other style paranormal in your future writing or will you be concentrating on exploring the vampire world for now?

Jaye R.:
Right now my plans are to concentrate on the vampire world.

Your real name is Jeanette and you said recently that you now go by
Jaye. It is a case of a nickname being a pen name or is this another example of how writing has changed your life? Have you enjoyed the changes/influences becoming a writer has brought to your life?

Jaye R.:
No, Jaye was never really a nickname. I just chose it because it was
shorter and easier than Jeanette. Becoming a writer hasn't changed much in my life, other than the fact that it has enabled me to "meet" so many wonderful people all over the world. My greatest joy has been in communicating with fans, reviewers, fellow authors, and many others over the Internet. I have met so many interesting, helpful, and enthusiastic people, and some have become true friends.

Besides writing, you are actively supportive of other authors. Can you tell us some of the things you are involved in within the writing community?

Jaye R.:
Right now I am co-area contact for the Milwaukee area for WisRWA, the
Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. I have participated as a judge of
romantic suspense for WisRWA's Fab 5 Contest for three years now, and this
will be my second year presenting a workshop at WisRWA's annual conference.




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Jaye Roycraft



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ImaJinn Books
June 2002
ISBN: 1893896781

SHADOW IMAGE - Welcome to the idyllic lakefront town of Shadow Bay, where expectation and reality are shores apart. A young woman comes to escape the pressures of the big city, and a very old creature comes to ease himself back into the world of the living…and neither finds what they imagined they would.

Shelby Cort has had enough of working for a big-city police department. Ricard De Chaux, the notorious le docteur la mort and ex-Paramount for the Undead in France, has been escaping for years and now reluctantly works his way back into human society. They meet in the small town of Shadow Bay, Michigan—Shelby as Sheriff and Ric as the new county medical examiner.

When dead bodies start to pop up in unlikely places and the killings go unsolved, Shelby comes under attack from town officials, the media, and her own co-workers. She finds an ally in the new ME, both grateful for his support and drawn by his exotic good looks.

But what Shelby doesn’t know is that the killer isn’t human. What she also doesn’t know is that the cool, collected Dr. De Chaux is by night Doctor Death, the new Overlord of the local Undead, whose top priority is to protect his new charges. Doctor Death hides one piece of evidence after another from the Sheriff, as all the while Ric fills Shelby’s off-duty time with longing and passion.

When the killer goes after Shelby and all Ric’s secrets are on the line, where will his allegiance fall?

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