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by Barbara Sheridan
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September 2000 Issue

TIME.........For a Good Romance!

Deb Stover

Early in life, Deb Stover discovered a passion for writing and an unwavering respect for honor and fairness. She left a journalism career to pursue her dream of writing romance, and also worked as a professional advocate for students with disabilities, including one of her own children. Deb’s novels often include characters with disabilities. Her belief that individuals with disabilities must be included in society as people first is reflected in her novels. She strives to write characters readers will love, and imperfection is a fact of life.

A founding member of Pikes Peak Romance Writers, Deb is active in many writers' organizations. She joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) in 1991. In 1994, Deb received Pikes Peak Romance Writers' Volunteer of the Year Award. She’s also served as director of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, held annually under the umbrella of the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration. She’s currently fulfilling a two-year term on the RWA Board of Directors.

Her unique novels have received numerous awards, though she’s proudest of those that come from readers. Since publication of her first novel in 1995, Deb Stover has received five nominations from Romantic Times including one for Career Achievement in Innovative Historical Romance. ANOTHER DAWN has also received the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence from Reviewers International Organization, and is a finalist for the Colorado Award of Excellence. In 1999 and 1997, she was chosen Pikes Peak Romance Writers' Author of the year! She’s been a finalist for the the Heart of Romance Readers’ Choice Award twice, and won in 1998 with SOME LIKE IT HOTTER, also a finalist for the Colorado Award of Excellence. ALMOST AN ANGEL was voted Best Time Travel of the Year by Romance Readers’ Anonymous. SOME LIKE IT HOTTER was nominated for Affaire de Coeur’s Romance Novel of the Year and Best Time Travel. ALMOST AN ANGEL was a finalist for Best Paranormal Romance, and Deb herself was as a favorite author of the year. In 1996, Deb’s second novel, A WILLING SPIRIT, was voted Romance Novel of the Year by readers of Affaire de Coeur. Deb Stover is a native of Wichita, Kansas, but now lives near Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband, their three children, and a mutant dachshund. Over the years, she and her family have also lived in Southern California and Oklahoma. Her novella "The Enchanted Garden" was nominated for the 1999 P.E.AR.L. for best short story.

An Interview with Deb Stover

Barb S: Deb, you are well known for your time travel romances. You recently wrote your first contemporary romance. What influenced this decision? Do you plan to write others?

Deb S: I'd been sitting on the idea for A MATTER OF TRUST for a few years before the opportunity presented itself. I felt it was right for the length of the "Bouquet" line, and I wanted to give it a try. I enjoy contemporary romance as a reader, but I find my tastes lean more toward single title as a reader and as a writer. I'd love to write more contemporaries, but much longer ones. I hope the opportunity comes along.

Barb S: What attracted you to paranormal romance and writing time travel in particular?

Deb S: My love of history drew me to time travels. The opportunity to view history from a contemporary point of view was simply too wonderful to resist. Many of my time travels include other paranormal aspects, such as ghosts, but the primary focus of the story is still romance and time travel.

For a modern woman who loves history, being able to share history through the thoughts and actions of my contemporary protagonists is priceless.

Barb S: Your novels, including your contemporary, are set in the western United States, the Colorado Rockies, Oklahoma etc. What influenced this choice?

Deb S: Personal experience. I lived in northeastern Oklahoma--where A WILLING SPIRIT and STOLEN WISHES are set--for five years. It's an area rich with history, especially since it didn't become a state until 1906.

My first book is set in the Missouri Ozarks, where I spent my summers visiting my grandparents' dairy ranch. Both my parents were born and raised in the Ozarks, so the dialect and lay of the land came easily to me.

My family and I have lived in Colorado since 1991, and the majority of my books are set here. The Rockies are beautiful and filled with rich and eclectic history. The mining towns provide a plethora of research materials for a writer.

The only book I've set in an area where I've never actually visited is SOME LIKE IT HOTTER. I did most of my research of Natchez through the historical society there and online. A friend sent me a map certified as accurate from 1865, which gave me the important information regarding additional streets that existed then but don't now. In a time travel, this sort of detail is critical.

