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by Barbara Sheridan
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April 2001

Romance...With a Little MYTH-Story!

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Elizabeth Rose

Author Elizabeth Rose is also an artist and photographer who lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband Michael, and two young sons Jeffrey and Ryan.

She had the opportunity of doing the cover photography work for both Eden's Garden and also her autumn release Kyros' Secret which will feature cover model and former Mr. Romance, Readers' Choice, from Romantic Times Magazine, Leland Burbank.

Eden's Garden is her debut novel, inspired by a trip she took with her husband to Peru. While there, she climbed the mountain of Huayna Picchu (which can be seen on her cover), spent the night in the barren desert and traded goods with the native tribes in the jungle. Her interests

include travel, gardening, medieval life, the jungle and tigers. She has a passion for reading and writing all genres of romance, and thrives on the paranormal.
~bio courtesy of Elizabeth's website.

An Interview with Elizabeth Rose

PNR: You are currently writing for WigWam Publishing, the New Leaf Books imprint. Tell us a bit about the publisher.

Elizabeth R: New Leaf Books, an imprint of WigWam Publishing is a new publisher only a few years old. They publish a variety of books, including suspense, mystery and romance. They are very selective about what they publish, looking for quality, not quantity, therefore still having a small book list.

The books are trade-sized paperbacks, and print-on-demand, so it's not easy to find them in bookstores. But what readers don't realize, is that any bookstore will happily order the book for you if you just ask. The books are also found online very easily at Amazon,, And any online bookstore. Since I'm all for saving trees, I think print-on-demand is a good idea.

PNR: Your second novel Kyros' Secret is a fantasy romance that involves not only ancient gods but also involves the more unique legendary characters such as centaurs. What influenced you to write such a unique romance? Do you enjoy paranormal elements in a romance? Are you a mythology buff?

Elizabeth R: I'd have to say that what inspired me to write Kyros' Secret was watching Xena and Hercules. I've always thought the episodes with the centaurs were intriguing. I loved the way they did the special effects. One day, I got to thinking - wouldn't it be a blast to write a romance with cursed hero who turns into a centaur at night? Therefore, Kyros/Kaj was born. The second son of a king who has to keep in hiding since he is accepted by neither his people or the centaur race. I love paranormal romance and only wish more large publishers would start buying more of it. I wouldn't consider myself a mythology buff, but I've always had an interest in mythology ever since mythology class freshman year in high school.

PNR: The heroine of Kyros' Secret, Thera, is a daughter of Ares the god of war, and Aphrodite the goddess of war. What role does she play as a goddess?

Elizabeth R: Thera is Goddess of Sensations. She has heightened awareness of all the senses, and often uses them to her advantage. I created the character of Thera, but her twin, Harmonia was indeed the illegitimate daughter of Ares and Aphrodite in the ancient myths. But Thera isn't like the rest of the gods of Mt. Olympus. She's more of an outcast, having grown up away from the rest of the gods, under the care of Persephone, before the woman was summoned to the underworld to be the bride of Hades. Thera thinks more like a human, and secretly longs to be one. So when her father tells her that her godly powers have been taken away, she isn't very upset.

PNR: Thera is a twin. Her beautiful sister takes after her mother. Ares had hoped that Thera would follow in his foot steps?

Elizabeth R: Yes. Harmonia is blond, beautiful, and feminine like her mother, and has learned to balance the forces of love/hate that were spawned into her blood by her parents. But Thera is plain, dark-haired, and as far as Ares is concerned, all the fine makings of a warrior. He wants her to join his army and help him start a war (his job) but Thera doesn't want to. She's avoided using her godly powers much throughout the years for the very reason she does not know how to control them. Ares sees this as an opportunity to mold her into what he wants her to be.

PNR: Thera defies Ares and becomes a pawn in his bid to start a war between the Trozens and the centaurs he despises. The gods are known to be capricious. What reason does Ares have to use his own daughter? What role if any does her mother Aphrodite play in this plot?

