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July 2000 Issue

Special Feature!!!

Celebrate Romance 2000

The Party in Seattle

The third annual gathering of Celebrate Romance! was held May 5-7, 2000 at the Embassy Suites in Seattle, Washington. Celebrate Romance is a unique gathering of romance readers who share their love of the genre on-line through various web sites, bulletin boards and e-mail discussion lists. They get together to meet their cyber-friends in person and discuss their favorite thing: ROMANCE NOVELS.

Paranormal romance listers were there in fine form. Several members including: Susan Grant, Karen Harbaugh, the inestimable Christine Feehan, along with Lisa Baca, Jaycee, Susan Caraballo, Janice Bennett and Sara Reyes found time to chat one-on-one and in groups. Paranormal romance is not DEAD!

Beginning with the Friday evening reception, PNRers got to see each other for the first time, well, the first time in the flesh so to speak. Christine Feehan is a hoot. Her sense of humor and imagination is very evident. We also got to meet one of her close friends, Kathi Firzlaff, who strongly encourages Christine to write those fabulous Carpathian stories and accompanies Christine on road trips. The thought that there are over 100 unpublished manuscripts in the Feehan household just boggles the mind!

Susan Grant was charming and funny. She took time to take the photos and to make sure that there were several group photos completed. Karen Harbaugh intrigued us with several ideas for plots and books that she is trying to get accepted. They will be wonderful stories with great paranormal elements.

Saturday was spent listening to author and reader presentations and then the group broke into small groups while the authors traveled from room to room and spoke on topics: what makes a hero, value of reviews, plots we hate, characters we love. It was a great opportunity to speak directly to the authors as well as having the authors talk directly to their readers!

The culmination of the afternoon was the book swap and the Writerspace reception.

What happens when you mix a crowd of voracious romance readers and popular authors (most of whom have only "met" online) together with a little food and computers with live access to the Internet? You not only get a roomful of near-strangers acting like old friends, but also a international party! One where the larger community on the internet can interact and observe an event from any place in the world.

That is what happened on Saturday, May 6th at the Writerspace Reception to celebrate 2 million page hits! Sponsored by Jayne Ann Krentz, Stella Cameron and Writerspace, the room was abuzz with the excitement that readers contribute! Especially when it combined with surprise visits from authors Elizabeth Lowell, Evan Maxwell, Susan Andersen, and Harlequin Senior Editor Marsha Zinberg, as well as the Celebrate Romance! 2000 guests including: Marthe Arends, Patti Berg, Jo Beverley, Pam Binder, Stella Cameron, Darcy Carson, Christine Feehan, Lori Foster, Susan Grant, Karen Harbaugh, Lisa Hendrix, Stef Ann Holm, Michelle Jerott, Jayne Ann Krentz, Adrianne Lee, Kay Morrison, Linda Needham, Joan Overfield, and C.J. Wyckoff and many other readers from the US and Europe.

The live chat was hosted at in a special chatroom while two live cams fed video shots of the party room. Party attendees dropped into the chatroom to say hi and to talk about the Seattle party.

Writerspace's beloved web goddess, Cissy Hartley was surprised with a delicious cake and a specially designed tee shirt to commemorate the occasion, which is indeed something to celebrate! Only in operation since October 1998, has racked up over 2 million page hits in well under 2 years. Not only the home to best selling authors: Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick, Elizabeth Lowell, Diana Palmer, Elaine Coffman, Jill Barnett, Stella Cameron, Geralyn Dawson, Katherine Garbera, Rachel Gibson, Kristin Hannah, Madeline Hunter, Suzann Ledbetter, Linda Hope Lee, Eileen Putman, M. Louise Quezada, Charlotte Raby, Deborah Smith, Peggy Waide, and Susan Wiggs, Writerspace also hosts: Toni Blake, Lillian Stewart Carl, Kathy Lynn Emerson, Sally Tyler Hayes, Curtiss Ann Matlock, Karen McCullough, Maureen McKade, and Deborah Simmons.

The reader community at Writerspace includes active bulletin boards, trading boards, book auctions, events calendar, e-cards of favorite book covers, games and chat rooms along with the lively HeartBeat book discussion column. The chat with live feed was one of the many innovations that Writerspace has brought to romance readers.

Finale Sunday morning brought some bright eyed if not exactly bushy tailed attendees to a brunch, author talks, book sale, author signings and door prizes. Thanks to all at Paranormal romance list who contributed! The HUGE box was eyed with longing and jealousy! Hopefully more PNRers can attend next year's celebration. But if not, we can always see you on the net!

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