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by Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

August 2008 Issue
Inner Beasts
Spotlight on Shapeshifter Romance
Interviews with:  
| C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp | Selena Blake | Kendra Leigh Castle |
 | Virginia Kantra | Noelle Mack | Terry Spear |
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 Interview with:
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C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp

C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp began writing as a team in 1997.  They quickly learned that their individual talents in writing created a dynamite combination in historical and paranormal novels!  They both reside in the Texas Hill Country where Cie lives with her dog and cats and and Cathy lives with her husband, dogs, cats and 24 Boer/Spanish cross goats! They love reading fan mail and anticipate a long and fruitful writing career.

An Interview with C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp

PNR: Welcome C.T. & Cathy, I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk with you about your A Tale of the Sazi series, and your work.

C.T. & Cathy: Thanks so much! We’re excited to chat with all the terrific PNR readers.

PNR: Can you tell us a little about how you started writing; was it something you have always wanted to do? What inspired you to begin writing together?

C.T. & Cathy: Cie had always wanted to write. She dreamed of being a writer from the time she was four and had penned a filing cabinet full of stuff by the time I met her. I’d never really planned to write, but discovered when I met Cie that I was pretty good at it. We learned that we were really terrific together. We complimented each other and shored up each other’s weaknesses. It was after I’d gotten an acceptance on my first book that we decided to actually co-author books. See, she’d come up with one entire subplot that very likely sold the book. It was when I was trying to figure out how to thank her that it occurred to me: “Duh! Put her name on the cover!” J

PNR: Tell us about the challenges you both face in working together, are there any instances where it has been difficult? What has been most rewarding?

C.T. & Cathy: Oh, sure. Writing with another person always has challenges. We’re not the same person and occasionally have creative differences. One of the first things we did when we decided to write together was to make a formal written agreement that decided how to deal with arguments. It’s a lot easier to come up with a workable solution BEFORE you’re suddenly angry and opinionated. Then, we just had to stick to the letter of the agreement. Sometimes one of us wins a dispute. Sometimes the other. But it all works out in the end.   On the other hand, often the most rewarding thing IS the dispute. When you have a creative difference, it’s not because one idea is better than the other. They’re just different. It’s when we start to compromise and take little bits of each that we come up with something new and exciting. If we didn’t disagree, we might never have had come up with some of our best ideas!

PNR: Do you have a strict writing schedule? Do you literally write together or are different parts/chapters assigned to a certain person? Could you give us a peek at what a typical writing day would look like and how you make it work?

C.T. & Cathy: We both have strict writing schedules, but they’re totally different. We elected at the first to have a “primary/secondary” author set-up. A lot of other co-authors do this same thing. We first talk out the book---that’s strict writing schedule #1. We talk each and every day. We discuss plot issues, characterization, timing and the overall flow of the book. Then one of us goes away and writes it. Yep, the whole thing. The other works on something completely different, but remains available to talk. Then, when the book is done, we hand it over to the other person and simply let go. That’s the hard part, because you’re well and truly LETTING GO. The other person is going to rewrite the whole thing . . . or not. But they have the choice and the chance to restructure every scene, have different words come out of the character’s mouth and even introduce NEW characters. That’s the secondary author role---an editor. After edits, the primary author takes it back and goes over the changes. Most often, we agree with the changes. But sometimes there come those disputes. We’ll talk, we’ll compromise, but in the end, it’s the primary author who rules. The secondary author might not like it, but they’ll be the primary on the next book, so they can get their revenge! Bwahahaha! J

PNR: What do you feel are the essential elements of a great story?

C.T. & Cathy: Wow. A great story is so many things. The most essential thing is believability. The people have to be PEOPLE, with likes, dislikes, foibles and “issues.” If they don’t eat at exactly 6:00, they get grumpy. Some only need 3-4 hours of sleep, but some need 8. The reader has to believe that they had a life before the book opened, and will continue it when the book is closed. You’re only getting a small slice of that life---an exciting slice, to be sure, but only a piece.

PNR: Congratulations, readers are excited about the March 2008 release of TIMELESS MOON from Tor Books; this is the sixth book in your A Tale of the Sazi series. Could you tell us what inspired this popular shapeshifter series and a little about your vision for the project? What direction will the series be taking?

