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1st Anniversary Issue ~ February 2001

Sandra Dugas and John DeSalvo Present:

Editors Note: At the RT Houston convention I was quite taken with an aspect of the romance community that isn't often publicized. Amid the glamour and the fun were several charity events, hosted by various romance celebrities.

It was obvious that a lot of time and planning was put into each event to make them enjoyable as well a spiritually satisfying. I felt that this aspect of our community deserved recognition. As I was pondering what role I could play in this, I learned of an organization, Fan Appreciation, which was established in July 2000 by author Sandra Dugas and actor/model John DeSalvo, in an effort to combine their appreciation for fan support and aiding a worthy cause.

I'm going to let Sandra tell you their story, but before I do, I'd like to add that I too have a personal reason for hoping that readers will attend this year's event. Their cause is dear to my heart. Our friends, of over twenty years, have an eight year old son, my husband's godchild, who suffers from autism. He is an adorable, loveable, little boy. We know that he will face many challenges along the way to what we hope will be a happy, productive, and independent, adult life. My hat is off to FA.

Virginia Beach is one of my all time favorite summer vacation spots. Combine that with great company and this event is guaranteed to be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there; we'll leave our footprints in the sand! Contact info. is provided for those who feel that they can assist in some way. ~ Join Sandra and John in a PNR chat: Friday, Feb. 16th, 9PM EST, at
See Transcript.

From Sandra Dugas:
Co-Director Fan Appreciation



Fan Appreciation is an organization that was created by John DeSalvo and myself to provide a way for entertainers, actors, models, authors and illustrators to show appreciation for their fans, while raising money for a worthy cause. To do this, we plan to host a yearly fund raising event where fans can interact with the celebrities.

John and I were already working on several other projects when FA came about. Quite literally, it was during a conversation in which he expressed a desire to be able to get together with his fans in a more one-on-one setting that the idea was inspired. I suggested a beach party. John immediately liked the idea and from there, Fan Appreciation was born.

Currently we intend to benefit two main organizations - the Autism Society of America (ASA) and Cure Autism Now (CAN). The reasons for choosing these beneficiaries are personal ones. John and I both have someone in our family who suffers from autism, and we want to do what we can to help out.

At this time we haven’t determined what future events will be. We’re discussing the possibility of hosting FA around the country in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible – John has fans in every state in the US – so that might entail holding other kinds of events <g>. But fans should know, whatever party we plan to throw, they’re guaranteed a good time!

This year’s event will be a Beach Party Weekend in

June 15 - 17, 2001


John DeSalvo

Cherif Fortin

David Alan Johnson

Paul Sampson

Michael O'Hearn

Although the schedule is still tentative, the basic itinerary follows:

Friday Evening - Formal Reception, complete with receiving line
Saturday - Beach Party with music, outdoor catered barbecue, volleyball, swimming, raffles throughout the day.
Sunday Afternoon - Author Book Signing, Illustrators’ Exhibit

Sunday Evening - Auction to Benefit ASA and CAN, followed by Dinner/Dance

The hotel we will be using for the event is The Barclay Towers, 809 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Reservations should be made with the hotel at (800) 344-4473.

For all other inquiries about Fan Appreciation,
visit our web page,
email us at
or call Sandra Dugas at
(804) 785-9265.

At the present time, Fan Appreciation has no employees. John and I are the sole Co-Directors and we rely on the assistance of volunteers to meet our needs.

Contact of Fan Appreciation Co-Directors:
John DeSalvo - email at
Sandra Dugas - email at

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