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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

June 2007 Issue
Fanged Fantasies
Spotlight on Vampire Romance: Part 1
Interviews with:
| L. A. Banks | Margaret L. Carter | Nathalie Gray |
| Chris Marie Green | F E Heaton | Doreen Orsini | Jaden Sinclair |
Special Features:
Publisher Spotlight: Dark Eden Press
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We are talking with Debra Durham, co-owner and President of the new ePublisher, Dark Eden Press.

PNR: Dark Eden Press is creating a buzz amongst readers and authors, could you tell us about your vision for the company? 

Debra D.: Our vision for the company is to be the one that readers come to because we aren’t going to follow what is considered "polite society".  We don’t want to be deemed acceptable, we plan on pushing erotica past the outer limits of propriety and what has been "mainstream" up to now.  Erotica has been a part of our lives for generations and we want people to see there is no shame in reading it...or living it on a day to day basis no matter what lifestyle you live.  We want authors to come to us because we will encourage them to push the envelope and to let their creativity take them where they want.

PNR: Dark Eden Press is the result of the combined efforts of Billi Graham, Susan White and yourself; could you tell us why you decided to establish your own ePublishing company?  

Debra D.: We came up with the idea of Dark Eden because all three of us were frustrated at not being able to find the kind of reading material that went beyond mainstream romance.  I think all three of us like romance and erotica that pushes the envelope and that delves into an area that has been up to now considered ‘taboo’.

PNR: What do you feel Dark Eden Press has to offer authors and readers that are not currently available from existing ePublishers?   

Debra D.: We are going to offer to the public the material that has been deemed too hot for the traditional romance reader. This is a company that will push the envelope, not the authors, and give the readers what they have wanted for a long time now, which is quality erotica that often falls off the beaten path.  Our authors will find a consistent and caring attitude towards them, a publisher that really listens and cares, and realizes that without creative authors we do not have a quality product.  I am sure we will make many mistakes and when we do we will take responsibility for them and fix them.  We are not a company that the owners are going to hide behind the computer never to be seen or heard from until something is wrong.  Here, they will not be afraid to express themselves in their work, no matter how far it goes.  We want to be the new generation of epublishing that caters to the hotter and spicier needs of the public.  We want to give readers a peek into different types of lifestyles and different pairings, things that you cannot find in a traditional romance.

PNR: Dark Eden Press has an impressive line up of authors to kick off your opening; which talented authors can we expect to see publishing at Dark Eden Press? 

Debra D.: In the coming months you will see fantastic books written by Missy Sue Hanson, Riane Lasair, Helen Ravell, Capri Montgomery, Roxanne Wells, Bridget Devereaux and that is just a few.  We have been lucky enough to have great, talented authors come our way.

PNR: Until recently erotic romance was offered primarily through electronic publishers; how do you feel the decision of the big print publishing companies to offer erotic lines will affect the ePublishing business? What can ePublishing offer an author that print can not? 

Debra D.: I really do not see it affecting any of us at all.  I do not think print publishers are a threat to us.  We are a world that is moving faster, with more things to do and less time to do them in.  As the world evolves and becomes more mobile it is easier for the reader to download a book and take it with them in their pocket on a PDA or a laptop.  Quite a few of us do not have the time to browse a bookstore.  Ebooks are quick and accessible.  They are a great convenience to those who travel, for women who work, have appointments, soccer games, a family to make dinner for.  The consumer is looking for convenience but not at the expense of quality.  In an e book they can find the same books that can be found on the shelf without having to leave their house or their office.  Epublishing offers authors the room to stretch their imaginations and skills to the limits, with the ability to express storylines and elements that many traditional print publishers are not willing to take a chance on. I believe epublishing offers authors a quicker outlet for their material, cutting the time in half between writing and publishing.  It gives them more input into processes such as cover art, as well as the ability to get their work in to more formats.  It offers them a chance to learn the ins and outs of the publishing business without having to rely on an agent. They also gain the ability to learn many things firsthand, such as promoting, and how to put it to use for themselves.

PNR: In your opinion, how far can you go with erotic content and have it still be considered romance? Is a committed relationship and/or HEA a requirement for Dark Eden Press titles? 

Debra D.: I believe you can go pretty far.  Romance for some is not always roses and sweet words.  Sometimes it is the edgier and darker things that women want and crave.  As far as committed and HEA go, no it is not a requirement.  At times it is more fun for it not to be a happily ever after, it leaves room for the reader to use his or her imagination as to the fates of the hero or the heroine of the story. 

PNR: Dark Eden Press will be offering a range of romance genres at varying sensuality levels; can you give us an overview of your rating system? 

