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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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March 2002 Issue

Team Canada - A Spotlight on LTDBooks

J.C. Wilder

J.C. Wilder lives in Westerville, Ohio where she's owned by a Japanese Akita named Severena and a really obnoxious Jack Russell Terrier named Copper Penny. She spends the majority of her time dusting her 6,000 books and staring at her blank computer screen in complete terror.

After six years working for CompuServe Inc., she's working as a Business Analyst for the State of Ohio. When not writing, she devotes much of her time to studying the medicinal uses of herbs and essential oils and howling at the moon.

An Interview with J.C. Wilder

PNR: The Shadow Dwellers series is very sensual and suspenseful, yet it began rather innocuously with a birthday party thrown by an eclectic group of women friends for a lady who's life is in a bit of a rut. They discuss their fantasies - tell us about these women and how they become involved with the Shadow Dwellers?

J. C. Wilder: In the first book of the series, ONE WITH THE HUNGER, the ladies have gathered for Shai's birthday. Unbeknownst to Shai, one of the five ladies is already a Shadow Dweller. She is a revenant, an immortal created by a vampire.

While attending this rather bawdy dinner party, Shai is introduced to Valentin, an elder vampire, who sets his sights on her. This relationship is the catalyst for the other ladies' entrée into the world of the Shadow Dwellers.

PNR: Valentin, The hero of ONE WITH THE HUNGER is a very sexy vampire, who has unfortunately accumulated some very powerful enemies over time. One is a rogue vampire who along with his cohorts plague the Shadow Dwellers throughout the saga. Tell us about Mikhail.

J. C. Wilder: Mikhail is a rather complex character. He is Valentin's creation, which galls the rogue Mikhail to no end. He would like to view himself as the master of his own universe but the reality is that Val will always be just a bit stronger than he.

We see in the second book, RETRIBUTION, how Mikhail tries to exact his revenge against his Master and assume control of the head of the Council of Elders, the ruling body of the preternatural world.

PNR: Valentin also has a formidable group of friends, although not all are vampires. Who are the Shadow Dwellers? Are they all immortal? How are they governed?

J. C. Wilder: The Shadow Dwellers are those who live on the fringe of mortal society. They are the beings that you see out of the corner of your eye as you walk down the street. They aren't completely human due to their transformation into another being such as vampire, were-cat, or an immortal (revenant) – but the retain many of their human qualities.

Not all Shadow Dwellers are considered immortal and all of them can be killed. It's all a question of technique. Due to their recuperative powers they can almost always cure themselves unless it's a mortal wound. So, in essence, they could be considered immortal. Lop off a head and yes, they're going to die. <g>

There is a ruling body in the preternatural world and it is called the Council of Elders. There are representatives from many of the groups involved, the vampires, revenants and were-cats. The only groups not represented are the witches and the were-wolves as they have chosen to not join with the preternatural world as a whole. The council consists of a council head (Alexandre) and four others and they are all elected to their positions. Prior to the uprising, there was very little governing involved. Now with Mikhail and band of henchmen on the loose, poor Alexandre has his hands full.

PNR: The second book, RETRIBUTION involves another friend, Jennifer
Beaumont, who as you mentioned has had a long acquaintance with the Shadow Dwellers. Jen has been portrayed as an experienced worldly woman. What her mortal friends don't know is that Jen has loved and lost her soul mate Conor MacNaughten, in a complicated game of chess with the villainous Mikhail. Tell us a bit about Mac and Jen, what forces them back into each other's lives?

J. C. Wilder: Both Jennifer and Mac are immortals. They're prior relationship ended, in a rather acrimonious fashion, around the turn of the century and they hadn't spoken since. Mikhail kidnaps Miranda, a vampire who has befriended both Jennifer and Val, in an attempt to force Val into a confrontation. Jennifer and Mac end up joining forces to rescue Miranda though they want nothing to do with each other. Their first meeting is rather, explosive.

PNR: SHAMELESS, book 3, takes place 11 years after ONE WITH THE HUNGER.
In the meantime Mikail had challenged Alexandre Saint-Juste for his position as head of the Shadow Dweller's Council. Two of the five council members had defected to Mikhail, leaving Alexandre with two allies, Fayne (a were-cat), and Bliss (a revenant and daughter of a powerful witch). Mikhail attempted coupe had failed temporarily but he and his cohorts have had ample time to regroup. That battle has brought changes into Fayne's life, tell us about them.

J. C. Wilder: Well, without giving away the plot, let's just say that after RETRIBUTION, Fayne returns in SHAMELESS and he has a little extra baggage in the form of a child. Were-cats are renown for their somewhat narcissistic personalities. They're fun-loving, pleasuring seeking creatures who look toward their own comforts first. Needless to say, the introduction of a small child into this man's life is bound to turn him upside down.

