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by Barbara Sheridan
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August 2001

Every Romance Reader's Fantasy!

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Update: Holly Fuhrmann
A.k.a Holly Jacobs

Holly Jacobs Fuhrmann writes as Holly Fuhrmann for ImaJinn Books, and for Kensington Books. She writes as Holly Jacobs for Harlequin and Silhouette. She's the mother of four children, one slimy dog (and by slimy she means, he's an Old English Mastiff with a true saliva-control problem) and is married to a man who surpasses any hero she could ever create for a book.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer...

That's sounds like a good introduction, but since I didn't always know, I don't think it's overly accurate. Basically, I always knew I wanted to be a reader. Ah, that's much more accurate! I honest to pete can't remember a time I wasn't reading, that I wasn't carrying a book around with me just in case I had an extra free minute! I thought about becoming a teacher, but I had four kids which pretty much convinced me that, though I adore children, I really didn't want to deal with more than four on a daily basis. But with my youngest getting old enough for school looming on the horizon, I knew I was finally going to have to make a career choice. I knew teaching was out. And though I was pretty good at bandaging a cut, balancing a checkbook, and cleaning a house, I knew I didn't want to spend my days as a nurse, an accountant, or a maid. What did I like enough to want to do it full-time?

The answer was one of those little lightbulbs-over-your- head moments. Books. Ah, ha. Writing.

Now, my youngest was in diapers, and I knew I had a few years to at least give it a try. If it didn't work, well, I'd have to try something else. Luckily it did. I sold to Kensington's Precious Gems line, then to ImaJinn Books, and finally to Harlequin Duets, then right on that sale's heels, to Silhouette Romance. My youngest is finally in school all day, and I'm happy to report that I picked the absolute right profession for me! I love when they've all left. I come up to my office with a steaming cup of coffee, and sink into a world of my own making. Things always go just the way I want, and I always get my happily- ever-after! With four kids around, having someone actually do exactly what you tell them is quite the power-trip! LOL

Seriously, I love what I do. It's tough work, and there are days that I wonder if I should have gone with teaching, but when all the t's are crossed and all the i's are dotted, I know I made the right choice. Truth is, as much as I always loved, and always will love reading, I love writing even more. These days I still have four kids, one husband and a two hundred pound dog, and I'm writing as Holly Jacobs for both Harlequin Duets and Silhouette Romance, and as Holly Fuhrmann for ImaJinn Books.

An interview with Holly Fuhrman

PNR: When we last spoke in November 2000, the second book of the fairy tale series Magic for Joy had Just been released. Next month will herald the release of book three, Miracles for Nick. Is this the final story in the series?

Holly F.: Although any type of fairytale ends with "and they lived happily-ever-after," there's never truly an ending. In the case of my fairies, I have a couple ideas I'd love to work on sometime, so although this is the end, it's just the end for now. I hope to return to them in the future.

PNR: For those who are new to the series can you give us a brief recap of how the fairies came to be and what they've been up to?

Holly F.: Grace MacGuire is a romance writer who created a bestselling series of fairy godmother romances. Her fairies, Myrtle, Fern and Blossom, come to life because Grace deserves a happily-ever-after of her own and right now, she's not very happy. But after the fairies show up, she's not any a matter of fact, she's worried about her sanity. Enter Max Aaronson. He's a psychiatrist who helps her with her fairy problem, and in the end, he helps with that pesky little happily-ever-after.

The second book is about Gabriel's sister, Joy. She finds herself thrown together with Gabriel St. John and his daughter Sophie. With some fairy help, maybe Joy's found the family she's always longed for...or maybe she's just found the keys to the loony bin?

You see, the fairies, have the best of intentions. Unfortunately, mishaps abound whenever they're around. The fairy stories allow me to mix my odd sense of humor, with the romance genre I love to write, and add a splash of a fantasy element that appeals to the fantasy fan in me.

PNR: The new title gives away the identity of the fairies latest godchild. That would be Nick Aaronson, the brother of Max and Joy, the last remaining single sibling. Nick is a defense attorney who doesn't believe in happily ever after. At least not for himself. Tell us about him?

Holly F.: Nick was a great hero. He tried to be so hard and tough, and yet, underneath, he's a marshmallow--at least where Glory's concerned. Heck, he's even got a soft spot for the fairies.

PNR: The woman they have in mind for him is Glory Chambers, former high powered executive and ex-wife of a two timing attorney. She's ready for a new start that doesn't include lawyers. How does she plan to go about it? How does she get involved with the fairies?

Holly F.: When the book opens, Glory's ready for a change. A mysterious, unknown aunt has left her a small diner in Erie, PA. So she packs up her life and decides to do something different. But nothing could prepare her for the rundown business she now owns, or for the fairies who appear as mysterious women ready to pitch in and help reopen The Coffee House under it's new name,
Glory's Chambers.

PNR: How is it that Glory, who is not the fairies' godchild can see them, and why?

Holly F.: In the first two books, no one but their godchildren can see the fairies. At the end of the Magic for Joy the fairies announce they're ready to change the rules. So when Miracles for Nick opens, they've approached fairy council and received permission to be seen by everyone.

