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by Barbara Sheridan
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March 2002 Issue

Team Canada - A Spotlight on LTDBooks

Isabo Kelly

Isabo Kelly was grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and has found a way to live in cities that attract tourists every since. Though she started making up stories at an early age, Isabo originally choose science as her first career. She moved to Honolulu, Hawaii for her undergraduate degree inZoology where she was lucky enough to work with dolphins for two and a half years. From there she returned to Las Vegas and worked at various jobs, including the aptly titled position of Shark Lady (which included the care and feeding of live sharks, other tropical fish and reptiles) at the Natural History Museum.

It was during this time that she started her first novel. When the opportunity arose to move to Germany with her family, Isabo went and spent a year and a half traveling Europe and developing her skills as a writer. From Germany, she moved to Dublin, Ireland to work on her Ph.D., this time working with fallow deer. She lives just west of Dublin city with her Irish husband and has just finished her thesis while continuing to write fiction.

An Interview with Isabo Kelly

PNR: I understand that science was your first career choice. How did you decide to become a writer, and did your first love influence the decision to write SF and Fantasy? Has your extensive travel and love for animals crept into any of your writing?

Isabo K.: I've always wanted to write as well as study animal behavior. The two seemed to go well together. I'm not sure my science career influenced my decision to write fantasy--that was more likely the influence of Anne McCaffery <g> --but it almost kept me from trying my hand at SF. I thought I was the wrong kind of scientist, that you had to be a physicist or something to write SF. I got over that idea.

My travel has definitely influenced my writing--primarily in my choice and design of settings, but also in the building of cultures. Animals, on the other hand, are only just now finding their way into my writing. Well, actually, I did write about animals a bit when I was starting, but then as I progressed with my degree, they disappeared from my fiction. Now, in my science fiction world building, I use my biology and behavior background to help me develop alien cultures--which is really fun! I'm hoping to make more of a place for wildlife in future stories. In fact, I have a couple of ideas (including one shapeshifter idea which should be fun) percolating.

PNR: Tell us a bit about your first science fiction novel THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN. Is this story to be part of a series?

Isabo K.: THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN is the story of Kira Farseaker's struggle to save an alien species, the Shifters, from annihilation and David Cario's search for justice. When the two meet, it threatens all of Kira's efforts and turns David's world upside down. In the end, they will have to
trust each other in order to succeed.

Originally, KIERNA'RHOAN was to be a stand alone novel which I wrote specifically for e-publishing. It's now spawned two planned sequels, two short stories and a potential prequel.

PNR: Your latest novel, the fantasy romance entitled THIEF'S DESIRE, is the first book in the Fate's Hand Trilogy. The story begins with the knowledge that a prophesy has been fulfilled. Tell us about this prophecy. Is this the main event around which this series pivots?

Isabo K.: Yes, the prophecy is important overall in the trilogy, but it's not touched on directly in the prequel to THIEF'S DESIRE. In fact, there's only a hint of it. The prophesized child, Arlana, is the focus of the sequel to TD, DESTINY'S SEDUCTION, when she must face at least a part of her fate.

PNR: Practitioners of magic both good and evil have felt the shift in their world as a result of the fulfillment of this prophecy. A mortal man and women of vastly different station and occupation become entangled in the events which result from this knowledge. Vic Flash is a young and proficient gambler/thief, Jacob Marin is one of the King's Own guard. How do they meet and what impact does this first meeting have on each of them?

Isabo K.: Jacob and Vic meet after Vic cheats one too many times at a dangerous game of cards. The first meeting sparks amused interest on both sides, but neither one realizes that that brief meeting in a dark alley will forever change their lives.

PNR: Jacob prides himself on his powers of observation, yet is surprised by the fact that Vic is in fact a Victoria. Tell us about Vic's background and how she comes to be one of the best in her profession.

Isabo K.: Victoria became Vic Flash at the age of five after the disappearance of her father. Even at that age, she'd seen a lot of life, and she knew there were things she was prepared to do and things she wasn't in order to get by. A strong will and determination to do more than just survive her life
pushed Vic to be better, work harder, try the impossible. She needed to be the best so that she could call the shots in her life.

PNR: Overconfidence is Vic's greatest sin, and a mistake causes her to forgo gambling for the time being. Vic is forced to ply her trade dressed as the woman she is, and in the wealthy part of town. There she crosses Jacob's path again. How does she come to be in his employ?

Isabo K.: In essence, Jacob offers Vic a job she can't refuse. Her desire for th security of money and her overzealous curiosity make it impossible for Vic to refuse Jacob's offer to work as a spy. She hates not knowing what's happening in her city. It is her city after all. And if a sexy guard is willing to pay her to track down information she'd probably have gone hunting for anyway, well that much the better.

PNR: Jacob is already aware that Goblins are converging on the city. Vic discovers something far more serious?

Isabo K.: Yes, she does. <g>

PNR: It is clear to the reader early on that Jacob is intrigued by this woman who has spent most of her days posing as a lad. Jacob has quite a reputation as a ladies' man. How does the reader know that Victoria is special to him? How does her news affect his plans for her?

