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by Barbara Sheridan
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November 2000 Issue

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Holly Fuhrmann
A.k.a. Holly Jacobs

Holly Jacobs Fuhrmann writes as Holly Fuhrmann for ImaJinn Books, and for Kensington Books. She writes as Holly Jacobs for Harlequin and Silhouette. She's the mother of four children, one slimy dog (and by slimy she means, he's an Old English Mastiff with a true saliva-control problem) and is married to a man who surpasses any hero she could ever create for a book.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer...

That's sounds like a good introduction, but since I didn't always know, I don't think it's overly accurate. Basically, I always knew I wanted to be a reader. Ah, that's much more accurate! I honest to pete can't remember a time I wasn't reading, that I wasn't carrying a book around with me just in case I had an extra free minute! I thought about becoming a teacher, but I had four kids which pretty much convinced me that, though I adore children, I really didn't want to deal with more than four on a daily basis. But with my youngest getting old enough for school looming on the horizon, I knew I was finally going to have to make a career choice. I knew teaching was out. And though I was pretty good at bandaging a cut, balancing a checkbook, and cleaning a house, I knew I didn't want to spend my days as a nurse, an accountant, or a maid. What did I like enough to want to do it full-time?

The answer was one of those little lightbulbs-over-your- head moments. Books. Ah, ha. Writing.

Now, my youngest was in diapers, and I knew I had a few years to at least give it a try. If it didn't work, well, I'd have to try something else. Luckily it did. I sold to Kensington's Precious Gems line, then to ImaJinn Books, and finally to Harlequin Duets, then right on that sale's heels, to Silhouette Romance. My youngest is finally in school all day, and I'm happy to report that I picked the absolute right profession for me! I love when they've all left. I come up to my office with a steaming cup of coffee, and sink into a world of my own making. Things always go just the way I want, and I always get my happily- ever-after! With four kids around, having someone actually do exactly what you tell them is quite the power-trip! LOL

Seriously, I love what I do. It's tough work, and there are days that I wonder if I should have gone with teaching, but when all the t's are crossed and all the i's are dotted, I know I made the right choice. Truth is, as much as I always loved, and always will love reading, I love writing even more. These days I still have four kids, one husband and a two hundred pound dog, and I'm writing as Holly Jacobs for both Harlequin Duets and Silhouette Romance, and as Holly Fuhrmann for ImaJinn Books.

An interview with Holly Fuhrman

Barb S: Holly you have written contemporary romances for several small presses. Your fairy godmother trilogy is your first foray into paranormal romance. What influenced your choice first to write a paranormal and to submit it to Imajinn Publishing in particular?

Holly F: I've always been paranormal . . . no, no, that's not what I meant to say.<g> I've always loved sci fi/fantasy. I cut my teeth on Tolkien, Heinlein, McCaffrey, Henderson. And as a writer I've always "heard" my characters in my mind. So writing about fairies that start out as Grace MacGuire's characters and come to life was a very light stretch for me.

Barb S: Humor seems to be a common thread in all your stories. Do you feel humor is important for a good romance?

Holly F: I don't mean to write funny. My "voice" -- that mystical part of a writer they infuse in their writing without even trying -- is comedic. That being said, I do think humor is an important part of life, so including it my romances is very natural for me.

Barb S: Tell us what the role of the fairy godmothers is in these stories.

Holly F: Well, other than reeking havoc on their poor godchildren as they try to "help," I see them really as a catalyst. They bring the hero and heroine together and keep bringing them together until they realize they're meant for each other.

Barb S: So do you see a little bit of yourself in your first heroine, romance writer Grace MacGuire?

Holly F: LOL -- I see facets myself in all my characters. I think every writer brings their life experiences, they vulnerabilities and their strengths to their work. Since I see my sense of humor as a strength, maybe that's why it's a part of all my writing.

Barb S: The second book in the trilogy, Magic For Joy has been released this month (Nov.). Joy is the sister of the hero of the first book, Mad For Max, right? Though Max never could see the fairies he believed in them none the less. The reader's no doubt assumed Grace could see them because she created them. So tell us why can Max's sister Joy see them?

Holly F: Joy is the next "assignment" from the fairy council for Myrtle, Fern and Blossom. As per the rules Grace created in her books, only the godchild can see them. Grace was a godchild, and now Joy is.

Barb S: Do the godmothers only appear to women?

Holly F: No. In MIRACLES FOR NICK Max's and Joy's brother, Nick, is the godchild. . .but the fairies have changed the rules, so poor Nick isn't the only male to see them in that book. Their rule-change makes Miracles for Nick take a wildly different, and hopefully, hilarious turn. You see, the fairies get sued. Okay, I don't want to give anything away, but here's one last hint, I've been using the pitch, "Miracles on Thirty-fourth Street meets the Brothers Grimm." <g>

Barb S: So the third sibling in the story, Max and Joy's brother Nick, will be the hero of the final book?

Holly F: Yes. Nick Aaronson just may have the hardest time falling in love of all three Aaronson siblings. This cynical attorney not only has to learn to believe in true-love, but in fairies. A pretty tall order for anyone. Plus, he has to deal with siblings whose sanity he fears is highly questionable, as Max and Joy try to convince him that fairies do indeed exist.

