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Celebrate Romance 2000

Photos of the Party in Seattle

photos courtesy of Writerspace and romance author Susan Grant

CR2000 Guest Authors with Conference Manager Margie Wilhelm (far right)

Lisa Hendrix, Pam Binder, CJ Wyckoff

Patti Berg, Linda Needham, Karen Harbaugh, and Adrienne Lee

Susan Grant, Christine Feehan, Jayne Ann Krentz,
Darcy Carson, and Lori Foster

Marthe Arends, Michelle Jerott, Jo Beverley,
Joan Overfield, and Kay Morrison

Good Friends!

Good Food!

Fine Port! (a Malloren Favorite)


Great Books!

Seattle Party courtesy of

HeartBeat's Sara Reyes sets up two live chat sites.

JAK "talks" to the readers at home

Writerspace's Cissy Hartley gets a surprise.

We're proud of you Cissy.

Two million hits for Writerspace!

Something special for the folks at home.

Cissy and the gang say hi to all the readers from Seattle Party!
Cissy, Marissa, Sara, Ann, Evan, Jayne, Stella, Helena, and Jaycee

Special Greetings to the Paranromal Romance Listers

PNR Listers; Sara Reyes, Lisa Bacca,
Susan Caraballo and Susan Grant

Sara Reyes and Susan Grant

Christine Feehan and Susan Grant

Susan Caraballo and Susan Grant

Sara Reyes and Christine Feehan

Signing postcards for the readers at home:
Chris, Susan, and Sara

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