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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

November 2005 Issue

There's Magic in the Air

Spotlight on Magical Romance

Cheyenne McCray

Award winning author Cheyenne McCray has a passion for sensual romance and a happily-ever-after, but always with a twist. Chey was recently presented with the prestigious Romantic Times BOOKclub Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance, for her novel Wonderland: King of Hearts.

A University of Arizona alumnus, Chey has been writing ever since she can remember, back to her kindergarten days when she penned her first poem. She always knew that one day she would write novels, and with her love of the paranormal and romance, combined with her passionate nature, Erotic Romance is a perfect genre for her. Chey enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons, traveling, working out at the health club, and of course writing, writing, writing.

An Interview with Cheyenne McCray

PNR: Can you tell us a little about how you started writing; was it something you have always wanted to do?

Cheyenne M.: I have always wanted to write. From the time I was a little girl, I said one day I'd grow up to be an author. My parents never doubted me and always encouraged me.

PNR: Are you able to write as much as you would like? Tell us about your writing schedule.

Cheyenne M.: I am able to write full-time, but the demands of e-mail and other projects can be overwhelming and cut into my writing time. When I’m working on a book, I try to write between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. when my three sons are in school.

PNR: Which author(s) is your favorite? And who has most influenced you work?

Cheyenne M.: I always get stuck on this question, because I have so many favorites. I have to say the sensuality of Elizabeth Lowell’s book really clicked with me, and she was the one who got me hooked on romance.

PNR: FORBIDDEN MAGIC features a dark world full of magic; can you tell us about the development of this fascinating world?

Cheyenne M.: It was a lot of work. I studied Paganism, Celtic mythology, even books about witches' familiars. I also studied various parts of San Francisco, especially Golden Gate Park.

PNR: I understand that FORBIDDEN MAGIC is the first of a series?  Can you tell us what we have to look forward to?

Cheyenne M.: The next book is SEDUCED BY MAGIC and will be available in October of 2006. I don't want to give too much away because a very important person from FORBIDDEN MAGIC will be the heroine of this book.

PNR: You are well known for your best selling sensual romances; how does this new series differ from what your fans have come to expect?    

Cheyenne M.: In FORBIDDEN MAGIC, I was given free rein to write whatever I wanted to, in keeping with my proposal, and the sex scenes are just as explicit. However the world is far more complicated and intricate than anything I've written for Ellora's Cave.

PNR: FORBIDDEN MAGIC features a strong heroine and a fascinating Fae hero; can you tell us about the development of the characters? 

Cheyenne M.: Unbeknownst to her D’Anu Coven, Silver practices gray witchcraft to help the Paranormal Special Forces in San Francisco. When her Coven is attacked, Silver is forced to call on her gray magic even more, and it become an internal struggle. Is what she’s doing to close to the black?

Hawk believes in helping other races in need. That's what his people do when the Council deems it appropriate. When he meets Silver, their attraction to one another is immediate and powerful. But Hawk does not believe he can ever fall in love again after losing his wife several years prior.

PNR: Which of your characters was your favorite to write? The most challenging?

Cheyenne M.: I had fun with all the characters! Cassia was probably the most challenging. She kept evolving. LOL

PNR: What do you feel are the essential elements of a great story?

Cheyenne M.: To me it's the entire story, and how everything fits together. I don't think any one thing makes a story a good one. There needs to be strong characterization, a good plot, and I really enjoy sub-plots. The author’s voice needs to be strong and appealing, and I need to be able to visualize everything, and feel like I'm there.

PNR: How do you feel the sensual/erotic genre has affected the paranormal romance genre?

Cheyenne M.: There is certainly a lot more sex and sexual tension in paranormal romances than there was before. I do think it gives the readers more choices. Some readers can choose to read the much hotter romances and still enjoy the paranormal aspect. Other readers can continue to read the paranormal romances they enjoy that are on the milder side of sensuality, or in the middle. There is a lot more choice.

PNR: You are very prolific and have written in several genres - contemporary (Wild Cowboys), futuristic (Future Knights) and fantasy (Erotic Elves,) as well as your paranormal vampire and were books.  What is your favorite genre to write?

Cheyenne M.: Contemporary paranormals, such as FORBIDDEN MAGIC; contemporary fantasies such as my Wonderland series; and definitely my wild cowboy lawmen. J

PNR: Please tell us about the projects you are currently working on.

Cheyenne M.: I just finished SEDUCED BY MAGIC and am awaiting edits. Fingers crossed that my editor likes it!

I will be starting on the sequel in the Return to Wonderland series titled KALINA’S DISCOVERY that will be released from Ellora's Cave.

I am contracted to write a contemporary suspense erotic romance with St. Martin’s Press, so that will be in the works, too.

I will also be writing a cowboy lawman story for the first EC hardcover anthology. The anthology is titled FORBIDDEN FANTASIES.

PNR: Thanks Cheyenne, for taking time out to talk to us. Where can readers find out what's new and how can they contact you?

Cheyenne M.: Readers can check out what’s new at my website I have a blog that I usually post to daily, and a new message board. I will be adding new things to my website, including in depth information on the world of FORBIDDEN MAGIC. Readers can learn about my latest releases on my newsletter,

Thanks so much for having me!

Cheyenne McCray



Buy it now!

St. Martin's Press
November 29, 2005
ISBN: 031293761X
416 pages


D'Anu witch Silver Ashcroft knows she walks a perilous line by practicing gray magic. But it's the only way to protect herself from the evil that surrounds her. After the horrors she has witnessed, Silver thinks she is ready for anything...until the most intensely arousing being she has ever encountered swiftly—and sensuously—proves her wrong...


Hawk is a Tuatha D'Danann warrior, powerful beings descended from the Fae. And for him duty has always come before pleasure. Then, clad only in moonlight, Silver Ashcroft welcomes him to her city of San Francisco and makes his blood sing with a passion beyond compare. She is the embodiment of fantasies he never knew he had, but the terrifying reality of his mission lurks in every shadow...


Only the strongest will survive the upcoming battle, and the forces of darkness are more powerful than ever. Now, warrior and witch must trust in their hearts above all else—for to claim victory, they first must claim each other...



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