PNR: The tale begins at yet another birthday gathering of the original group of female friends. This time it is Erihn's celebration. Erihn had experienced violence in her teen years and avoids relationships, yet her occupation suggests that a fiery heart beats beneath her concealing clothing. Tell us about Erihn and how does she meet Fayne?

J. C. Wilder: Erihn is a member of the original ladies from ONE WITH THE HUNGER. She is the youngest and she writes romance novels for a living. Due to her traumatic experiences with men, she has a tendency to shy away from men and life in general. She avoids confrontation and prefers to live her life very quietly.

As for the first meeting of Fayne and Erihn, at her birthday party she is encouraged by her friends and a lot of champagne to get up onstage and recite a poem she'd written. As she's speaking of his mysterious lover, Fayne appears and makes quite an entrance as he stalks her onstage in front of the audience and her friends. I just love this scene it gives me goose bumps. <G>

PNR: It seems a bit odd to describe fantasy as being realistic yet your stories are not fairytales, sometimes the bad people get away and sometimes good ones pay the ultimate price for their cause. A protagonist is lost in SHAMELESS and this sets the stage for REDEMPTION. A grieving mother and powerful witch, calls a neglected son to her side to avenge the death of his half sister. But her anger is misplaced. Who is Quinn Montgomery? How does he handle the conflict between honor and a lifelong desire?

J. C. Wilder: Quinn is the half-brother of Bliss, the council member from books 2 & 3. Mortianna, the de facto head of the witches, is the mother of both Bliss and Quinn. He grew up with his father and stepmother in Washington state and he had no contact with Mortianna before this book.

As for the conflict between a life-long desire and his honor, it isn't much of a conflict within him. He knows what is right and he holds his honor as sacred. Quinn is probably one of my favorite characters for this reason alone.

PNR: Maeve is a revenant under Valentin's protection who has a score to settle with Mikhail. She needs the aid of a powerful witch. How does she get involved with Quinn?

J. C. Wilder: Maeve is a bit of a tortured soul. Her twin sister was killed in book
one and she's spent the last eleven years plotting her revenge. A part of that revenge involves the death of an elder vampire, which is no easy feat to accomplish. As for how she gets involved with Quinn, she is accidentally kidnapped and it's up to Quinn to help her escape from the situation.

PNR: Your latest release, SINS OF THE FLESH has already gotten a good bit of acclaim. It was a Romantic Times Top Pick as well as a P.E.A.R.L. 2001 nominee for best Shapeshifter Romance. Are you excited about the
stir book 5 has created?

J. C. Wilder: Oh yes! It's every writers dream to release a book that is well
received by the public. I loved writing SINS OF THE FLESH and I'm pleased that the readers and reviewers are enjoying it as well.

PNR: The hero of SINS is the top man himself, Alexandre Saint-Juste. The
story is set in New Orleans at Mardi Gras (an appropriate setting for this title <g>). The weight of the world is resting heavily on his shoulders at the moment. Cassiopeia rogue council member and former lover, is still at large. What new problems is he facing?

J. C. Wilder: Alexandre has problems, problems and more problems! Not only is he trying to reassemble the Council after the defection of two members, he's trying to find Mikhail and prevent him from rebuilding his army. There is a diary on the loose that could contain the information to bring down the world of the Shadow Dwellers as we now know it. On top of that, there is a mysterious rash of vampire deaths in New Orleans and the preternatural community is running scared and looking to him for answers. For a short book, SINS has a lot going on. <G>

PNR: The heroine is Sunni, who is quite young as vampires go. Sunni has been in love with Alexandre for quite some time. Sunni's outward appearance, demeanor, occupation, etc. suggest to Alexandre that they could never be compatible. Tell us a bit about Sunni and this unlikely match.

J. C. Wilder: I probably had more fun with this twosome than any other I've written. I do believe the opposites attract and in this case, it worked perfectly. Sunni is a mehndi/tattoo artist and a bit of a flower child. She speaks before she thinks and she's very honest about her emotions. Alexandre is the exact opposite. He's rigid, commanding and has probably never done anything on the spur of the moment in his life.

Needless to say, tossing Sunni into Alexandre's well-ordered life has him on edge. <g>

PNR: Your next book TEMPTATION is slated for the spring. It will feature Sinjin who has appeared in previous novels, and Vivian, yet another of the original group of women friends. Vivian, has a reputation as a voracious connoisseur of men. She is also a wealthy socialite and philanthropist. If we've learned anything from your previous tales, it is that appearances can be deceiving. I gather there is more to Vivian than meets the eye?

J. C. Wilder: Oh sure. Vivian is a lot deeper than I've portrayed her in the previous novels. She goes through a very traumatic experience in the prologue of TEMPTATION and you can check it out on my website at She is a great character and she runs the gauntlet in this book.

