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Celebrate Romance 2002

Photos of the Party in Las Vegas
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The tortured and/or alpha hero
What makes a tortured hero a sympathetic character, and
when does it become overblown? What makes an alpha hero
likeable and when does it step over the line of acceptable?

Authors: Allie Shaw , Katherine Garbera,
Leah Vale, Susan Grant, and Sue Charnley
Authors: Top Left - Christine Feehan, Top Right - Stephanie Burke

(Reader to the right of Christine is Beatrice Downs.)
Below - Author: J. C. Wilder

What makes for a desert isle keeper/comfort read?
Almost the reverse of "taboos" -- the elements that work so
well that readers reread books or rave about them to others

Glynnis Campbell, Lauren Royal, and Jacqueline Hamilton (J. M Jeffries)
Authors: Left - Bonnie Tucker, Right - Lisa Cach, and Brenda Hiatt
Authors: Left - Kathy Carmichael and Kathleen Nance, Right - Nancy Lynn
Hot buttons -- taboos in romance:
What real life elements or situations are not acceptable in
a romance novel? What has readers running the other way?
Authors: Left - Michele Bardsley and Nicole Burnham,
Right - Jo Beverley and Janelle Denison
Authors: Left - Lori and Tony Karayianni (Tori Carrington)
and Ruth Wind (Barbara Samuels), Right - Jane Porter
Wrap Up

Editor/Reviewers Janice Bennet, Leslie Tramposch, with
author Lisa Cach, and Kathy Boswell pose for last picture.

Paranormal critters have a tendency to follow me home from conferences!
In Orlando it was a shapeshifting jaguar from the Rain Forest Cafe.
In Las Vegas, Fergusson the Virtuous DragonFairy found his way into
my luggage. Legend has it that "Gus casts spells...enchanting special
people to learn the great value of friendliness". He just seemed
appropriate for a PNR reader at a meeting of on-line friends.

Last meal before heading to the airport.
Until next year, Romance Lovers - Rock on!

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