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   by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

December 2007 Issue

If There Be Dragons
Spotlight on Dragon Themed Romance
Interviews with:
| Shana Abe | Deborah Cooke | Sierra Dafoe | Bianca D'Arc
Special Features:
Red Rose Publishing
2007 P.E.A.R.L. Career Achievement Award
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Dragons have long fascinated readers and are deeply embedded in the myths & legends of many cultures

Join us as we take flight with these beguiling creatures...

**Disclaimer: This is by no means to be construed as an all inclusive list of available titles.
Any omissions are completely unintentional

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Berkley Sensation
November 6, 2007
ISBN #0425218449
EAN #9780425218440
304 pages
by Allyson James


Dragon Series: Book 2

Saba has finally managed to put the black dragon Malcolm out of her mind and out of her life. But an assault by an evil white dragon in human form on a bay area train forces her to use the magic Dragon's Tears Malcolm left behind to call him for help. Malcolm is still as tall and darkly sensual as ever, and Saba fears falling for him again. But Malcolm has returned to the human world for Saba's help--his considerable powers are being drained and he needs Saba's special witch magic to save him.

Coming Next Dragon Series: Book 3


Carol Juan doesn't really believe that her grandmother's friends are dragons, though she'll admit that Caleb and Malcolm are unusual. But when a Fire Dragon, a very rare creature who can not only take human form but turn himself into pure flame, seeks her out, she has to put her disbelief behind her. The arrogant and wild Fire Dragon teaches Carol not only about dragons, but about her own latent mage powers she inherited from her grandmother.

Don't Miss the First Book In This Exciting Series:
Book 1: Dragon Heat

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February 26, 2008
ISBN #0505527545
EAN #9780505527547
368 pages

by Jade Lee


When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows, for she carries one of the last eggs in the land disguised as a jewel in her navel. Day by day the Unhatched grows, and when at last it births they will be joined in a sacred and eternal bond. Gone will be the barmaid forced to dance for pennies; born will be Dag Natiya, revered Queen. Take her body or her soul, nothing will stop them.


When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon emotions trample your soul, you become a monster. So knows Kiril, for one destroyed his cousin. No matter how kind or joyful, all beings must succumb to the power of the wyrm. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy dragonkind--and he has almost succeeded. Only one egg remains. But there is an obstacle he did not foresee: love.

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Warner Forever
November 1, 2006
ISBN #0446617679
EAN #9780446617673
384 pages

by Stephanie Rowe



Single Female Dragon seeks love and good times in the big city.

Theresa Nichols is a red-blooded young woman—trapped in a red-hot dragon’s body. Then the chance for a real-live date with her cyber boy toy Zeke sends her running to Satan to strike a deal. After all, when you've gone without sex for over two hundred years, a night of good lovin’ is worth your eternal soul, right?


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March 6, 2007
ISBN #0451220390
EAN #9780451220394
484 pages
Trade Size

Read the Review!

by Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh, Barbara Samuel


Passion takes wing in four all-new stories from New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors.

Romance and fantasy collide in these enchanting stories featuring dragons-and love-in all their many forms. Four of today's most popular authors bring to life mythical creatures, otherworlds of yesterday and today, and the passionate melding of hearts.

From a virgin princess's first love to a shape-changing samurai bridegroom, from a young widow and her sexy handyman's secret project to a knight and his distressed damsel, the courage, beauty, and strength of dragons inspire the most unforgettable stories ever told.


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November 1, 2008
Available: November 6, 2008
ISBN #0451222547
EAN #9780451222541
352 pages

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by Katie MacAlister

I’m Aisling Grey—but you can call me "frustrated."

The man of my dreams—uber-sexy Drake Vireo, wyvern of the green dragons—has finally decided to make an honest woman of me. That is, if we ever make it to the wedding at the same time! Being left at the altar may have cooled my jets, but not my passion...a good thing when Drake disappears and it's up to me to find him.