C.T. & Cathy: Thanks! Timeless Moon was actually written by popular demand. We asked our fans whose story they wanted to see told. Enough readers responded that Aspen Monier intrigued them that we decided it was time to tell her tale. The Sazi world was originally Cie’s brainchild, but I wound up coming up with a lot of the early direction. It was an interesting and unique take on shapeshifters and placing them right along in our world, the here and now, made it fascinating because trying to fit the unbelievable into reality is a challenge. If you can pull it off (and we like to think we did) it’s amazing. 

As for the direction we’re going, we’re moving back to the original direction. We sort of strayed in the past few books from the original, more urban-fantasy-esque vision of the Sazi into something new. But we miss a lot of the early characters and the early goals. So, the next Sazi book is going back to square one. Tony Giodone will be back in all his glory, and there are big changes in his life, as well as Sue’s (sorry, no hints!) We’ll also be introducing a brand new character who’s going to have her own series. Liz Sutton-Kendall will be starring in The Wolven Chronicles, which will be on the urban fantasy shelves. Oh, there’ll still be plenty of romance, but it will be a series and she’s going to have a battle for her heart by two very different men!  She’s not a werewolf, but she is definitely a shapeshifter. You’ll just have to read the next Sazi book to find out what kind!

PNR: You have been complimented on your phenomenal world building.  Tell us about the challenges you face in world building in a contemporary settings and making it work with the ideas you have in mind for the progression of your characters and the series? How much research is involved?

C.T. & Cathy: Oh, lots and LOTS of research. A lot of it is contemporary, but a bunch is archaeological. Since a lot of our characters are ancient, I really like to take elements from new finds and new research and add them in. For example, in the book I’m writing, Ahmad al-Narmer is getting his story told. He’s older than the current middle eastern countries and religions, going waaaay back to early Akkade in the Babylonian empire. An article in the July/August Archaeology magazine discovered part of a palace in the empire, and discusses the relations with another tribe. It had always been assumed that Akkade conquered all of the cities around it, but it turns out from the new data that they were actually cooperating kingdoms, so I’ve added in a new character who grew up with my Prince and I will rely heavily on artifacts and cuneiform writings they discovered.

PNR: Your series features many types of shapeshifters; wolves, bears, snakes, raptors and cats. Could you give us some insight into the mythology of your Sazi that is the thread to connect your novels?

C.T. & Cathy: The mythology is taken from pretty much every race and nation. You’d be surprised to find out how many countries and tribes have shapeshifter legends. All we did was spin them a little and add in elements for our purposes. The leader of our council, the Chief Justice, for example is Charles Wingate. But he wasn’t always Charles Wingate. He is so old that he was once considered a god to the Inuit people. He’s a massive polar bear and has a similar temperament. He can be warm and loving, or hideous and nasty. Just like people. We made most of our American wolves descend from the Anasazi tribe of the Four Corners area. Isn’t it interesting how everybody talks about this really advanced group of warriors, but there’s no physical sign of their being? Well, what if they died in wolf form? Who would look for dog bones and consider them the same race that build the cliff dwellings? J

PNR: Do you feel your writing is character driven or plot driven? How do you balance these two elements?

C.T. & Cathy: LOL! We balance them because we’re two people! My books are plot driven, with characterization forcibly inserted. Cie’s books are character driven with a plot threaded through in the edits.

PNR: Your stories feature wonderfully complex alpha heroes and strong heroines that readers really connect to; could you tell us about their development? What was your inspiration for these characters? Who has been your favorite to write?

C.T. & Cathy: My favorite has always been Tony Giodone. I really like Tony because he’s a terrific, complex, frustrating person who thinks he’s smarter than most people (and he is) and thinks he can do anything (which he seldom can) but he always manages to squeak through by the skin of his teeth. There are thousands of people out there who just seem to lead charmed lives---who, no matter how bad they mess up, always seem to come out of it just fine. That’s Tony and he’s a joy to write.

