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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

July 2006 Issue


Sizzling Summer
Spotlight on Great Summer Reads

Special Feature

Publisher Spotlight: Cobblestone Press

Cobblestone Press is an electronic, full service publisher of mainstream, sensual, and erotic romance, releasing two to three digital books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is our mission to provide quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in digital publishing.


We are talking with Deanna Lee, co-publisher at the new ePublisher, Cobblestone Press.

PNR: Cobblestone Press is creating a buzz amongst readers and authors, could you tell us about your vision for the company?

Deanna L.: I see Cobblestone as a place of refuge. That may sound odd, so I should explain. We are a refuge from complicated and demanding contracts for authors. Sable and I are dedicated to teaching our authors all we’ve learned about the publishing industry both electronic and print. We are dedicated to their success as much as we are dedicated to our own.

For readers, we are a work-friendly environment where they can feel comfortable shopping for their favorite books. They can also go to our website in the comfort of their family room without having to worry about one of their children walking by and seeing something profane on one of our covers.

We sell erotic content, and we aren’t ashamed of it. We do believe, however, that romance can be sold without sacrificing dignity and class.

PNR: Cobblestone Press is the result of the combined efforts of Sable Grey and yourself, both of you being successful, published authors. Could you tell us why you decided to establish your own ePublishing company?

Deanna L.: We'd discussed starting our own publisher on and off for a long time. Near the end of last year, we both came to a place in our lives where we both needed a change. Sable and I both had a great deal to offer other authors and thought that we could carve out a niche for ourselves in ePublishing as well. We’ve both worked with some top notch companies and we understand how important working with an honest and friendly publisher can be to an author-especially a new one.

PNR: What do you feel Cobblestone has to offer authors and readers that is not currently available from existing ePublshers?

Deanna L.: For authors, I believe that we offer a creative and engaging environment where they can feel comfortable spreading their wings. We support our authors efforts at other publishers, encourage them to seek out print contracts, and share any market information we come across in the hopes of giving them all the tools they need to succeed in such a competitive market.

For readers, we offer the best romance we can find and a community of resources that will hopefully make them feel at home with us. Our chat room is always active and rowdy on chat nights. The Library and Tavern forums are sources of entertainment and information without being overwhelming.

Additionally, Sable and I make an effort to be available to both authors and readers. We join large chat loops, have publisher days w/Yahoo Groups, and generally get out in the community as much as possible. We both want everyone to feel comfortable approaching us and talking to us about their concerns and their goals.

PNR: Cobblestone has an impressive line up of authors, both print and ePublished, to kick off your opening; which talented authors can we expect to see publishing at Cobblestone Press?

Deanna L.: Well, we certainly keep our eye out for talent. Fortunately, we’ve found some great new authors and established authors are starting to take notice of us as well. Evangeline Anderson, Ann Cory, Jade James, and of course Anisa Damien are hopefully the first of many established authors to make their way down the path to Cobblestone.

PNR: Until recently erotic romance was offered primarily through electronic publishers; how do you feel the decision of the big print publishing companies to offer erotic lines will affect the ePublishing business? What can ePublishing offer an author that print can not?

Deanna L.: I think print publishers got wise to a huge market and decided to pay attention to what women really want and it couldn’t have come sooner if you ask me. Being published with one of those print companies myself, I can tell you they are aggressive about carving out a market share and I wish them well.

There are several things that Cobblestone Press can offer an author that most print publishers currently don’t:

  1. An easy/quick submission process
  2. Author-friendly contracts
  3. Monthly payment
  4. Reasonable release dates
  5. An international distribution
  6. A niche on the Internet.

That last one is important! The Internet is an obstacle for some people. At Cobblestone, we are willing to take already established print authors and get them in touch with the internet consumer. From promotional ideas and website design suggestions to helping them develop a fan base in the biggest expanding market on the planet.

There are some that believe that eBooks have no where to go but down; but we're a generation of people coming up in the world now that prefer digital content. If they can't play it or read it in their digital device of choice - they aren't going to be interested for long.

PNR: In your opinion, how far can you go with erotic content and have it still be considered romance?

Deanna L.: I think erotic content can go as far as the author feels comfortable and that readers seem to sense when an author has gone over his/her boundaries. Romance is about emotional and physical connection and when it’s done well—explicit content won't hinder that concept in the least!

PNR: Cobblestone will be offering a range of romance genres at varying sensuality levels; can you give us an overview of your rating system?

Deanna L.: We offer three heat ratings : Wild, Wanton, and Wicked.

The Wild rating is for our mainstream romance. While there is sexual content, there is little to no explicit language.

The Wanton rating is for erotic romance. There is strong sexual content and explicit language.

The Wicked rating is also for erotic romance. However, it is assigned to books that have strong violent content or themes the some might find upsetting. BDSM books will always fall into this category.

PNR: The paranormal romance genre in general and shifters specifically, are very popular at the moment. What do you feel accounts for the sudden interest in all things paranormal? 

Deanna L.: I think the interest boils down to the essence of human nature. We are attracted and fascinated by the unknown. There are tons of paranormal shows on television - from ghost hunters to psychic detectives. The werewolf and the vampire might be known in old world literature as monsters but in the modern world they are symbols of sexuality and romance. The authors of today create beautiful, often tortured, creatures who seek love and peace - what woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?

PNR: Cobblestone appears to be a 'paranormal friendly' publisher, and readers are excited about your Shifter line; can you tell us a little about it?

Deanna L.: Both Sable and I have written paranormal. We also enjoy reading it. It seemed natural to us to offer a publishing environment that was friendly to one of the many aspects of fiction that we enjoy.

The Shifter line is going to be a popular one, we knew it would be the moment we had the idea. Shape-shifters are the most intriguing of all the things we can encounter in a paranormal novel. They call to both the animal instincts in all of us and the humanity that our minds find shelter in. Dragons, wolves, large cats, birds of prey, bears, and creatures of the sea… they offer an endless realm of possibilities and as a publisher I look forward to exploring it all!

PNR: Do you have plans to offer your titles in print format in the future?

Deanna L.: Currently we are concentrating on creating a place for ourselves in the ePublishing world. Once we have a strong market share and we are in a position to explore print—we’ll consider it. Right now- we'd rather focus on eBooks.

PNR: The Cobblestone Library is a feature unique to your site; can you tell us about it?

Deanna L.: The Library is probably the best resource we offer writers and it is entirely open to the public. We have guest librarians that are published with Cobblestone and some that are not. It is our goal to provide a writer-focused research center that is easy to use and as comprehensive as possible. We are actively seeking articles, links, and guest librarians to help fill in any gaps we might have.

PNR: What can readers expect to see in the coming months?  What paranormal romance offerings can we look forward to?

Deanna L.: We actually have something huge on the horizon for paranormals. In October, in honor of Halloween, we’ll be having a festival 'OctoberFest' and our release schedule will be packed all month with paranormal novels and YES- we are taking submissions for this project right this minute!

Details on OctoberFest and the participating publishers is forthcoming - we're just ironing out the fine details.

PNR: Thank you, Deanna, for taking time out to talk with us about Cobblestone Press, where can readers find out more about your upcoming releases?

Deanna L.: Our website URL is: . Check out our community page for links to the Library and the Tavern. Also, joining our HTML newsletter is the only way to enter into our weekly contest for a free book.




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