Most brides just have in-laws to worry about. Me? I have warring dragons, ticked-off demon lords, eternal damnation, and a mage who wants to challenge me for an otherworldly position I don’t even want. Good thing I have Jim, my doggie-demon at my side. He’s never let me down—yet…

Don't Miss the First Three Books In The Aisling Grey Series:
Book 1: You Slay Me

Book 2: Fire Me Up
Book 3: Light My Fire

Coming in 2008 - The Silver Dragon series:
Book 1: Playing With Fire - 5/08
Book 2: Up in Smoke - 10/08

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Red Rose Publishing
July 27, 2007
ISBN #1604350113
EAN #9781604350111
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by Stephanie Burke

Tempting and teasing, Dragons oh so pleasing! Or are they?

Dragons, shape shifters, Oh My!

Left to die in the searing heat of the desert floor, a sacrifice to the scavengers that inhabit its sandy depths, the nameless female struggled to save her own life.

As a foundling, she had always done so. When she turned down the son of the leader of her village, she found herself cast to the vicious Scabs and their never-ending hunger.

But then something came to her aid!

A large talking lizard with more attitude than brains was there, carrying her off to a strange new world inhabited by the Dragonish.

Now she was the future mate of a strange man, a submissive for breading purposes, a desired and treasured female, and the forth in an all male family quad that just didn't make sense to her.

But when instincts take over and mating fever burns bright, who can resist being the Dragon's Star?

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Del Rey
September 25, 2007
ISBN #0345496876
EAN #9780345496874
416 pages

Read the Review!

by Naomi Novik

Temeraire: Book 4

Tragedy has struck His Majesty’s Aerial Corps, whose magnificent fleet of fighting dragons and their human captains valiantly defend England’s shores against the encroaching armies of Napoleon Bonaparte. An epidemic of unknown origin and no known cure is decimating the noble dragons’ ranks–forcing the hopelessly stricken into quarantine. Now only Temeraire and a pack of newly recruited dragons remain uninfected–and stand as the only means of an airborne defense against France’s ever bolder sorties. Bonaparte’s dragons are already harrowing Britain’s ships at sea.

Only one recourse remains: Temeraire and his captain, Will Laurence, must take wing to Africa, whose shores may hold the cure to the mysterious and deadly contagion. On this mission there is no time to waste, and no telling what lies in store beyond the horizon or for those left behind to wait, hope, and hold the line.

Don't Miss the First Three Books In This Exciting Series:
Book 1: His Majesty's Dragon
Book 2: Throne of Jade
Book 3: Black Powder War
Coming in 2008 - Book 5: Victory of Eagles
Signet Eclipse
February 5, 2008
ISBN #0451223276
EAN #9780451223272
352 pages

by Deborah Cooke

Dragonfire: Book 1

One kiss can change the course of destiny...

When ace accountant Sara Keegan decides to settle down and run her quirky aunt's New Age bookstore, she’s not looking for adventure. She doesn’t believe in fate or the magic of the tarot—but when she’s saved from a vicious attack by a man who has the ability to turn into a fire-breathing dragon, she questions whether she’s losing her mind—or about to lose her heart…

Quinn Tyrrell has long been distrustful of his fellow Pyr and a self-reliant loner. When he feels the firestorm that signals his destined mate, he's determined to protect and possess Sara, regardless of the cost to himself. Then Sara’s true destiny is revealed—and Quinn realizes he must risk everything—even Sara’s love—to fulfill their entwined destinies...

Don't Miss Book 2: Kiss of Fury coming August 2008!

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December 26, 2007
ISBN #0553805282
EAN #9780553805284
304 pages

Read the Reviews!
by Shana Abé

Drakon: Book 3

Hidden among the remote hills of eighteenth-century England lives a powerful clan of shape-shifters who’ve become the stuff of myths and legends. They are the drákon—supersensual creatures with the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon. Now a treacherous new enemy threatens to destroy their world of magic and glittering power.

