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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

Debut Issue ~ February 2000

Welcome to Paraphernalia!!!

Featuring: Barbara Sheridan, and special interview with "Lady McKenna"
Special Feature: CR 1999 Photos


Meet Paraphernalia columnist - author Barbara Sheridan

I'd like to welcome you all to the first installment of PNR's Paraphernalia features page. I was quite surprised when the PNR Powers That Be ordered–er–offered me the chance to write the articles and conduct the interviews. I don't consider myself the go get ‘em extrovert, but I'm excited about this feature because I'll have a chance to learn more about the people and things that I (and hopefully all of you) want to know.

I've been a fan of romantic/historical/paranormal/horror/ dark fantasy books, movies and television ever since I can remember. My first "professionally" (paid for) piece of writing was a vampire short story in a small press ‘zine called Dead of Night.

I did more short stories in that vein *groan* along with book reviews and soon realized that each piece, whether it featured ghosts, vampires or aliens always had a romance or romantic elements included.

It wasn't a surprise when a secondary character in a western historical romance manuscript informed me that no 19th century woman interested him and that I'd better come up with a believable story for him.

From that character prod I wrote Timeless Wish which was bought for the Jove Time Passages line and published in April 1999. Selling the book was an incredible thrill but it was a complete shock to receive the call saying that TW had won the Golden Leaf Award for Best First Book. To have people you don't even know, and booksellers at that, think my debut was the best of the year still amazes me.

Apart from a lifelong love of reading and the average highschool English classes I have no formal education in writing, just "on the job experience" as it were. My second Jove novel Silver Rain is set for a May, 2000 release and I think it's even better than TW, with hefty helping of both humor and drama. I hope you agree, and I'd love to hear from each and every reader. Please tell me what "works" or doesn't work for you. Those opinions are the best continuing education and way to hone the craft that I can think of.

Back to the good folks of PNR trusting me with Paraphernalia--- Journalism is not a trained skill of mine (which will probably become evident shortly *sheepish grin*) but being a writer has made me quite familiar with the Who/ What/ When/ Where/How approach.

At the time I type this there's no set in stone schedule of what Paraphernalia will feature but I'm working on doing interviews on the upcoming new Gothic line from Leisure Love Spell and hope to be able to interview a romance cover model and artist for another article. If you have any suggestions for articles or interviews please email me.

In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy my interview of "Lady McKenna" an online pal who was the inspiration for the character McKenna in my new fantasy romance, SILVER RAIN. Though McKenna is not the heroine of the story, Dani and Alain would never have worked things out without her.

More about Silver Rain:

LOUISIANA 1797: Alain Devereaux, bereaved over the loss of his true love, Brigette, accepts a magical potion, the glimmer of hope offered by sorceress Odette Bishop...

LOUISIANA Present Day: Odette's descendant, Danielle Curtis is the reluctant witch bound by tradition to keep watch over the "Sleeping Beau" hidden away in her attic, knowing that should he awaken in her time she will have a mere 30 days to help him find and win back his reincarnated love. If she fails, Alain will fade away, cease to exist and she will have dishonored countless generations of witches before her. But, if Dani succeeds she will lose the only man she ever loved...


Nominated for:


TIMLESS WISH - Finalist:
Best Time Travel
Winner of:
NJRW Golden Leaf Award
Best First Book!

Buy it now!

Jove Pubns.
Time Passages
February, 1999
320 pages
ISBN: 0515124990

TIMELESS WISH - At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1898 Sheriff Corby Hillhouse makes this heartfelt wish: "Please send me a woman my love won't kill..."

Although he doesn't realize it, Corby's wish is granted in the form of Laura Bennett, the 20th century interior designer he finds lying unconscious behind his cousin's house. Like Corby, Laura harbors many regrets but when she's hired as nanny to Corby's motherless daughter, she finds the happiness she'd been searching for. However, before Laura can enjoy her "new life" she has to get past Corby's suspicious nature, his spiteful ex-lover, and the vengeful man who kidnaps his daughter, Sabrina.

Nominated for:

SILVER RAIN - Finalist:
BEST Fantasy/Magical Romance

Jove Pubns.
Magical Love
May, 2000
320 pages
ISBN: 051512804

SILVER RAIN - Coming Soon!

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