Cie’s favorite has always been Kate Reilly (the Thrall series). Kate is a very driven person, much like Cie herself. She’s devout, protective, caring and very, very unlucky. That’s also a very fun thing to write for an author, because she gets into scrapes that you just drop your jaw at and say, “How in the world did THAT happen?!” But it does, to many, many people. That’s fun because readers can relate.

PNR: How would you describe the sensuality level of your books; do you find it challenging to write love/sex scenes?

C.T. & Cathy: The sensuality really varies as much as the people do. It’s not all that much of a challenge to me to WRITE the scene. It’s a challenge to fit it into the plot. I’m not willing to write gratuitous sex just to have it in there, so the trick is getting the story to slow down enough to make it believable. That’s hard, because readers aren’t willing to accept that people running for their lives will take an hour for nookie in the middle. Life just doesn’t happen that way. So, we wind up with less sex per book than some authors. But that’s okay, because it feels real.

PNR: Stories of shapeshifters have long captured the imagination of readers. Why do you feel that characters with the ability to morph are such a popular theme with readers? As a writer, what is it about this genre that captures your imagination?

C.T. & Cathy: That’s easy! People love shapeshifters because they’re the other side of our personality that we’re forced to repress each day. Wouldn’t it be nice to shift into a wolf and take off after the mugger that just grabbed your purse? How about to chase them into a dark alley where THEY’LL be afraid? How about if you could jump off a cliff and know you’ll survive, or race ahead of the pack to get to the front of every line/queue? It’s that extension of ourselves that we long for, the dip into the dark side of ourselves that we never really get to indulge.

PNR: Just for fun; if you could shapeshift into any creature, what would it be?

C.T. & Cathy: A tiger for me. Cie’s a wolf at heart. J

PNR: You have written in the shapeshifter and vampire genres, which has been your favorite? Is there a genre you haven’t written but would like to try?

C.T. & Cathy: Oh, sure. We have LOTS of other story ideas coming up. I can’t think of any that we haven’t already tried. It’s just that they haven’t been published yet. But stay tuned, because we have other worlds coming. ;-)

PNR: Could you tell us about your current collaborative projects, what can readers expect to see in the coming months? Do you have any individual projects planned? A sneak peek perhaps?

C.T. & Cathy: In February of 2009, we’re going to release our first stand-alone, along with our brand new shiny PEN NAME! Yep, we’re officially announcing that C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp will be no more (except for the Sazi reality, because . . . well, we know how annoying it is to have the spines suddenly change!) We’re going to become . . . tah-dah-dah-dah:

Cat Adams

Nifty how it flows off the tongue, huh? Plus, the new books will be on the shelf right next to the old ones so you won’t have to remember a new last name.

The first book in the new name will be Magic’s Design. It’s a brand new world of mages and magic, also set in our own world. For you weird trivia buffs, it’s going to rely on the “Hollow Earth Theory.” If you’ve never heard of this very real belief, go look it up on your favorite search engine! J

You want a sample?  You’ve got it!  Try out part of Chapter 1 for size:


By: Cat Adams

                                                        Chapter 1

          Darkness and fear clawed at the back of Mila’s mind, so desperate and needy that she could barely think. It pressed in on her from some distant place, as it had so often in the past. Intense feelings made it worse—whether anger, fear or pain. Today it was worry. Her best friend Candy was sitting across the table from her, unknowingly deciding whether Mila was going to cut coupons and pay the mortgage this month, or whether she was going to be eating, but under a bridge.

          With a satisfied sigh, Candy removed the triplet jeweler’s loup from her eye. “Exquisite. Really, Mila. Every line is perfectly straight, the colors the exact jewel tones the client wants. This is museum quality. If the others are as good . . . and I know they will be, I’ll take them all.”

          All Mila could do was nod as Candy turned the second pysanka, with a simple “call of spring” design, over in her hands. She wanted to feel happy that her friend was impressed with the intricately dyed “Easter eggs.” After all, she’d spent most of her life studying the craft that had passed down in her family all the way back to pre-Christianity pagan times. But even through her pride, the darkness closed in tightly, worse today than in years. Every blink of her eyes made another world appear. Blink—the warm, varnished table became icy stone with sharp edges that she could swear were cutting into her palm. Blink—the bright sunlight outside the restaurant was transformed into darkness, eased only by tiny blue dots of light in the distance. Blink—the scent of fresh baked garlic bread and rich marinara sauce turned damp and musty. The back and forth between the sensations was making her queasy.