For centuries, they thought themselves alone at Darkfrith, but the arrival of a stunning letter from the Princess Maricara sent from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania suggests the existence of a lost tribe of drákon. It is a possibility that the Alpha lord, Kimber Langford, Earl of Chasen, cannot ignore. For whoever this unknown princess may be, she’s dangerous enough to know about the drákon’s existence—and where to find them. That, as Kimber can’t help but concede, gives her a decidedly deadly advantage. And, indeed, it wouldn’t be long before Maricara breached the defenses of Darkfrith and the walls around Kimber’s heart. But the mystery of the princess’s real identity and the warning she has come to deliver, of a brutal serial killer targeting the drákon themselves, seem all but impossible to believe. Until the shadowed threat that stalks her arrives at Darkfrith, and Kimber and Maricara must stand together against the greatest enemy the drákon have ever faced—an enemy who may or may not be one of their own. They have no choice but to yield to their passionate attraction for each other. But for two such very different drákon leaders, will an alliance of body and soul mean their salvation, their extinction…or both?

Don't Miss the First Two Books In This Exciting Series:
Book 1: The Smoke Thief
Book 2: The Dream Thief
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Changeling Press
December 27, 2007
ISBN #1595967737
EAN #9781595967732
Read the Review!
by Sierra Dafoe
Dragon's Heir: Book 5
Something is wrong with Kevan -- he knows it. As heir to the throne, he’s expected to be dutiful, responsible, levelheaded… and to marry and continue the royal line. But not one of the females presented for his consideration rouses his interest, and on his twenty-first birthday, Kevan throws duty to the winds and runs away to Earth to try and find out why. When he meets Cal, a handsome young dancer, Kevan finds all his questions answered in one blazing night of passion. Caught up in the first flush of sexual awakening, Kevan is willing to risk everything to keep Cal by his side -- even the throne of the Dragon kingdom!

But Cal has plans for his dragon prince, and is willing to do whatever it takes to continue Kevan’s erotic education…

Don't Miss the First Four Books In This Exciting Series:
Book 1: Dragon's Daughter
Book 2: Dragon's Heir
Book 3: Dragon's Desire
Book 4: Dravidian

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Samhain Publishing
September 11, 2007
ISBN #1599986698
EAN #9781599986692

Read the Reviews!
by Bianca D'Arc

One young woman could be the miracle that heals a dying dragon—and unites a family with her love.

I Dream of Dragons I

Lucia, born a lady in a foreign land, now waits tables for her keep. When she sees Sir Reynor wasting away, she storms the Castle Lair seeking help for the dying dragon. What she finds is a dashing rogue, a mighty dragoness, and a contrite knight who blames himself for his dragon partner’s injury.

Marcus is enchanted by the foreign beauty and intrigued by her mission. Few women will go near dragons and fewer still can communicate with them. Marcus recognizes Lucia for the treasure she is and knows she is meant for him…and for Kaden.

Kaden is wracked with guilt over the injury that has grounded the dragon—possibly forever. He knows Lucia is special, and he wants her. Lucia just might be the missing piece they all need to form a family. But with Reynor unable to fly, how can any of them be happy?

To make this family whole, they need a miracle. And love—the greatest miracle of all.

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Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2006
ISBN #159998220X
EAN #9781599982205
Trade Size

Read the Reviews!

by Shelly Laurenston


Can a powerless witch find happiness with an arrogant, impatient dragon? If the dragon has his way, she sure as hell will.

Talaith’s life has never been easy. A goddess has forced her into servitude. Her husband despises her. And all those in her tiny village fear her. But just when she doesn’t think her life can get any worse, she’s pulled from her bed one morning to be burned at the stake for being a witch. What she never counted on was a terrifying silver dragon deciding to rescue her.

Briec the Mighty didn’t really know what to do with a human female. Especially this one. Chatty and a bit of a complainer, he doesn’t understand why she can’t simply admit to herself that she wants him. Who wouldn’t? He was Briec the Mighty after all. Females fought to spend the night in his arms. But this one tiny woman with her many secrets and her annoying habit of referring to him as “arrogant” has turned his simple dragon life upside down.

Tease Publishing
September 1, 2007
ISBN #1934678163
EAN #9781934678169

Read the Review!


by Stella & Audra Price

Dragon Elementals: Book 2

Bryn Case is a Dive instructor in on of the most beautiful places on earth at a very exclusive resort. On the evening she meets Kael, a sexy guest at the resort, she thinks she's found her soul mate. Kael on the other hand, a Water elemental dragon, knows Bryn, a Glacies demon, is exactly what he's been looking for his entire life, and curses it. After all that had happened so far, to lose his heart to a demon is not something he's prepared to do.

