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  by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

March 2008 Issue
I Dream of Genies
Spotlight on Magical Romance
Interviews with:
| Kimberly Adkins | Kathryne Kennedy | Ann Macela | Kathleen Nance |
Special Features:
A Tribute to Dawn Thompson
 PEARL Awards 2007
 Chat with Featured Authors
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A Tribute to Dawn Thompson

Dawn was born Dawn Muriel Thompson March 28, 1937 in New York.  She lived alone with her cat Miz Fuzz and parrot Espirit.  She wrote a monthly column for over 25 years for Crochet World, published by House of White Birches.  She was a brilliant artist, but was hit by a car 10 years ago, which left her wheelchair bound and with only the use of her first fingers and thumbs.  No longer able to paint, she painted with words.

Dawn's first major book release was for Dorchester Publishing in Sept 2004, The Ravencliff Bride.  It remains a continual strong seller.  Since then she has done The Waterlord, The Falcon's Bride, Blood Moon, The Brotherhood and The Ravening for their Love Spell line.  She began writing for Leisure Books under the name of Dawn MacTavish in 2007 and currently has two novels out, The Marsh Hawk and The Privateer.  In 2005 she signed with Kensington Aphrodisia.  She wrote Lord of the Deep, soon be to be followed with Lord of the Dark in August 2008.  She also did two anthologies for them, Eros Island and Sexy Beast IV. 

Still to come for her fans - Bride of Time (Love Spell July 2008), Prisoner of the Flames (Leisure Books TBA 2008) and Rape of the Soul (Highland Press March 2008 - not a romance but a suspense-horror saga).  There is another Saga, Ring of Death coming from Highland Press late 2008.  Highland Press will also be re-issuing Drake's Lair, Children of the Wind and Odin's Daughter, the last two are historical fiction.

Dawn was admitted to Brookhaven Hospital in late September after a fall, but later was moved to Southside.  After that was she moved to Affinity Rebab in Oakdale.  She ended up back at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York on the day after Christmas, and died February 8, 2008, peacefully, due to complications of the long hospital stays. 

Due to Dawn's accident ten years ago, she lived in constant pain.  She was independent, never permitted it to embitter her, and she faced each day with a smile on her face and a laugh in her heart.  She only wanted to write her books and hold her kitty.  It was sad that one who asked for so little in life was not granted this.

Donations can be made in her name to Stephen King's The Haven Foundation.  She was the first recipient of this grant to help authors in financial need during times of illness or catastrophe.  I cannot say enough how they helped Dawn during her final months.

Dontations for Stephen King's The Haven Foundation can be send to:

The Haven Foundation
P.O. Box 128
Brewer, ME 04412  (I believe donations can be made online through their store on King's website)

This organization is for all writers in times of difficulties.  They helped Dawn so much.  She was their first recipient.  I know she would appreciate the gesture.
Many thanks to Deborah MacGillivray for providing this wonderful tribute to an author who provided us with many hours of enjoyment with her brilliant writing, we will not forget you, Dawn.
Featured in this issue:
~Magical Romance
~Tribute to Dawn Thompson
~PEARL Awards 2007
Interviews with:
Kimberly Adkins
Kathryne Kennedy
Ann Macela
Kathleen Nance
Dawn Thompson


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