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Celebrate Romance 2002

Photos of the Party in Las Vegas

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Friday - Lunch at P. F. Changs

Michelle Gomez, Linda Hurst, Linda Rose and Falcon enjoy some conversation.
Readers' Skit - Not Ready For Sound Players

Reader Lisa Baca introduces: "Romance Through the Ages"
(A.K.A. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)
Thoughts presented below are paraphrased, but you get the gist.

Her Thoughts: "First he has the nerve to abduct me,
then he has the stupidity to get us lost.
Just look at that smug expression. He's going the wrong way.
Should I tell him? Not on your life!"

She's Thinking: " I can't believe my father is making
me marry a total stranger. Woe is me".
A Little Later: "Hmm, he is rather cute. Look at those eyes. Aw."
Much Later: "Oh yes, I think I could learn to love him"

He's Thinking: "I hope this is over quickly. I want to check out her land."
A Little later: "Is he finished yet? I really want to check out her horses"
Much Later: "Will this wedding never end?
I have places to go and things to see. Aaargh"

Communication problems

They speak the same language and he still needs a translator.
She says one thing and he hears something entirely different.
She: "Oh, and the cape I want to buy for the dinner is lined
with lamb's wool. What do you think. dear?"
He: "Lamb for dinner, you say? Good idea. I'm famished."
He can't even blame it on cell phone static. Go figure.

She says: "A waltz with you? I'd be delighted"
She's Thinking:" A waltz with him? I suppose it really would
be too impolite to reject the clumsy clod. Feet, forgive me."
Later - She says: "Oh really, you'd like another dance? How divine.
She's Thinking: "Oh lord, kill me now. Whatever did I do to deserve this?
Perhaps if I faint dead away, he'll take the hint."

Applause from readers Linda Rose, Linda Hurst, and Lisa Baca
Authors' Skit - Why C/Kath's Have More Fun

" I get a feeling from the back of the room"
Audience participation requested.
Bates to Boswell - Name that C/Kathy!

Katherine Garbera, Kathy Carmichael, and Kathleen Nance
Saturday - Dinner Theatre

King Arthur's Tournament at Excalibur

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