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by Barbara Sheridan
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October 2000 Issue

Isn't She Enchanting; or shall we say...Enchanted?

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Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Charlee is the author of thirty-one books, the first nine of which are the WindLegend Saga, soon to be released by Dark Star Publications beginning in July 2000. Married 34 years to her high school sweetheart, Tom, she is the mother of two grown sons, Pete and Mike, and the proud grandmother of Preston Alexander and Victoria Ashley.

A native of Sarasota, Florida, she grew up in Colquitt and Albany, Georgia and now lives in the Midwest.

She is a proud member of the Authors' Guild, National Writers' Union, the Writer's Club Romance Group, Romance Writers of America, Romance Foretold, The HTML Writer's Guide, EPIC (the Electronically Published Internet Connection), Women for Literature, Ardeon, E-Authors, the Phenomenal Women of the Web, and the first author to be published by Twilight Times Books. Recently, she won Soliloquy's Fine Writers Online award. She is a member of Beta Sigma Phi, Ladies of the Heart, Partners of Mary, White Rose Sisters, and is the parish secretary of her local Catholic church as well as the creator and webmaster of its webpage.

Her hobbies are writing, watching Canadian actor Eric McCormack do his magic, and collecting wicker bird baskets (she has over fifty duck, rooster, and chicken baskets). She is owned by six cats and one hall monitor Chow.

Currently, she is at work on a new anthology.

NOVELS OF CHARLOTTE BOYETT-COMPO: The Keeper of the Wind, In the Eye of the Wind, NightWind, BloodWind, WindFall, In the Teeth of the Wind, WindChance, In the Heart of the Wind, The Prince of the Wind, The Windkeeper, "Taken by the Wind": Twilight Obsessions Anthology, "Memories of the Wind": Shards Anthology, "The Winds of Change": Millennial Milestones: A Celebration of Change.

An Interview with Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Barb S: Charlotte, you consider the Windlegends collection a saga rather than a series. Can you define the difference for the readers?

Charlotte B: The definition of saga is 'a long story of adventure'. The definition for series is 'a number of similar, more or less related things following one another in time or place'. The WindLegends Saga is a story of the lives of the McGregor family, mainly Conar McGregor, and the adventures he has in his lifetime.

Barb S: How many books are there in the saga, and how many are currently available?

Charlotte B: There are currently nine but I will be writing a tenth to tie into a new series coming out in 2002. At the moment, there are two novels out: The Windkeeper and The Windseeker. The Windweeper will be released in November 2000.

Barb S: The WindLegend is not your standard romantic fare, ie. boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl live happily ever after. There is romance in your stories but it is constantly being challenged by dark forces. These days the lines between genres have become blurred as writers include intrigue, suspense, magic, even horror in their romance novels. How would you categorize Windlegends?

Charlotte B: WindLegends Saga is a dark fantasy. The keyword here is 'dark'. It is not a light and fluffy romance. I don't write romance as such. My novels just happen to have romance in them. I think most readers today are growing tired of the formula romances that are politically correct and are looking for those that blur the lines. They want something edgy and unique instead of cookie-cutter. That is one of the reasons ebooks are becoming more accepted and why most ebook publishers are also bringing their novels out in paperback. Print publishers don't want to take a risk on the new and different so long as the old and tried is selling so well for them. Ebook publishers don't have that kind of mindset, thank goodness.

Barb S: Though these stories take place in a fantasy world, the stories have a medieval flavor, wouldn't you agree?

Charlotte B: Yes, I would and the reason for this is that it isn't really taking place in a fantasy world but rather in this world in the aftermath of a future nuclear war. The world as we know it has reverted back to medieval times.

Barb S: Got it, futuristic rather than fantasy. The hero of the first two novels is Conar McGregor, Prince of the Winds. There are a considerable number of side characters as well. Will the remaining stories continue to focus on Conar or will other characters take center stage?

Charlotte B: The story always focuses on Conar since it is his tale being told, but there will be other characters whose stories will blend with, overlap, and run parallel to Conar's throughout the entire saga. There will be even more characters introduced in the coming novels. Some you might love and some you might loathe. Some will make you laugh and some will make you want to rip out their hearts. I want my readers to feel as though they are visiting in the keeps of these characters and get to know them as well as they know their own kinsmen and neighbors so that when they pick up the next book, they will feel as though they are coming home.

Barb S: Who is your target audience?

Charlotte B: The target audience is readers who want to experience something they cannot find anywhere else except in ebooks and the resulting paperbacks being translated from those ebooks. I want the reader who is willing to take a chance on something beyond the ordinary. I want the reader who colored outside the lines as a child and never conformed to what others expected of him or her. I want the reader whose mind is not set and whose heart is open to the unexpected. I want the reader who will come to my work with no preconceived notions of what 'romance' should be and is willing to allow himself to embrace the different aspects of speculative fiction. I want the reader with the soul of an adventurer.

Barb S: This month's theme is enchanted heroines, so we know the heroine has magical ability. It's been implied that Conar is a sorcerer in his own right. Why has he not tapped into his power to defend himself?

Charlotte B: Conar is terrified of the power within him. He doesn't want to wield it for he fears once he starts, he will allow it to corrupt him. The thing he fears most is becoming the Chosen One the Domination wants him to be. By denying the power, he believes he can deny his destiny.

Barb S: Can you tell us whether Conar will ultimately reach a HEA or shall we just wait and see?

Charlotte B: Yes, the WindLegends Saga will have a HEA because I think Conar deserves one.

Coming Soon!

eBook: November 2000!



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Charlotte Boyett-Compo



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When the mysterious, handsome Cree enters her life, things in her life begin to change. And evil looms over a sleepy town in the Florida Panhandle.

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A Brother's Betrayal:

Conar McGregor: Tortured Prince of Serenia, Kaileel Tohre's nemesis. Finally knowing what love is, and who holds the key to it, he takes on the Brotherhood of the Domination in order to save his bride. But her safe return plunges him into a nightmare of terror and betrayal, so deep, so alarming, that even his Liza cannot save him from damnation. Liza: whose belief in her husband is tested as the evil of Kaileel and Galen intrude into their lives much too viciously to ignore anymore; whose ability to overcome the treacherous accusations hurled at her by others, even her own husband, will take all the magic of her soul The Brotherhood of the Domination: An unholy sect of priests whose one goal is the downfall of the Prince of the Wind; the ultimate evil hell bent on having Conar: body and soul.

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