PNR: Readers are no doubt wondering about the reclusive Renault, a man/werecat of mystery and power. Can we expect him to face his demons in the near future. Any hints as to who the lucky lady who wins his heart might be?

J. C. Wilder: Renault's story will be out in 2003 and it is the final book in the
Shadow Dwellers. He is the most-requested character I've ever written so
of course I'm going to save the best for last. Honestly, I can't wait to find out about him as well. <g>

As for the lady of his heart, no hints here. All I will say is that she has been mentioned in the previous books…

PNR: That's going to drive me crazy <g>. The Shadow Dwellers' stories can be obtained individually in ebook format, the first four can be obtained in two paperback volumes, all from LTD books. (SINS and TEMPTATION will be released as a third volume in the spring along with the ebook version of Temptation) In addition to SINS OF THE FLESH, you have also released a sensual vampire romance, LAST KISS, for Ellora's Cave under the name Dominique Adair. Tell us a bit about LAST KISS.

J. C. Wilder: LAST KISS is an erotic vampire short I did last year. It is the story
of Elaine and Alexei who meet at a very sexy house party thrown by a
mutual friend. Alexei is a Russian vampire who has been tracking his lover
through time and in this incarnation; it is Elaine that he seeks.

I loved writing this story. I've always enjoyed the steamier stuff and this was a nice break from the Shadow Dwellers. I look forward to doing some more with Ellora's Cave in 2002.

PNR: What is next for J. C. Wilder?

J. C. Wilder: How about world domination? <g>

Seriously, Volume III of the Shadow Dwellers (SINS OF THE FLESH and TEMPTATION) will be released in paperback in June. In September I have an erotic omnibus with Rosemary Laurey coming out and the title is PARADOX. In this book, things aren't quite what they seem to be…

In December I have a short story coming out from Ellora's Cave and the working title of my story is THE CAPTIVE. The anthology is currently untitled.

The final book of the Shadow Dwellers, EYE OF THE STORM will be released
in 2003. I have some ideas for two werewolf books and a witch trilogy
but nothing concrete yet! So who knows where I will turn up next!




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J. C. Wilder




Book V

ISBN Disk: 1553160738
ISBN Rocket: 1553169271

SINS OF THE FLESH - In the heart of New Orleans, a new evil has arrived in town…

A rash of mysterious deaths is plaguing the preternatural world. Vampires are turning up dead in a fashion unlike anything Alexandre's ever seen. Is it murder, suicide or something else?

Sunni has been in love with Alexandre for sixty years. As she plots to gain the love she longs for, she ends up in danger of being the next victim in a sinister game of life and death.

Evil dogging his every step, Alexandre is torn between his duty and the love of a very special woman…

Coming soon!

Book VI

ISBN Disk: 1553161025 ISBN Rocket: 155316897

TEMPTATION - After a devastating loss, Sinjin is on the prowl in New Orleans, drowning his sorrow in all the delights the city offers. But when he meets a mysterious woman named Vivian he finds the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Volume III

August 2002

This book is a double volume containing the fifth and sixth stories in the
Shadow Dweller Series.


Volume I

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Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1553164903

This book is a double volume containing the first two stories in the
Shadow Dweller Series.



Sold Individually

Book I

ISBN Disk: 1553160703
ISBN Rocket: 155316928X

Book II

ISBN Disk: 155316072X
ISBN Rocket: 1553169301

Volume II

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Trade Paperback

ISBN: 1553164873

This book is a double volume containing the third and fourth stories in the
Shadow Dweller Series.



Sold Individually

Book III

ISBN Disk: 1553160789
ISBN Rocket: 1553169212

Book IV

ISBN Disk 1553160800
ISBN Rocket 1553169190

Other titles

Elora's Cave
Adobe (PDF)
ISBN: 1843600536
MS Reader (LIT)
ISBN: 1843600544
Rocketbook (RB)
ISBN # 1843600552

LAST KISS - For centuries Alexei Romanov has been searching for her, for the Russian gypsy he'd fallen in love with the first time their eyes had met. Three times he'd found her over the years and three times he'd lost her, death having taken her away when he'd been unable to protect her.

Now at last, thirty years since her last incarnation, he has found her once again. This time Alexei is determined to never let the fates separate them again, and to claim her for all eternity.

October 2002
ISBN: 1553165810

PARADOX a 2 in 1 collection

FLY WITH A DRAGON by Rosemary Laurey

Selected as the virgin sacrifice to the ravening dragon, Myfanwy waits as Arragh, the Dragon of Cader Bala, approaches across the scared grove. But Arragh comes not to destroy, but to carry her off to his home and fate, far, far better than death.

J. C. Wilder

Dani is a young woman who is sold into slavery to an Overseer of the Realm. As she is taken from the only family she's ever known, Dani makes the decision that no man, Overseer or not, could possess her heart.

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