          “Okay, so how about two hundred? Will that work for you?” Slowly, Mila’s mind pulled out of the dark cavern—yes, it definitely felt like the caves she and Baba Nadia used to explore. With effort, she focused back in on where she was . . . turned away from the evil hiding somewhere in the darkness.

          But her heart fell as Candy’s words sunk home and the darkness came calling again, forcing her to dig her fingernails into her palms to keep it at bay. Only two hundred? Damn. She needed at least three to pay the bank. She’d hoped . . . after all, there were five eggs, and duck eggs to boot. No. She had to stand firm. Surely her best friend would understand. It would mean more scrambling tomorrow, but the eggs were worth twice that. She felt her mouth grimace and worked not to show her disappointment too strongly. “Oh. Um . . . y’know, Candy, I’m not really sure I can let them all go for that. I mean, the marriage fertility egg alone took me six hours to design and dye.”

          Candy’s face got an odd expression.  Then realization struck her and she threw back her head and laughed. Her perfect blonde mane of hair flowed and gleamed under the lamp.

          Mila felt a pang of envy.  Candy was her best friend in the world, truly.  But sometimes she couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous of the other woman’s stunning looks and size six figure.  Mila had always wanted to look like that.  Instead, she was petite and curvy, with a tendency to gain weight.  Her dark hair fell in unruly curls.  The one feature she really did like was her eyes.  They were wide and green, with naturally long black lashes.

          Candy shook her head. “Ohmygod, you silly goose! Of course they’re worth more than that. I mean two hundred each. And naturally, I have the cash with me, ‘cause I figured they’d be perfect. You always make perfect eggs.”

          It was all Mila could do to breathe. Two hundred each? A thousand dollars? She could not only pay the mortgage, but she wouldn’t have to worry about badgering Sela for rent until after she came back from spending the holidays with her family. She could even pick up enough groceries and cat food to last until payday. Woo!

          Another snort from across the table brought heat to her cheeks. “Geez, give me some credit. You thought I meant two hundred for all of them? I know how hard you work on them, Mila. I tried to get you three hundred each, but the client topped out at two. And they’re well worth it. He’ll be pleased.” With a flourish, Candy pulled a wallet embroidered with stylized dollar signs from her tooled leather purse and counted out the money from a stack of hundred dollar bills. “I suppose you’re going to do something horribly practical like pay bills with it. Or are you going to do what I think you should do and blow it all on yourself at the after-Christmas sales? You never seem to get around to buying anything nice for yourself.”

          Mila folded the cash and tucked it in the zippered compartment of her purse with a grin. “Trust me, Candy. Paying the mortgage to have a roof over my head, a warm furnace and a fridge full of food will be nice enough.”

          She blew out a little breath onto her nails, as though they were wet. “You don’t have a mortgage. It’s not like you’ll lose the house or anything if you miss a payment. Live a little . . . you get paid on the first.”

          She sighed. Candy never could understand the concept. “It is a mortgage—or it will be as soon as I have the deed. But since the loan paid for fixing the roof, upgrading the electrical and putting in a bathtub, I’ll keep calling it a mortgage.” But she couldn’t deny Candy had a point. She did tend to skimp on herself and her family when the house or car were concerned. “But if there’s enough left over, I might be able to spring for a few late gifts for Mom and Sarah. And I only sent Baba a card this year. It would be nice to give her something pretty. She likes warm fluffy scarve—”

          A flash of pain lanced through her forehead, tearing a gasp from her throat. Then, like an icy breeze through a doorway, she felt a chill settle over her, strong enough to make her shudder. But it was when the pins-and-needles sensation overtook her toes that she began to panic. Oh God, please not now! Not in the middle of a restaurant.

          She fought to stay calm. Panic would only make it happen faster. Moving her head slowly toward her friend she let the barest whisper ease gently from her throat. “Candy, my toes are going numb. We need to get out of here.”

          Candy’s hand flew to her open mouth to prevent an alarmed screech. She had practically been a family member, growing up next door to Mila. She’d seen a number of Mila’s episodes.