Isabo K.: I hope the reader knows that Victoria is special to Jacob by the care and concern he treats her with--particularly when he takes care of her when she's injured--and the respect he has for her skills. The mere fact that she can attract him after he's spent the last two years in love with another woman, a woman he can't have, is a sign to him that there is something extraordinary about Victoria Flash. However, the more deeply Vic gets involved in danger, the more he realizes just how important she is to him. And the more he wants to keep her safely tucked away from all risks and dangers--whether she likes it or not.

PNR: Victoria had had few options after she'd been orphaned, she'd chosen to become a thief rather than sell her body, as many in her circumstances had. What is it about Jacob that allows her to trust him both physically and emotionally?

Isabo K.: It's Jacob's humour, straight talk and honor that allow Vic to trust him physically. But she can only trust him emotionally when he accepts her need to be who she is and gives her the freedom to be the real Victoria.

PNR: Without spoiling the story, we can safely say that the child of prophecy is the focus of the battle between good and evil in this tale. Can we assume that this child will once more be the center of the plot of the next installment? Will we see a recurrence of other characters from THIEF'S DESIRE? Will the child grow in age and power as the saga continues? Might she have her own romance eventually? What is next for Isabo Kelly?

Isabo K.: Arlana will be the focus of the sequel to TD. A few characters from TD will make a brief appearance , but this book (DESTINY'S SEDUCTION) focus's on Arlana's journey to meet her destiny. Her power fulfills the prophecy and she will indeed hold the fate of the world in the palm of her hand. And yes, she does get her own romance. Probably more romance than she was entirely prepared for :)

As for Isabo, I'm currently finishing the edits for the rest of the Fate's Hand trilogy, plotting out and working on the two sequels to KIERNA'RHOAN, and going on my honeymoon. So it should be a busy month <g>.










Isabo Kelly



September 2001
Disk ISBN: 1553160673
Rocket ISBN: 1553169336

THIEF'S DESIRE - Vic Flash, gambler and thief, grew up on the streets of Dareelia, dressing as a boy and learning to survive with a quick wit and a fast hand. But one bad hand of cards and a chance meeting with a sexy King’s Own turned Vic’s life upside down. What started as a simple spy job for the King’s Own, General Jacob Marin, turned into something much more when Vic uncovered the presence of blood magicians in the city. If that wasn’t bad enough, her simple business arrangement with Jacob quickly turned personal. Blood mages were one thing, but romance with a King’s Own, that was dangerous territory for a street thief.

Jacob Marin had problems of his own. Goblins moving down into Karasnia, smugglers in Dareelia months after they should have left, blood magicians running loose in the city, the appearance of his best friend and his wife, a woman Jacob thought he’d lost his heart to years earlier. But his biggest problem proved to be a little thief named Victoria. Jacob needed Vic’s help to uncover the secrets converging on the city, but his growing feelings for the woman made sending her into danger harder and harder to do. Victoria, however, seemed perfectly capable of sending herself into danger all on her own. If he wanted to keep her and earn her trust, first he had to keep her alive. A task that could prove more difficult than fighting off the goblins.

As the pieces of a deadly magical struggle come together, Vic and Jacob set out on a quest to rescue a child of prophesy from the hands of an evil influence, a journey that would test the tentative trust and love developing between them. But failure could mean more than just their deaths, it could mean the destruction of the world.

Disk ISBN: 1553160657
Rocket ISBN : 1553169328

Kira Farseaker led a privileged life until the death of her parents and the break-up of her marriage, when she discovered a secret that plunged her into an under-world of danger. The native inhabitants of her home planet, the Shifters, were slated for extermination by the planetary government, an operation headed by her ex-husband, Commander Ennoren. The scientists of the Shifter Research Center had made sure the public thought the Shifters were predatory, dangerous, parasitic animals. What they didn’t tell the public was that the Shifters were a peaceful, intelligent, cognizant species. When Kira discovered the truth, she vowed to use her money and influence to do what ever she could to help the Shifters. And when she discovered that they were evolving, she knew she’d finally found a way to save at least some of them from the exterminations. She would give them a secret planet, a Farseaker legacy known as Kierna’Rhoan.

David Cario came from a long line of police officers and Guards. He prided himself on his reputation as an undercover officer who could not be corrupted. It was this reputation that helped him get assigned to Commander Ennoren’s Shifter extermination squadron where, working undercover, he searched for proof of the Commander’s illegal excesses. David had his own reasons for wanting this particular assignment. He was hunting for the truth behind the death of his sister. When David met the commander’s ex-wife, the suspected terrorist Kira Farseaker, he thought he might just have found the break he needed to solve his case. But crossing into Kira’s world would lead him to truths he wasn’t prepared to discover.

In a race against time and the rage of Commander Ennoren, Kira and David struggle between their duties and a growing passion that could destroy everything they’ve worked for or save both their lives.


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