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by Dee Gentle  
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

December 2006 Issue


It's About Time
Spotlight on Time Travel Romance
Interviews with: Denise Fleischer ~ Diana Gabaldon ~ Sandra Hill
Deidre Knight ~ Michele Lang ~ Marianne Mancusi ~ Jana G. Oliver

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Holiday Themed Romance
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Denise Fleischer

Denise Fleischer is’s owner. She also reviews mystery and romance novels for the website and interviews authors. Four days a week, she works for the Journal & Topics Newspapers in Des Plaines, IL as the Lifestyle Editor. She is the author of The Guardian, a time travel/paranormal adventure published by Port Town Publishing in Wisconsin. In December, Altar of Freedom, The Guardian’s sequel, is slated for publication. Denise is currently writing a Romantic Suspense. E-mail her at and log on to Gotta Write at, a promotional author website.

An Interview with Denise Fleischer

PNR: Have you always known you wanted to be a writer; when did you begin writing?

Denise F.: I actually started with poetry in junior high, which later evolved into a book about my family. Then one night, a dream inspired me to write a story about a heroine up against unbelievable challenges. That story turned into many manuscripts and eventually two published books.

PNR: Are you able to write as much as you would like? Tell us about your writing schedule.

Denise F.: It’s been extremely difficult because I work part-time, I’m trying to sell my house, working on promotion of Altar of Freedom and I’m trying to keep up with GWN’s webpages. When I do write, it’s usually on weekends, for a few hours here and there.

PNR: Most writers are avid readers, is this true for you? If so, what titles would we see in your TBR pile?

Denise F.: Yes, I love to read. I have a collection of 1,000 romance and mystery books. The majority of what I read, though, are review books. I’m currently reading Kit Frazier’s “The Scoop.” I love time travel and historical romance and amateur sleuth mysteries. A new favorite author is Paul Levine who writes Solomon vs. Lord series. I’ll soon be reading his third novel. Fun books to read next are Janet Evanovich’s “Smitten;” Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ “Match Me If You Can;” Marianne Mancusi’s “What No Roses?; “Somewhere in Time” by Julia Templeton and Jordan Summers;” Jeanine Berry’s “Supernatural Love,” and Donna Andrews’ “We’ll Always Have Parrots.” I have several of Donna’s books to read.

PNR: How do you develop your story ideas? What do you feel are the essential elements of a great story?

Denise F.: I just let the story flow naturally. I know what I want to happen in each scene and allow the characters to guide me through it. The essential elements of a great story are character development and growth, plot that progresses and sees resolution and a great ending.

PNR: For readers who are not familiar with your “Guardian” series, could you give us an overview?

Denise F.: That would be too much to include in a single paragraph. I basically started with: ‘what if Lea Netera was a Goddess known as Mother Nature who assimilated into mortal civilization, who thought her powers were given to her and not inherited. Then place her in 4-5 Earthian social challenges where she had to make a difference in the lives of certain historical figures and confront their allies and enemies. Book two, which is “Altar of Freedom,” begins where book one left off. Lea Netera has to fight not only the Lord of Intarius for her right to inherit the Almadonian universe, but battle her spiritual father, Marcus Alexian, as well.

PNR: Could you give readers some insight into the development of your heroine, Crusader Lea Netera Payton, what makes her “tick”?

Denise F.: What makes her tick is nature, for within her soul is creation. There is also human nature that demands she stand up for the rights of mortals no matter what the costs.

PNR: THE GUARDIAN features non-stop action and dynamic characters that have captured readers; do you feel your writing is character driven or plot driven? How do you balance these two elements?

Denise F.: I seem to have trouble figuring out if my books are character or plot driven because there’s often an equal mix of personal attitudes and story progression. I would have to say a lot of Lea Netera’s attitude is featured in The Guardian, but the book is clearly plot driven. I cover a lot of history in it. I take the reader directly to John Paul Jones’ ship, the Bonhomme Richard, where he battles the Lord of Intarius, to the Battle of Stony Point, the Alamo and the Trail of Tears. The sequel is more character driven with a single objective, but it’s still a hell of a battle.

PNR: Your upcoming December 2006 release from Port Town Publishing, ALTAR OF FREEDOM, will continue the Guardian series; can you give us a sneak peak as to what challenges your heroine will be facing?