Debra D.: We really only have three heat levels.  Sensual, which has sex and some explicit language, but it will be more romantic than erotic.  The erotic level will be edgier and more descriptive.  The sex content goes up several notches as does the explicit language.  The last level we have is Intense.  It will be raw and edgy with material that would be considered taboo and controversial by some. 

PNR: The paranormal romance genre is very popular at the moment. What do you feel accounts for the sudden interest in all things paranormal? 

Debra D.: I do not think the interest is all that sudden, it has just become more mainstream.  I believe television and movies have a lot to do with that.  People have been interested in the occult and all things paranormal for centuries.  The only difference is now you can say so without being embarrassed or labeled as crazy.

PNR: Dark Eden Press appears to be a “paranormal friendly” publisher, are you planning to offer any paranormal lines? 

Debra D.: Yes we are.  Very soon we are going to be putting out a submission call for a series called ‘Dark Dalliances’ that would consist of short erotic stories with a paranormal theme.  We also have several authors who have placed paranormal books with us.

PNR: Do you have plans to offer your titles in print format in the future? 

Debra D.: At some point in the future yes.  Print books are still the standard that all authors are judged by unfortunately.  But it will be a year or two down the line probably.  I want us to get firmly established as an ebook publisher before doing so.  I want the authors and readers to get to know our company and trust in us before we jump into print.

PNR: What can readers expect to see in the coming months?  What paranormal romance offerings can we look forward to? 

Debra D.: We have Missy Sue Hanson coming out with ‘Bayou Summons’ about a warlock and a necromancer getting into all kinds of trouble.  She also has ‘Whisper Moon’ coming soon in which two werewolf shifters must battle to ascend into the Cana Warriors.  Roxanne Wells has a great book coming out called “Saving Sophie’ which is about a ghost trying to save the woman he falls in love with from a serial killer. We also have Riane Lasair who wrote ‘Dark Descent’ about two men trying to save their cities from a traitor bent on destroying them, and in the process falling in love.

PNR: Thank you, Debra, for taking time out to talk with us about Dark Eden Press, where can readers find out more about your upcoming releases? 

Debra D.: Thank you, we really appreciate the opportunity to let your readers know about us.  They can go to our website at to find out more.  They can also get the link to our yahoo group on the site that the readers can join, we have chats on our website every Friday night at 8 pm central time where the authors and readers get together to talk and have a little fun.

Also Releasing on June 22nd

Coming Soon

Opening June 22, 2007
Yahoo Group
Paranormal Titles

Buy it now!

Dark Eden Press
June 22, 2007
ISBN #not assigned
Bayou Summons
by Missy Sue Hanson

A warlock whose powers are hidden by the misty bayou, a necromancer who will stop at nothing to control the underworld and the only other being who harbors dark gifts similar to his own, a woman who speaks to the dead. Summer Peters knows paranormal, her life's work is to find it, study it and disprove it. Though, in her heart she secretly hopes to one day find the answers to the puzzling dreams that constantly plague her. Her next assignment is deep in the heart of the steamy bayou, with much more danger to be wary of than the gators that stalk the swamp. Her answers might very well be hidden amidst the fog-ridden town, and in Cayden, a sexy man with everything to hide.  He might not only show her the answers she longs for, but could also be much more important to her than she ever intended.

Buy it now!

Dark Eden Press
June 22, 2007
ISBN #not assigned
Dark Descent
Basilisk Tales: Book One
by Riane Lasair

After centuries of mistrust, two cities must work together for survival.  Brandish Andormis has come to Undernegra, the city beneath the ground, to stop a traitor intent on destroying not only his own people but those that reside in Undernegra as well.  Vee has been assigned by the rulers to assist Brand in whatever way he can, but with the lives of both their peoples hanging in the balance, it will take everything they have to survive.  In the face of political intrigue and danger, can they put aside a lifetime of differences to save their two worlds and discover that love knows no boundaries?

Buy it now!

Dark Eden Press
June 22, 2007
ISBN #not assigned
Saving Sophie
by Roxanne Wells
When Jesse Franklin made the move from insurance agent to Las Vegas cab-driver, being a ghost wasn’t in his career plan.  But then neither was saving a beautiful blonde from a psychotic killer known as the Cab-cutter.  Caught between worlds, Jesse finds himself in a coma.  He is the only person who can save Sophie from becoming the Cab-cutter’s next victim. And Jesse has to do it, because Saving Sophie means more to him than life.



Featured in this issue:

Interviews with:
L. A. Banks
Margaret L. Carter
Nathalie Gray
Chris Marie Green
F E Heaton
Doreen Orsini
Jaden Sinclair
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