Between treasure hunting and her love of the sea, Kael knows this woman is everything he's ever wanted, its just finding and dealing with the demon that has her soul that's going to be a bitch.

Don't Miss the First Book In This Sizzling Series:
Book 1: Fire in His Eyes

Samhain Publishing
September 11, 2007
ISBN #1599986701
EAN #9781599986708

by Kathleen Scott
I Dream of Dragons II

On the tropical island paradise of Cambry, a ghastly, flesh-eating blight is killing the dragons and threatening prime hatching grounds.

Desperate to protect his beloved creatures, hatchery director Darion Archer calls on the International Field Marshall service to help investigate the outbreak and see an end to this blight. When beautiful IFM agent Serrah Gayle arrives, he is unprepared for his attraction to her—and for the fact that she has a fear of dragons.

Serrah has double trouble, fighting her fear of dragons and her attraction to their sexy keeper. Yet to save these legendary creatures, she must face down that fear and draw on the power of Darion’s love.

They can only hope it is not too late.


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Samhain Publishing
September 11, 2007
ISBN #159998671X
EAN #9781599986715

Read the Review!

by Nina Mamone

Two guardians + long-denied passion + a quest to recover a kidnapped wyrm = spontaneous combustion

I Dream of Dragons II

A construction worker by day, a Guardian by night, Connor has had it with the irresponsible antics of the wyrms he vowed to keep secret from the human world. The only reason he keeps going is to be near the sassy, sexy, but totally out-of-his-league Sorcha. However, for the past five years, Sorcha’s not-so-subtle digs have convinced him that she only sees him as a stuffy, wet blanket.

Sorcha lusts after Connor and may even love him. But after five years of poking, prodding, teasing—anything to get some kind of reaction, even a frown—she’s given up hope of having a relationship with him. He has made it very clear that working with her to find a kidnapped wyrm is the very last thing he wants to do.

An unaccounted-for wyrm is a deadly wild card, and after a dangerous aphrodisiac appears on the streets, Sorcha and Connor will have to join forces to ensure the safety of everyone they care about.

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Samhain Publishing
September 11, 2007
ISBN #159998668X
EAN #9781599986685

Read the Review!

by Marie Harte

A prank gone wrong throws three unlikely partners together: A demon. A dragon. And an egg.

I Dream of Dragons I

In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order. Enter Eve Sinclair, a higher demon with a mission—to sway those souls on the brink of Decision, to push them toward heaven or toward hell, as they are meant to go.

After a prank played by her brothers, Eve finds herself holding the proverbial bag, accused of stealing a precious dragon egg. Worse, it’s a royal egg, as she learns from Ranton, the furious commander of the dragon legion.

Not a creature to have on one’s bad side, Ranton shifts between his human and dragon forms, keeping Eve off-balance and off her game. Normally a master at manipulating males, Eve finds that Ranton is more than a match for her…as is his brother, the new dragon king. In their arms, she’s mere putty.

And soon they’re not only molding her desires, but her heart.

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Samhain Publishing
September 11, 2007
ISBN #1599986671
EAN #9781599986678

by Summer Devon


He agrees to her challenge, but only if she’s the prize. And this dragon never loses.

I Dream of Dragons I

Sarkany has collected a fine hoard, including much of a small New England city.

But Miranda knows his true nature. To drive this dragon from her home, she issues Sarkany a challenge—give it up or get out.

He’s more than ready to play her game, but only on his terms. After all, what could be better than to add the beautiful knight to his collection?

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Amira Press
November 1, 2007
ISBN #1934475270
EAN #9781934475270

Read the Review!


by A. J. Cove


Eve is an alien who is enslaved by an evil master. When her Master takes her to Earth to trap a dragon, she never imagines that Terrell will teach her what it means to feel again--and if she can trust him--free her from a life of servitude. Terrell has always been about finding the hottest shape-shifter on Earth to warm his bed. When he meets Eve, the sparks fly--literally. Eve is so hot, her hair is a constant flame of fire. Together, when they make love, they nearly burn down a forest. But will the power between them be enough to save their lives?