PNR.: Blossom, Fern, and Myrtle are burning the candle at both ends trying to create two happily ever afters at the same time. They wind up being sued by an "dissatisfied customer", how does Nick become involved in this crazy case?

Holly F.: When the fairies get sued by a godchild, Fiona, who they promised a happily-ever-after and who is decidedly NOT happy, they need representation. Glory feels responsible for them and, despite the fact that lawyers are not her favorite species, she approaches Nick to represent them.

PNR: The judge for the case is swapped out at the last minute. He's a highly unusual character, as is the complainant. Tell us about them?

Holly F.: Now, I can't tell too much without giving the story away. But I will say, that getting the mysterious Bernie Fallon on the bench gave me fits. After all, no one in the courthouse knew him, and certainly that isn't the case in most county courthouses. But lucky for me, my mom works in the Erie County Courthouse and came up with a solution. In the story, the Courthouse contacts the A.O.P.C. who assigns a senior judge from out of county to fill a vacancy on the bench.

PNR: Aha. What is it about Nick that makes Glory forget her distaste for lawyers?

Holly F.: Now, there's of course the physical aspect. After all, Nick's a dark haired, hunky looking guy. But that wouldn't even come close to being enough for Glory. She knows that someone who looks like a prince can be a toad in disguise...she's experienced that in the past. What ultimately attracts her enough to make her forget her bias is Nick's heart. He is honestly and truly a good man. His defense of the fairies more than proves that to her. But there's also his care for his family and...well, as the story unfolds, so does Nick. And it turns out he's a lot more good looking on the inside than on his hunky outside.

PNR: Those fairies sure know how to pick them. You've been very busy since the release of Joy, acquiring a new nom de plume, Holly Jacobs, for Harlequin/ Silhouette. You've released a Duet entitled "I Waxed my Legs for This" and have several other category romances in the pipeline. Will you continue to write fantasy romance as well?

Holly F.: I truly hope to. I grew up with writers like Tolkien, Lewis, Henderson, Heinlein, McCaffrey and Bradley. Sci Fi/ Fantasy raised me, you could say. And I have this little niggly idea that I hope to work on as soon as I have a chance to catch my breath. It's been a busy year (see the next question for an explanation. <g>)

PNR: Well it's apparent from that Duet title that we can expect your unique brand of humor in whatever you write. What is next for Holly Fuhrmann?

Holly F.: Well I've sold three books this summer alone, so there's a lot coming up.

Writing as Holly Jacobs, there's:

Do You Hear What I Hear?, Silhouette Romance, 11/01
Ready, Willing and...Abel? & Raising Cain, Harlequin Double Duets, 1/02
Not Precisely Pregnant, Harlequin Duets, tba 2002
How To Catch a Groom, Harlequin Duets, tba 2002
A Day Late and a Bride Short, Silhouette Romance, tba 2002

Coming Soon!

Ready, Willing and...Abel?
& Raising Cain

Double Duet
January 2002
ISBN: 0373441339




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Holly Fuhrmann



Previous Interview

Buy it now!

ImaJinn Books
September 2001
ISBN: 1893896501

Lawyer Nick Aaronson doesn't believe in fairies, but they believe in him. Myrtle, Fern and Blossom are back, and they have one last Aaronson to find a mate. Glory Chambers thought she was leading the perfect life until she discovers it was a fairytale. When an aunt leaves her a diner, Glory's ready for a new start. But she unwittingly hires the fairies who are sued. Who do you hire to represent three fairies in a civil suit? Nick Aaronson, of course! Thrown together in the fairy-trial of the century, Glory and Nick draw closer despite their misgivings. Will Myrtle, Fern and Blossom convince Glory and Nick that they can live happily-ever-after, or will they learn that even magic can't guarantee a...Miracle for Nick?

Fairy Godmother Tales:

Buy it now!

Book 1
ImaJinn Books

January, 2000
160 pages
ISBN: 1893896056
Trade pb

Author, Grace Macguire, has a small problem with three of her characters, a trio of fairy godmothers. They've come to life! So Grace is going for some psychiatric assistance to help her with her sudden sanity-impairment. In his career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Max Aaronson has never had a patient with fairy delusions. At least, not until Grace walks into his office. But when she smiles, he finds he almost believes in magic. As the fairies throw Max and Grace into one mishap after another, Grace has a hard time deciding if she's really sanity-impaired or simply...Mad About Max.

Buy it now!

Book 2
ImaJinn Books

November, 2000
192 pages
ISBN: 1893896196
Trade pb.

Joy Aaronson is an accident waiting to happen. She's long since learned to accept her ability to create catastrophes, and she definitely doesn't need help in that arena. But help's just what she's getting. The fairies are back! And Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom are bound and determined to see that another Aaronson bites the matrimonial bullet. It doesn't matter to them if Joy's Prince Charming, Gabriel St. John, thinks she's comfortable. They're sure he'll eventually fall in love with her. In fact, they're counting on it. If Gabriel and Joy survive Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom's help, they just might discover the...Magic of Joy!

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