Elizabeth R: The plot is Ares' alone, and of course Aphrodite doesn't like it. But Aphrodite has other ways to get what she wants, using her sly manipulative tricks on Ares. Ares has many children from many different women, (four from Aphrodite who was never his wife) and using his own daughter for his purpose of starting a war doesn't bother him a bit. He sees an advantage, as he knows that all Thera has to do is kill just once for her dormant warlike yearnings to be brought to life within her. Then with his coaching, she'd truly be the daughter of the god of war.

PNR: The currently kingless centaurs are divided into two camps. The followers of Chiron wish for peace but those who follow Rodas crave war. Rodas is convinced to be a pawn as well?

Elizabeth R: Rodas, like Ares, is always thinking about himself. He is nobody's pawn, but instead a willing victim. He is drawn to Ares' power, and will do anything to gain the same control of the god of war. Rodas is a centaur with a bad attitude, but not without reason. His anger has driven him to do things he might never have done had circumstances been different.

PNR: Unlike his father before him, Pittheus, King of the Trozens wishes to see the centaurs defeated. His younger brother Kyros wishes to restore his father's legacy of peace?

Elizabeth R: Pittheus is Kyros' older brother, and regent king until his father's sword can be found and raised to Artemis on a certain feast day. Pittheus hates centaurs, and also Kyros for more reasons than one. Kyros, on the other hand wants peace to be brought between the two races.

PNR: Kyros has been cursed. Who has cursed him and why?

Elizabeth R: Ares has cursed him, and therefore Kyros finds major conflict when he starts to fall in love with the man's daughter, not to mention, he's fathered her baby - unknowingly. He's been cursed by Ares' anger when his father, King Mezentius tried to join the centaurs in peace with the Trozens, which was a direct threat to Ares, since most of his wars stemmed between the two races.

PNR: Ares' plot involves betrothing his daughter to the king, but not before impregnating her with a centaur child. The king is no doubt eager for a goddess bride but the child would be the catalyst for the much desired war. Clearly, Thera isn't going to be cooperative. How does Ares plan to impregnate her?

Elizabeth R: With a little magic of his own, of course. Ares wouldn't let something like a defiant daughter stand in the way of his plans.

PNR: Coincidentally, Kyros happens to be passing by? He intercepts the beam? Why?

Elizabeth R: Actually, coincidence has nothing to do with it. Kyros has been told Ares is up to no good and that's why he's gone - to help another victim of the god of war. He remembers the day Ares' beam blasted into him and put him under his awful curse. He doesn't want anyone to have to live like he's had to. Therefore, he takes the beam meant for another, but doesn't realize when he does it, the beam isn't a curse, but a means to impregnate Ares' daughter.

PNR: Thera might have seen that as a curse <G>, but she is relieved to be carrying Kyros' child rather than a centaur's. She is unaware of the curse that Kyros lives with. What are her feelings toward the centaurs? Does this change as the story progresses?

Elizabeth R: Thera has never been fond of centaurs, and in a way fears them. She only sees them one-sided - as warriors of her father. That is, until she meets the centaur in the purple mask who's been sent to watch over her at night. Kaj. Kaj is like no other centaur, and she starts to have feelings for him, as well as feelings for Kyros, and can't understand why.

PNR: What is Kyros' response to becoming a father?

Elizabeth R: Scared, elated, protective and disturbed all at once. Because he was changing into a centaur when the beam hit him. Now he has no idea if the child will be centaur or human. He could accept either easily, but things are a bit more complicated than that, and Thera's life if endangered because of him.

PNR: Among other worries, the switch in fathers has not alleviated the threat of war. The king is as likely to be angered that his bride is carrying his brother's child as much as a centaur's. Naturally, Kyros will do what he can to protect his child and its mother. Do the two have feelings for each other from the start or do they develop over time?

Elizabeth R: As in most romances, there is always the initial attraction. But secrets, choices and actions always make a simple relationship much more complicated. But if the hero and heroine didn't change and grow throughout the story, I don't think they'd be intriguing characters at all.

PNR: We don't want to give spoilers, so it will suffice to say that Thera experiences a great deal of personal growth along the path to love. You have a new book coming out in November, The Oracle of Delphi? Is this another mythological romance?