          “Crap! Okay, yeah. We need to get out of . . . but they haven’t even brought he food yet.” She blew out a frustrated breath and looked around the restaurant frantically, searching for their waiter as Mila slowly began to gather her purse and put on her coat. “Well, hell. Okay, I’ll just leave a fifty on the table. That should cover it. Maybe I can come back and get it and . . . no, that won’t work either. Oh, crap.”

          “Shhh,” Mila warned as another spasm pounded her temples. “Not so loud.” Like the barest beginnings of a migraine, she could feel the symptoms unfurling in her mind.  The slightest trigger would send her thrashing to the floor, screaming and uttering names and words that had no meaning. Anything could do it: a loud noise, a bright light, even touching something that was hot or cold. Going from a warm restaurant to the winter air outside was going to be tough.

          A few years ago Mila’s sister Sarah had filmed an episode on her cell phone after their mother dropped a soda and it exploded.  She’d wanted Mila to see why everyone had treated her with kid gloves her whole life. Her mother likened the episodes to epileptic seizures, but the doctors and neurologists had never been able to find a physical cause.

          Mila fought back tears.  She hadn’t had an episode in so very long. Maybe if she could ease through this, not make a scene, she might actually be able to keep her— Damn The car. She looked toward the window as she pushed back her chair and stood. “I drove.” She could see her pride and joy out on the snowy street through the glass. The little silver Corolla was used, with high miles and a flaky heater, but it was hers. And, with another storm threatening, she couldn’t afford to be late to work every day again by taking the bus.

          Candy reached out to touch her hand as tears threatened. She’d worked so very hard, waited so long. “Oh, sweetie . . . your license. And you just finally qualified. No, we won’t risk that. They don’t have to know. C’mon. We’ll hurry. I’ll drive you home and you can pick the car up tomorrow when you’re feeling bet—”

          But as the door to the restaurant opened, the bell she’d considered charming rang, seeming too loud to her ears. The sound ripped along sensitive nerves, and the icy air hit her like a club to the head. She felt herself falling . . . felt  Candy drop everything to reach for her.

          The world went black, darkness crushing her mind like an empty eggshell.  Another mind, with thoughts not her own, became her reality.


          Magic breathed through the air, so subtle that Talos had to close his eyes to see the flickering rune from behind darkened lids. Fire magic tickled along the birthmark on his wrist—the mark that branded him a mage. He held every muscle motionless behind the massive stalagmite, watching the escape unfold. He could tell his best friend Alexy struggled not to leap forward by the way he twitched under his cloak. But it would only be a few more minutes until Sela was in position, and then they could close in and make the capture.

          The obsidian wall of Rohm Prison rose to the highest reaches of the cavern, dwarfing the group of four criminals, huddled under the shimmering black silk capes that made them nearly invisible to the casual eye. The cool moist air began to smell of molten glass as they laid enchantments to cut through the thick volcanic stone. First fire enough to make the surface glow red, then icy water to crack it. The tree alone knew how long they’d been visiting this same spot, but it must have been some time, judging by how large a passage they’d carved.

          “Should we step in, Tal?” Alexy’s whisper was so faint that even next to his ear, Tal could barely hear. He frowned slightly. Sela should have contacted him by flaring his mark, but she hadn’t. Thus far, the Guilders hadn’t actually done anything wrong. If they stopped them now, the men could simply claim they were gathering glow moss or mushrooms to sell at market. The moss hung in thick strands from the craggy overhangs, where the obsidian stopped and the regular rhyolite began. Everybody knew the shelves near the waterfall in the distance held the best jack-o-lantern mushrooms for miles.

          Tal stared at the twinkling blue lights that faintly illuminated the darkness while he thought. Imported Australian cave worms seemed to thrive here. They’d infested a lone piñon tree jutting from the stone and decorated it with sticky phosphorescent saliva. How ironic that the King’s latest method to conserve magical energy was the source of light for a prison break.

          He shook his head and heard a frustrated half-snort from his friend, so he twisted his lips and spoke softly. “We have to catch them entering. They need to actually breach the wall or the Commander will have our skins for a coverlet.”