Barb S: Back to Joy, the fairies always seem to get their way but not without a bit of bungling. There was a considerable amount of that in Max, does this continue throughout Joy or have you found a different outlet for your infamous humor?

Holly F: I think the tone of each of the fairy books is just a little different. MAM is a crazy, wild humor -- I hope it takes the readers on a breathless, magical ride. MFJ is a gentler, sweeter humor, and yet, there definitely is a great deal of fairy-bungling. The fact that Joy is asked for her hand in marriage while sitting on a porch roof is testament to the fairies' "help." Nick is insanity mixed with legal logic, the fairy-trial of the century mixed with the birth of true love between Nick and Glory.

Barb S: Gabriel and Joy don't meet without a catalyst, there is a child involved?

Holly F: The fairies first introduce Joy to Sophie, Gabriel's daughter. And it's Sophie as much as the fairies that initially brings these two together, although it's love that ultimately keeps them together.

Barb S: Do the fairies manipulate events to keep Joy close to the hero Gabriel St. John (the girl's father) or is Joy drawn to the man immediately? In other words what is the attraction?

Holly F: Oh, any woman would be attracted to Gabriel. He's a hunk! Joy's immediately attracted to him physically, and soon is attracted to what's inside. Watching him interact with his daughter, watching the love and concern he shows Sophie, is very romantic. And Gabriel is quite attracted to Joy, though not in the way she wishes. He says he thinks she's comfortable. What woman wants to hear that? But what it takes Joy some time to understand is that Gabriel is attracted to her physically, but that physical attraction pales in comparison to the attraction he feels about her capacity to love and care about those around her. She is comfortable, and that quality ends up being quite uncomfortable for Gabriel as his attraction grows.

Barb S: There were several clearly defined antagonists in Mad for Max, do we find that in Magic For Joy? Are there obstacles to overcome?

Holly F: Well, in all the fairy stories, the fairies themselves can be considered a huge obstacle for their godchild to overcome! <g> But both Joy and Gabriel have to learn to trust their hearts. Joy has lived in the shadow of two larger than life brothers, and feels that she's somehow doesn't make The mark. But in Gabriel's eyes the very things she finds unremarkable are What makes her so enticing. Joy's capacity to love well and unconditionally is as rare as the feelings that spark between the two.

Gabriel has been through a rough marriage with a woman who only saw him as a means to an end. He thinks all relationships are work -- work he's not sure he's not sure he's able to do. But relating to Joy isn't work, it's pleasure, pure and simple. That confuses him. Just like his intense need for the quiet, loving woman confuses him. He has to figure out just what it is that's grown between the two of them.

Barb S: Can you drop us a little hint about Nick's story?

Holly F: I've already dropped a few. Hm, well, in MIRACLES FOR NICK, you'll meet a few more fairies, see the fairy-trial of the century. You'll also get to see what's happened to Max and Grace, and Joy and Gabriel since the first two books.

Barb S: Lastly, Holly we've heard that you will be writing several contemporary romances for Harl/Sil. Under the name Holly Jacobs. Would you like to tell the readers a bit about those books. Will you continue to use humor to captivate the readers?

Holly F: My first release for Harlequin is for the Duet line, which means humor is a must! I WAXED MY LEGS FOR THIS? is the story of two friends who learn that what they share just might be more than friendship. And though there are no fairies, my h/h manage to get themselves in a number of amusing situations all by themselves! My first Silhouette Romance is tentatively scheduled in the summer of 2001 and still title-less! LOL It's a little sweeter story, but still has moments of humor that I just can't seem to avoid. And in addition to writing as Holly Fuhrmann for ImaJinn Books, I'm still using that name to write for Precious Gems. I'll have another release there sometime next spring.

Coming in September 2001!

Fairy Godmothers: Book 3
ImaJinn Books

September 2001
ISBN: 1893896501
Trade pb.



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Holly Fuhrmann



Buy it now!

Fairy Godmothers: 2
ImaJinn Books

November, 2000
192 pages
ISBN: 1893896196
Trade pb.

MAGIC FOR JOY - Joy Aaronson is an accident waiting to happen. She's long since learned to accept her ability to create catastrophes, and she definitely doesn't need help in that arena. But help's just what she's getting. The fairies are back! And Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom are bound and determined to see that another Aaronson bites the matrimonial bullet. It doesn't matter to them if Joy's Prince Charming, Gabriel St. John, thinks she's comfortable. They're sure he'll eventually fall in love with her. In fact, they're counting on it. If Gabriel and Joy survive Myrtle, Fern, and Blossom's help, they just might discover the...Magic of Joy!

Fairy Godmother Tales:

Buy it now!

Book 1
ImaJinn Books

January, 2000
160 pages
ISBN: 1893896056
Trade pb

Author, Grace Macguire, has a small problem with three of her characters, a trio of fairy godmothers. They've come to life! So Grace is going for some psychiatric assistance to help her with her sudden sanity-impairment. In his career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Max Aaronson has never had a patient with fairy delusions. At least, not until Grace walks into his office. But when she smiles, he finds he almost believes in magic. As the fairies throw Max and Grace into one mishap after another, Grace has a hard time deciding if she's really sanity-impaired or simply...Mad About Max.

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