Elizabeth R: Thera experiences personal growth in the physical as well as the emotional levels. There's lots of surprises, twists and turns in this book and I loved writing it. Kyros and Thera even surprised me a few times, as the story took several turns that I hadn't planned on it taking. My favorite surprises are near the end, especially with the appearance of one very unpopular god.

PNR: As for my next novel - The Oracle of Delphi is another Greek myth fantasy novel that will be published by New Leaf Books this November. (Maybe even a bit earlier.) While Kyros' Secret is based around myths, The Oracle of Delphi focuses on one myth in particular. It is the story
of Perseus and Andromeda. For those of you who are trying to remember who he is - he is the demi-god who kills the Gorgan Medusa. (Snake-haired woman whose gaze turns men to stone.)

Elizabeth R: I'm very excited about this novel, because I stay so close to the actual myth that I feel readers will be learning their mythology as well as reading for pleasure. While most Greek myths have tragic endings, the story of Perseus did end happily. Princess Andromeda, the heroine was also in the ancient myth, but I've changed things around just a bit to bring her into Perseus's life much earlier, and therefore turned the story into a romance.

PNR: Will you be writing such stories in the future?

Elizabeth R: Will I write more Greek myths you ask? Yes. I have so many I want to write - there are so many of the Greek myth characters that are calling to me to write their story, that I plan to keep writing them as long as my readers want to keep reading them.

PNR: What is next for Elizabeth Rose?

Elizabeth R: Well, I'd have to say everything. As you know, I already have a contemporary romance published with a Peruvian heroine. It is called Eden's Garden, published by Genesis Press in 2000. I write contemporary, historical (mainly medieval) and paranormal/fantasy. While paranormal is my favorite, I enjoy reading and writing all genres of romance. I have ten completed novels at this time, and am in the process of trying to find the proper homes at different publishers for them. I have so many stories in mind, that I'll probably be writing forever. I've also done a bit of photography, which included the covers of my first two books. I also did photography for several other Genesis books. But I'm focusing all my efforts on writing right now. That's where my heart lies, and I have to be true to it!

Elizabeth Rose



Buy it now!

New Leaf Books
November, 2000
ISBN: 1930076037

A Fallen Goddess

There, daughter of Ares, God of War, tries to resist the warrior blood within her. But, when her unborn child becomes the pawn of a game of war, she seeks the help of the one man who can help her.

A Cursed Man

When Kyros jumped in front of Ares' beam, he unknowingly volunteered to father a child who would start a war between the Trozens and the Centaur race. And when Ares' daughter looks to him as a savior, he knows his curse won't stay hidden for long.

Dark Secrets

She's a fallen goddess. He's a cursed man. By the powers of the gods she becomes pregnant with his child though he has never even touched her. A heroic act brings them together, but his dark secret threatens to tear them apart.


Ares, in Greek mythology, god of war and son of Zeus, king of the gods, and his wife, Hera. The Romans identified him with Mars, also a god of war. Aggressive and sanguinary, Ares personified the brutal nature of war. He was unpopular with both gods and humans. Among the deities associated with Ares were his consort, Aphrodite, goddess of love, and such minor deities as Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Rout), who accompanied him in battle. Although fierce and warlike, Ares was not invincible, even against mortals. ~ From Star's Greek Mythology - Ares

Also by Elizabeth Rose

Genesis Press - Tango 2
June, 2000
ISBN: 1585710180

Coming in November 2001!

New Leaf Books Imprint
Wig Wam Publishing
ISBN: 1930076339

He's a man on a mission. She's a princess on the run.

The Oracle of Delphi has predicted their meeting, but has also foretold of death and destruction in their futures.

Perseus, the demi-god son of Zeus, races against time to capture the dangerous prize that will save his mother's life. But when the feisty Princess Andromeda uses her wits to try to sway his mission, honor and love collide.

Will he choose to stop a mad king's ambitions of gaining more power, or will he go up against the blood-thirsty jealousy of the sea god Nereus? With either choice, he's bound to lose one of the women he loves. It'll take more than just heroic courage and legendary skill to help him now.

Shadows of doubt linger and ties will be broken with one wrong choice.



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