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by Barbara Sheridan
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December 2002 Issue

A Romance for all TIMEs!

Featuring: Lisa Cach, Dee Davis, Samantha Gail
Melanie Jackson and Judi McCoy

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Soul mates, kindred spirits, a love that is meant to be, that is the dream of every romantic heart. But what if your one and only, the love of your life, was born in another time, another place? Fate takes a hand to set things right in these five tales of time travel romance.

George Arlington regarded himself as a role model. He'd taken a degree in theater and turned his experience into a lucrative career as a professional wrestler. He was one of the good guys, "The Saint". When a couple of kids got hurt trying to emulate his professional stunts, and the boys' mother's had held him personally to blame, it had really laid him low. That is why George agrees to his sister's suggestion that hypnosis might bring him some peace of mind.

When Athena's new crystal wisked him to another place and time, he believed it be a dream, but the feelings he's developing for the stubborn, bewitching virgin, Alizon, are very real, and not a bit saintly. He would slay dragons for her, if that was what she needed, but it would be merely symbolic. To free herself, she would have to slay her own demons, as would he. If you like your time travel romances hot and humorous, indulge in the magic of GEORGE AND THE VIRGIN by Lisa Cach.

The best day of Cara Reynold's life quickly took on the aspect of a nightmare when her parents' car was hit head on by a truck on a snowy mountain road. She'd been thrown free of the wreckage, but had not been able to hold onto consciousness. Fortunately she was discovered by young Michael McPherson before the cold could take its toll on the dazed beauty. Michael had been searching for stray cattle, but the weather had worsened, and he knew they would need to find shelter. Michael was just starting out in life, but had hoped he'd someday find a love like the one his parents shared. His mother had promised that there was someone special made just for him, and something about the girl he held in his arms through that night had him thinking that his mother might just be right. He had saved her Cara's life, but the morning found her gone. It would be more than nine years before she would be able to return the favor.

A mine known as "The Promise" had been the source of short-lived joy and long-lived sorrow for the McPherson men. It, and the heirloom necklace Cara had been given on that tragic night, held the key to their special connection, a love that defied time itself. If you like your romance coupled with suspense, enjoy THE PROMISE by Dee Davis.

In the twenty second century, Remala Picard-Moreau is a Shaynvar Knight - a keeper of the peace, and guardian of time travel in her sector of space. She is puzzled by her latest assignment. She must go back to Earth in the year 976 AD to save a small Norwegian village from a group of canabalistic neighbors bent on their destruction.

Against protocol, Master Odairus has even given Remala carte blanche to use whatever technology she wishes to take with her to get the job done. She knows the implications, but doesn't understand the reasoning. Yet the master insists that no other will do for this particular mission. It is particularly vital that she save their leader, King Beravael. His visage on the video downlink mesmerizes Remala. He is a man who epitomizes his race, tall, strong, and courageous, and of course very, very, dead. But she's about to change the how, and when, of that circumstance, to be his very own SAVIOR IN TIME. Past and future collide in this unique novel by Samantha Gail.

Domitien blamed himself for the death of his wife and their unborn child at the hands of her insane brother Rychard. He had been negligent, and swore he would never love another, and though the Great One had given him ample opportunities ove the course of his lives in millennium that followed, Dom was subconciously true to this oath. Now his soul is being given one last chance, and having overheard this, he wants desperately to succeed.

Laris was the newly modified soul they all had high hopes for, and Dom tries to gain an edge by peaking in to a scrying ball to determine who she might have been in his past lives. He even sends her a variety of passionate memories in hopes of gain a response. She doesn't need her sleep disturbed at this critical time in her life, however she is inexpicably drawn to her dream lover. When he arrives in the flesh, and filled with need, she cannot resist reaching out to him. Unfortunately Rychard's current incarnation is not about to allow them the happiness they so richly deserve. Fleeing into Death's shadow for protection, the pair relive Dom's past failures. Will Laris still love him when she discovers all of his flaws? Will Dom learn to forgive himself? Enjoy this wonderful trip through history with Melanie Jackson's DOMINION.

Charleston, S.C. 1783 - Irish privateer Declan O'Shea had waited out a war to reclaim the treasure he'd buried in a remote island in the Florida Keys. He is full of anticipation for the day has come at last when he will sail south from Charleston and become a very rich man. Before he can board his ship "Lady Liberty" he is approached by an old gypsy woman who admonishes him to choose a trinket from her basket and determine his fate. He reticent but never the less leaves wearing one of her medalions around his neck. A hurricane strikes while Declan is at sea, and the last thing her remembers is untying himself from the ship's mast. He would not awaken for another 200 + years.

The honor of waking him belongs to Libby Grayson, a single mother who has returned home to Sunset Key to rediscover her roots and lick her wounds after a failed relationship with her son's father. The last thing she needs is another man in her life, but that's what she gets when she enters a cove and finds a man asleep on a shelf above the water line. He awakens only after Libby pieces together the two halves of his broken medalion. Is this man a vagrant bent on bilking the elderly residents of Sunset Key of their hard earned savings, or the mand destined to become love of her life. What kind of treasure will Declan find in this time? Past meets present in SAY YOU'RE MINE by Judi McCoy.

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