Barb S: Your latest novel "A Moment In Time" has a rather interesting time travel device. Tell us about it.

Deb S: The heroine, Jackie, finds herself in an abandoned ghost town saloon during a blizzard. Her only companionship is a portrait of the infamous saloon singer Lolita Belle. During a fire, Jackie finds the face of Lolita transform to her own, then she's drawn through the portrait to 1891.

Barb S: The heroine, Jackie Clarke, had quite a bit of tragedy in her life and very little affection. Explain how she became involved with the antagonist Blade Smith?

Deb S: After losing her mother at a young age and being raised by an unloving aunt, Jackie married young and lost a child. She spent most of her adult years focusing on her career, but when Blade comes along, she's been without a relationship for many years. He's a con man who lures her with pretty words and empty promises.

Barb S: Upon arrival in the past Jackie is mistaken for another woman. Does this make things easier for her or does it create problems?

Deb S: Both, really. She's mistaken for Lolita Belle, the singer from the portrait that was her time portal. The problem is, Jackie can't sing. However, the miners are so eager for the sight of a pretty woman, they don't really care what she sounds like. Her mistaken identity is also the catalyst that brings Cole Morrison into her life.

Barb S: How does Jackie adjust to the experience? Does she attempt to find a way home?

Deb S: Since the painting she discovered in her time hasn't been painted yet, and she believes it's her portal back to her time, she's convinced she must pose for the portrait. It must exist before she can possibly return. Right? So she pretends to be Lolita Belle and poses for her portrait, hoping it will return her to the future.

Barb S: The hero Cole Morrison is a widower and father of a young son. After mining for several years he has come to the realization that his mine is not viable. This drives him to commit a desperate act. What would make this honorable man behave in a manner so foreign to his nature?

Deb S: Cole made a death bed promise to his wife, that he would take their son to a better place--or back to their home in St. Louis--where the boy could have a proper upbringing and education. But Cole isn't quite ready to give up on the dream he shared with his wife when they first went to Colorado-to find enough gold to fund their trip to Oregon and their own cattle ranch. Guilt and that dream drive him to desperation. However, he's the kind of man who is honorable even in dishonor.

Barb S: As you say, Cole isn't really a villain. Is there a true villain in the past?

Deb S: There is, and Jackie doesn't know if Blade has followed her into the past, or if the 1891 villain is an ancestor of the con man.

Barb S: Humor is a large part of this story. Do you feel humor is important to a good romance?

Deb S: There's nothing better than a book that can make me laugh, cry, and fall in love. I strive to give my readers the kind of story I enjoy most as a reader.

Barb S: What is next for Deb Stover?

Deb S: "Keeper of the Well" is a novella that will be included in a hard cover anthology called MURDER MOST ROMANTIC in January 2001. "Keeper of the Well" has murder, scandal, a ghost, time travel, and romance.

NO PLACE FOR A LADY is my historical in progress, and is tentatively scheduled for September 2001. It's the story of an Irish lady's maid in search of her missing father. She travels to the wilds of Colorado with her employer, who is kidnapped. The hero is the owner of a large ranch, who's mission in life is to make retribution for his father's sins.



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Deb Stover



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Best Time Travel

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June 2000
320 pages
ISBN: 0821766201

Destiny Swept Her Back in Time...

After a romantic mountain getaway ends in disaster, Jackie Clarke finds herself hiking back to civilization alone. But a wrong turn soon lands her in an abandoned ghost town, where in one moment she’s staring at a risqué portrait of saloon singer Lolita Belle, and in the next she’s transported back to the year 1891! Now everyone in Devil’s Gulch, Colorado, assumes Jackie is Lolita, including the rugged Mel Gibson-look-alike who’s just kidnapped her!

…Could Love Keep Her There?

Cole Morrison has spent five long years digging in that damned hole he calls a mine, and he’s still barely scraping by. So when a saloon-keeper offers him a small fortune to bring him the legendary Lolita Belle, he agrees to it. But what’s supposed to be a business transaction soon turns into anything but when desire flares. Now Cole is left to wonder how a man forges a future with a temptress from another time.

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