          Alexy shuddered.  He knew as well as Tal did that Commander Sommersby was fully capable of doing just that. Muttering a curse he whispered, “Well, for what it’s worth, I’m glad you followed your instinct, guv. We never would have spotted them if we’d been guarding Gate Six like we were ordered.”

          “Bloody hell! It’s about time.” The almost imperceptible whisper from the darkness caught their attention. Tal didn’t recognize the voice, but it didn’t matter. These three Guilders had done what all the supposed experts claimed was impossible—they’d broken into the highest security prison under the Earth.

          Why doesn’t anyone listen when we tell them there are problems? He tightened the leather strap on his battle glove, causing Alexy to follow suit. Whether or not Sela was ready, they had to act. The horrors the human world had been subjected to by the residents of Rohm in the past would not be repeated. Not while there was breath left in Tal’s body.

          “Halt—Overworld Police Agency. You’re surrounded. Remove your focuses and keep your hands where we can see them.” In a rush of movement, he stood and held his palm toward the trio, emerald focus stone at the ready. Alexy was moving into the darkness to flank the lawbreakers. The men turned to face him. They likewise raised battle gloves and Talos felt his eyes widen and heart pound as the faint light refracted into a thousand pieces on one man’s palm. A diamond nearly covered the man’s glove. Nobody he knew had ever managed to tame such a complex stone. But he couldn’t get a better look at the man or the glove before he raced into the breach in the prison wall.

          Tal only managed to fire one blast of magic before he was forced to dive face first to the cave’s floor. White light, bright enough to blind him, hit the spot where he’d stood. The heat from his opponent’s stone melted the stalagmite he and Alexy had been hiding behind.  Boiling black sludge rolled toward him. The edge of his cape caught on fire before he could see enough to put it out. The scent of molten rock, normally a comfort, was now his enemy.

          He heard a battle cry to his left and three heads turned as one to the sound. As usual, Alexy was diving into battle with all the caution of a rabid skunk. Thankfully, his skill matched his recklessness.   One criminal was already unconscious on the ground.

          Tal kept his body glued to the floor as his Lieutenant’s hand raised. The entire prison rumbled as formidable earth magic erupted from Alexy’s ruby focus to throw the other Guilders off balance.

          “Damn, damn, damn,” he muttered as bouncing bits of black glass and stalactites rained down on his head from Alexy’s attack. Not even his best shielding could keep all of the rocks from bouncing off his skull and scratching his arms. Well, if that didn’t bring the guards inside out to help them, nothing would.


Hope you like it! It’s going to be an awesome new story!

PNR: Thank you, C.T. & Cathy, for taking time out to talk to us. Where can readers find out what’s new and how can they contact you?

C.T. & Cathy: We’re just about to launch a brand new website. We’ll have the same old address, but right now you won’t find anything new. We’re planning to launch early in September and will also be securing a new domain name for the new pen name.

The website is: and our email is at:

Oh, and we’re going to be on the Meijer READ THIS! Book tour in late September for all you Michigan fans. We’ll be visiting Detroit, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and several other cities over the course of a four days, so check out your local Meijer store for details! J

Thanks for having us.

Cathy & Cie

C.T. Adams
Cathy Clamp


Cie's MySpace 

Cathy's MySpace

Cie's Blog

Cathy's Blog

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Tor Books
March 4, 2008
ISBN #0765356651
EAN #9780765356659
320 pages

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 6

Josette Monier is a legend among the Sazi.

One of the most powerful, beautiful, and oldest Sazi in existence, she lives in self-imposed exile. Her gift of sight is so strong that to be around other living creatures is to be in pain.

What Josette has experienced lies beyond the scope of the Sazi, for her mate is in love with someone else. But when her gift of sight reveals trouble for her community, she knows that she has no choice. She must set aside her personal pain and save her people. And perhaps save herself and find love again.


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Tor Books
October 2, 2007
ISBN #0765356643
EAN #9780765356642
384 pages

Cara Salinas has been leading the small Mexican red wolf pack in Tedford County, Texas, since she was thirteen.

Adam Mueller, formerly a beat cop from the toughest part of Minneapolis and now the new county sheriff, must find a way to integrate his exiled Minnesotan wolves with Cara's red wolves.

