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Celebrate Romance 2001

Photos of the Party in Atlanta

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" Push/Pull of wanting something different in plots, yet not always finding it easy to support."
"The current trend toward hotter romances - are they hot enough or not even warm?"
"More and more books being written in series - like or dislike?"

Lori Karianyani, Rita Herron, Tony Kairanyani, Terri Brisbin, and Sandra Chastain

Patricia Rice, Susan Lantz, Mary Lou Frank

Stephanie Bond, Susan Stevenson, Linda Kay

Julie Elizabeth Leto, Stephanie Burke

Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder
The Paranormal Discussion Group

Terry Brisbin, Ann Lawrence, J.C. Wilder, and Rosemary Laurey

Left: Christine Feehan - Right: Rosemary Laurey

Patricia Rice, Mary Lou Frank, Susan Stevenson
Left: Stephanie Burke - Center: Hannah Rowan - Right: Patricia Rice, Mary Lou Frank

Terri Brisbin and Ann Lawrence
Paranormal Romance Group Breakfast

Vampire writer Rosemary Laurey, PNR Managing Editor - Leslie Tramposch,
Time Travel writer Linda Kay, and Paraphernalia Feature Columnist
and para-author - Barbara Sheridan

Front: Barbara Sheridan, Rosemary Laurey, Michelle Gomez, Linda Kay
Back: Terri Brisbin, Ann Lawrence, and PNR Business Manger - Sara Reyes

Mary Lou Frank and Susan Stevenson (aka Elizabeth Keys)

Rosemary Laurey, J.C. Wilder, Linda Kay, Barbara Sheridan

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