Denise F.: Before Lea Netera can go forward in time, she has to go back 1,000 years in the planet Olympia’s history. Olympia sets the stage for the future of the LightForce alliance known as the Realm. Lea telepathically transports herself five days into Olympia’s Great War with the Phantom Force, Lord Seltar’s military alliance. Seltar is the Lord of Intarius. He’s pretty much a demon who makes the lesser demons and mortals of the Phantom Force governed world’s pawns. In the past, she meets Lord Azaron, the Commander of Almadon’s Realm. She has some major missions ahead of her. For one, keeping Olympia’s mortal race alive through food distribution, medical care and bio unit shelters. Then there’s the challenge of bringing other world representatives into the struggling Realm to create an alliance more capable of defending ally nations. I’m not going to tell you what’s waiting for her in the desert of Kerad. You have to read the book to find out.

PNR: You have been complemented by readers and reviewers on your excellent world-building; can you tell us about the challenges you face in creating a futuristic society?

Denise F.: Creating worlds is as much fun as keeping track of characters. Book two had so many characters, I had to create a list for readers. Basic challenges in creating worlds is: their placement in the universe, the environment where civilizations can be built upon and creatures can co-exist, knowing the dominant races of the world, their political standing with the Realm or Phantom Force or if they’re neutral, if they are tech or non-tech worlds and if the races have both defensive capabilities against a demonic space traveling enemy. I also have to remember planetary societies, language, religion and educational aspects. So there’s a lot to think about when world building.

PNR: Many of Lea Netera’s challenges take place during Earth’s important historical events; can you tell us about the extent of research involved in creating an authentic atmosphere for readers?  

Denise F.: About 2 years of research, both library books and Internet. I started with America’s navy and moved from one historical event to the next. That meant I needed to know step-by-step and strategies of battles highlighted, uniforms, weapons, food, what existed at the time aboard ships, in palaces, forts and homes. It was quite a challenge, but a lot of fun. I think I learned more writing book one than I did during high school American history class.

PNR: Book one, THE GUARDIAN, has definite religious overtones. To what extent does this theme play a role in ALTAR OF FREEDOM?

Denise F.: I don’t know if you want to say religious, more so good vs. evil. The same concept exists in book two. Lea, Azaron, the Crusaders and their followers are basically trying to keep life and control of it in the hands of mortals and LightForce immortals.

PNR: You have written THE GUARDIAN, and the soon to be released sequel, ALTAR OF FREEDOM, both in the time travel genre. What is it about this genre that captures your imagination?  Is there a genre you haven’t written but would like to try?

Denise F.: Oh, gosh, time travel is such a great plot challenge. You have the differences of the heroine’s attitudes, knowledge and her experiences vs. those she confronts. It’s a built in plot inspiration tool. I want to write romance and mysteries, so I’ve combined the two for a brand new manuscript which deals with a psychic and a detective. I totally love writing this third novel and hope it’s published in the future.

PNR: Could you tell us about your current projects, what can readers expect to see in the coming months?

Denise F.: The manuscript I’ve mentioned above is what I’ll be focusing on whenever possible. I can’t wait to get to crime-solving procedures. They’re so fascinating. Be warned ahead of time that my characters aren’t your normal victims, suspects and detectives. I had to get paranormal in the mix.

PNR: Thanks Denise, for taking time out to talk to us. Where can readers find out what’s new and how can they contact you?

Denise F.: I’m currently working on my updated author page on The older one is a click away on the left side bar on GWN. They can email me at to learn how to put an early order in for the book or click on  Thanks for the chance to speak to PNR’s readers!

Denise Fleischer



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Port Town Publishing

December 2006
ISBN #1594660832
EAN: 9781594660832
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 With the Challenge behind her, it's now time for Lea Netera to rule a universe!

She'll do it with or without her spiritual father's and the Dark Lord of Intarius' approval.

Almadonian prophecy has foretold the Ascension of the Octavian heir. Before Lea Netera Alexian can sit upon the throne, she must travel 1,000 years in Olympia's past (five days after the Great War began) to right time, save billions of mortal lives and battle the Dark Lord of Intarius' army. Don't think it's possible? Then you don't know Lea.

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Port Town Publishing
August 1, 2003
December 4, 2006
ISBN #0974083380
EAN: 9780974083384

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A decision to assist a neutral battleship in the Elezian Universe leads to Crusader Lea Netera Payton being forcefully portated out of a ship and into Earth's Atlantic Ocean. A captain's struggle to survive draws her to him and steers her right into history.

When the Dark Lord of Intarius announces a Challenge for Planetary Guardianship, Lea must accept or the planet will fall into the hands of evil. So begins her mission to intervene in four Earthian conflicts. Follow her from the American Revolution to the future in a two-year, don't- look-back adventure complete with Holians, demons and a lion companion.




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