Cara and Adam clash in the way only fated mates ever do--and both refuse to accept their destiny. But when a pack of vicious Sazi raptors start to feed on the wolf-children of both packs, Cara and Adam must learn to respect each other, and embrace their future together to save the future of the Texan wolves.

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 5


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Tor Books
January 1, 2007
ISBN #0765354020
EAN #9780765354020
384 pages


He's a wolf… She's a jaguar…

Raphael is a former agent of the shape shifter secret police, forced into retirement after a very public scandal. Now he's assigned to help the victim of a hideous crime -- a woman who has been attacked by a serial killer, and accidentally turned into a were-jaguar.

Worse yet, Catherine turns out to be Raphael's fated mate. But the serial killer is still on her trail, and perhaps even worse, Raphael's pack wants her dead.

Caught between destiny and duty…

Raphael must make his choice -- and, in doing so, perhaps lose his pack -- in this tale of obsession, revenge, lust, pack politics, and true love. 

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 4


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Tor Books
August 1, 2006
ISBN #0765354012
EAN #9780765354013
384 pages

World-class entertainer and Sazi councilman Antoine Monier has taken his big cats all over the world without any trouble--until his latest trip to Stuttgart, Germany, where one of his tigers is stolen and killed. To Antoine's surprise, the German police have another tiger in custody--a tiger who is actually a lovely Turkish-American woman, Tahira Kuric. Like Antoine, Tahira is a shapeshifter, but of the Hayalet Kabile, the ghost tribe of shapeshifters. And despite their immediate attraction, Tahira wants nothing to do with Antoine--the Sazi are the enemy of the Hayalet.

But Tahira doesn't have a choice, because she and Antoine have discovered that she is a fabled "power well," able to store magical energy from other shapeshifters--and something is hunting her, eager to use her powers for itself.

Only if they can set aside their peoples' ancient rivalry and rely completely on each other--body and soul--can Tahira and Antoine save themselves and their people.

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 3


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Tor Books
August 2, 2005
ISBN #0765349140
EAN #9780765349149
352 pages

Tony Giodone made his living as an assassin--until one of his marks ripped his throat out and turned him into a werewolf. Now he's the best hired killer there is.

When a curvy woman in an expensive suit tries to hire him to kill her, his wolf senses insist that she is his mate. One kidnapping, a plethora of gunfights, a psychic coma, and two faked deaths later, Tony and Sue have new identities and are hiding in a community of Sazi shapeshifters. All seems well, until Sue begins to pull away from Tony and he realizes that if he can't be more open with her, he's going to lose her.

To add to his problems, Tony is getting flashes of other peoples' lives. He doesn't know if they're memories or fantasies--but he wants it to stop, because he's learning things he shouldn't about his friends and neighbors.

What's more dangerous than a psychic-powered werewolf assassin? Whatever it is, it's kidnapping and killing female Sazi . . . after it sucks out their powers. Its latest captive is the girlfriend of Carmine, the Mafia don who used to be Tony's boss. To get her back, Carmine will make war on all the Sazi--and while the Sazi would win, they can't afford to be exposed to humans. 

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 2


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Tor Books
November 30, 2004
ISBN #0765349132
EAN #9780765349132
336 pages

Hero only option is death.

Sue Quentin has reached the end of her rope-she's desperate, and there's only one way out. Her plan doesn't include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires. He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren't entirely insurmountable. He even thinks her little potbelly is sexy. So he's a werewolf--everyone has flaws!

Sue enjoys being coddled by Tony, and, for his part, Tony likes the way Sue moans when he touches her. She begins to think she and Tony might have a shot at a future together, despite his unorthodox profession . . . and even though she doesn't know his real name.

But when Tony's enemies-not all of whom are fully human-decide Sue makes a perfect target, will Tony risk letting his darker side out during the day to save her? 

A Tale of the Sazi: Book 1

Featured in this issue:
~Shapeshifter Romance
~Immortals Contest
Interviews with:
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Selena Blake
Kendra Leigh Castle
Virginia Kantra
Noelle Mack
Terry Spear
Hot Spot
Jacquelyn Frank
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