Note: This novel stands alone, but is the third in the Shift Series. The first and second are Shift for Hire and Shift Hunter.


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Ellora's Cave
November 22, 2007
ISBN #1419908502
EAN #9781419908507

Read the Review!


by Delilah Devlin


Headstrong, and seeking a little respite from a suitor's relentless wooing, Queen Larikke rides the arctic wind far beyond the bounds of Northland, only to have her horse bolt at a shot from a hunter's gun. Her "rescuer" is a handsome, mysterious man who lives alone in the wilderness, his cabin filled with erotic images of women.

Rather than fearing her fate, Larikke sets out to seduce him, hoping for one last fling before she settles down to do her duty and wed. Thinking he was saving a life, Drake dragged a very strange woman home, stripped her, and warmed her by his fire. Now he finds his long, self-imposed isolation may have made her allure impossible for him to resist and that he'll endanger her when he shares his special kiss.

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Ellora's Cave
November 28, 2003
ISBN #184360695X
EAN #9781843606956

Read the Review!

by Margaret L. Carter


When her village offers Rowena as a sacrifice to the dragon who terrorizes the countryside, she expects a quick death. Instead, the dragon claims her for his mate and her adventure begins.

But she disobeys him, yielding to her longing to see her family once more, and disaster strikes.

Rowena and her dragon must fight for their very lives.


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Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2007
ISBN #1419905740
EAN #9781419905742

Read the Review!


by N. J. Walters


Eartha has spent the last five years as a slave. By day she labors in the fields and by night she is forced to share Hameon of Gradoc's bed. But Eartha bides her time and when an opportunity comes for her to escape, she flees. With Hameon's guards in pursuit, she ducks into a dark tavern. The only hope has of saving herself from being recaptured is to join the company of a man.

Arrik Varkas Drakon is more than just a man. He is a Drakon lord. Half-dragon, half-man, his kind usually ignores the affairs of men. But from the moment Eartha steps into the bar, she intrigues him. Once he sees her face, he knows he must have her.

Arrik sweeps Eartha away from the danger, but it follows them into the mountains. When Hameon and his forces come to take her back, they discover that, above all, a dragon always guards and keeps his treasure.

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Del Rey
October 12, 1988
ISBN #0345340248
EAN #9780345340245
832 pages
Trade Size

Read the Review!


by Anne McCaffrey


Anne McCaffrey's Pern is one of the most memorable worlds in science fiction and fantasy. Humans and their flying dragon companions live in fear of thread, a caustic, deadly material that falls sporadically from space. But when the thread doesn't fall for a long time, people become complacent, forgetting that it is the brave dragonriders who can save them from the periodic threat. But when the thread falls, human and dragon heroes must fight the scourge.

Finally together in one volume, the first three books in the world's most beloved science fiction series, THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, by Anne McCaffrey, one of the great science fiction writers of all time: DRAGONFLIGHT, DRAGONQUEST, THE WHITE DRAGON. Those who know these extraordinary tales will be able to re-visit with Lessa, F'lar, Ruth, Lord Jaxon, and all the others. And for those just discovering this magical place, there are incomparable tales of danger, deceit, and daring, just waiting to be explored..


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Berkley Pub Group
January 1, 2008
Available: January 2, 2008
ISBN #042521916X
EAN #9780425219164
384 pages
Trade Siz

Read the Review!


by Lynn Kurland

A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms: Book 2

Darkness in the kingdom...

Neorche is under assault by a mysterious magic that has stripped its king of his powers and unleashed nightmarish creatures as weapons ina war of evil. Morgan of Melksham is fighting against that menace as well as for her life. Struggling to regain her strenght after a near-fatal attack, Morgan realizes that she must decide betwee two fates: that of being a simple shieldmaiden or accepting her heritage as an elven princess. If only she could ignore that she was the daughter of the perilous black mage of Ceangail...

Magic in the blood...

Duty bound to aid his king, Miach of Neroche is torn between what his responsibilities demand and what his heart desires. He is willing to risk his life to recue Morgan from the darkness that haunts her, but he must do so at the peril of his realm. Forced to choose between love and the burden of his mantle, Miach sets out on his most deadly quest ever.

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Samhain Publishing
September 1, 2006
ISBN #1599982234
EAN #9781599982236
e-Book (reprint)

Read the Review!

(Paradox series I)

Preorder it Now!

Samhain Publishing
June 1, 2008
ISBN #1599982986
EAN #9781599982984
Trade Size (reprint)


“Fly With A Dragon”
by Rosemary Laurey

A virgin sacrifice, a not-so ravening dragon and a happy ever after.

Selected as the virgin sacrifice to the ravening dragon, Myfanwy awaits as Arragh, the fiery Dragon of Calder Bala, approaches across the sacred grove.

But Arragh comes not to destroy. Instead he carries Myfanwy off to his domain in the far mountains, and a fate far, far better than death.

Also includes: “Heart of the Raven” by J.C. Wilder

Sold into slavery to an Overseer of the Realm, Dani is determined to win her freedom and make sure her heart is possessed by no man.

For Haaken, time is running out. A family curse already condemns him to the form of the Raven and when he can find the one woman meant for him, only then will he be free.

Too bad for both of them that this woman is determined to belong to no one…

New titles and new covers for the PARADOX books coming in print in 2008.


More Tales
Dragon Prime by Lora Leigh

Dragcon's Snare by Ruby Storm

Dragon Magic by Allyson James (in Dreams of the Oasis I anthology)

Dragon's Kiss by Tielle St. Clare -Shadow of the Dragon series

Dragon's Fire by Tielle St. Clare -Shadow of the Dragon series

Dragon's Rise by Tielle St. Clare -Shadow of the Dragon series

Dragon's Prey by Tielle St. Clare -Shadow of the Dragon series

Enter the Dragon anthology (Ellora's Cave)

Dragon's Mistress by Joanna Wylde 

Dragons and Dungeons by Tawny Taylor

Sophie's Dragon by Jory Strong

Sleeping Dragon by Stephanie Burke

Georgina's Dragon by Willa Okati

Father of Dragons by Emily Veinglory

King of Dragons, King of Men by Emily Veinglory

Dragon's Bane by Sherrill Quinn

Dragonfire by Sherrill Quinn

The Draconis and the Stallion by Laura Elliott

Dream of the Dragon's Song by Cameo Brown

Dragon's Watch 1: Gargoyle by Shelby Morgen

Dragon's Watch 2: Renegade by Shelby Morgen

Dragon's Watch: The Night Before Christmas by Shelby Morgen

Young Adult

Buy it now!

August 1, 2003
Available: Nov. 28, 2006
ISBN #0375826688
EAN #9780375826689
528 pages


by Christopher Paolini


Inheritance Cycle: Book 1


When Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest, he thinks it is the lucky discovery of a poor farm boy; perhaps it will buy his family meat for the winter. But when the stone brings a dragon hatchling, Eragon realizes he has stumbled upon a legacy nearly as old as the Empire itself. Overnight his simple life is shattered, and he is thrust into a perilous new world of destiny, magic, and power. With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller for guidance, Eragon and the fledgling dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of an Empire ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds. Can Eragon take up the mantle of the legendary Dragon Riders? The fate of the Empire may rest in his hands....

Buy it now!

August 1, 2005
ISBN #037582670X
EAN #9780375826702
704 pages


Inheritance Cycle: Book 2


Darkness falls. . . despair abounds. . . evil reigns. . . Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix, cruel ruler of the Empire. Now Eragon must travel to Ellesmera, land of the elves, for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider: magic and swordsmanship. Soon he is on the journey of a lifetime, his eyes open to awe-inspring new places and people, his days filled with fresh adventure. But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn, and nothing is what it seems. Before long, Eragon doesn't know whom he can trust.

Meanwhile, his cousin Roran must fight a new battle-one that might put Eragon in even graver danger. Will the king's dark hand strangle all resistance? Eragon may not escape with even his life. .


Buy it now!

September 1, 2008
Available: September 20, 2008
ISBN #0375826726
EAN #9780375826726
704 pages




Inheritance Cycle: Book 3


Coming September 20, 2008

Coming Next Month: Knights to Remember

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