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by Barbara Sheridan
& Dee Gentle
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

Index of Past Issues

Paraphernalia 2008

Knights to Remember
I Dream of Genies

P.E.A.R.L. 2007!
Spotlight on Magical
Themed Romance

Kimberly Adkins
Kathryne Kennedy,
Ann Macela,
Kathleen Nance,
Special Feature:
Tribute to Dawn Thompson

P.E.A.R.L. Awards 2007!
Really Bad Boys

Spotlight on the Bad Boys
of Paranormal Romance
Elizabeth Amber, Melissa Lopez,
Stella & Audra Price, Gena Showalter,
J.R. Ward
Publisher Spotlight:
Lyrical Press

Faerie Tales
Spotlight on theFae & Elven
Paranormal Romance
Aithne Jarrretta, Tambra Kandall.
Amy Lane. Melissa Marr, Keira Ramsay
Jacquie Rogers, Esri Rose, Nita Wick
Jessica Andersen, Jes Battis
A.W. Gryphon, Karen Kelley
Special Features:
Publisher Spotlight: Total-e-bound
Inner Beasts
Spotlight on Shapeshifter Romance
C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp,
Selena Blake, Kendra Leigh Castle,
Virginia Kantra, Noelle Mack, Terry Spear

Jacqueline Frank
Special Features:
Immortals Contest
Website Spotlight: Fangs, Fur & Fey

Paraphernalia 2007

PNR Attractions 2007

Spotlight on Upcoming
Paranormal Releases
Racy Li, Jenna McKnight,
Nalini Singh, Shiloh Walker

Atlantis Rises...

Spotlight on Mythology
Themed Romance
P.C. Cast, Alyssa Day,
Kelley Heckart
Jade Lee,
Catherine Spangler, Regan Taylor

Women of Fantasy

P.E.A.R.L. 2006!
Men in Kilts

Spotlight on Scottish and Irish Romance

No Time Like The Present

Spotlight on Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Special Features:
Fanged Fantasies: Part 1

Spotlight on Vampire Romance

Fanged Fantasies: Part 2

Spotlight on Vampire Romance

Tales From The Sea

Spotlight on Mer & Selkie Romance

Special Features:
Hot As Hades
Spotlight on Erotic Paranormal Romance
If There Be Dragons

Spotlight on Dragon Themed Romance

Publisher Spotlight:

Paraphernalia 2006

PNR Attractions 2006
Spotlight on Upcoming
Paranormal Releases

Gena Showalter
, J.R. Ward
6th Anniversary Issue

P.E.A.R.L. 2005!
Featuring: Top Nominees for 2005
in the ten P.E.A.R.L. categories!
and The Best of the Best
for 2005
- Winners chosen by the paranormalromance listers!
Mystery in Moonlight

Spotlight on Gothic and Historical Paranormal Releases:

Donna Grant, Joy Nash,
Dawn Thompson, Ronda Thompson
Dark and Dangerous

Spotlight on Dark Paranormal Romance

Kelley Armstrong
, Keri Arthur,
Charlotte Boyett-Compo,
Lynne Connolly, D.N. Simmons

Publisher Spotlight
Spotlight on Kensington's new
Aprhodisia Line
Audrey LaFehr, editorial director,
Vivi Anna, Kate Douglas
Hauntingly Romantic
Spotlight on Ghost/Specter
Themed Romance
Sizzling Summer
Spotlight on Great Summer Reads
Featuring: Brandi Broughton,
Kathleen Dante
, Vivienne King,
Diane Whiteside, Cora Zane
Publisher Spotlights:
Berkley Heat and
Deanna Lee - Cobblestone Press
Aliens Among Us
Spotlight on Alien Romance
Featuring: Susan Grant,
Susan Kearney, Angela Knight,
Patricia Waddell

Publisher Spotlight:
Teresa Jacobs
Mardi Gras Publishing
I Need My "Space"
Spotlight on Futuristic/
Science Fiction Romance
Featuring: Rowena Cherry,
Colby Hodge
, Patti O'Shea,
Michelle M. Pillow
, Linnea Sinclair,
Angela Verdenius
, Saje Williams
Publisher Spotlight:
H.S. Kinn
- Aphrodite's Apples
Witchy Women
Spotlight on Witch Romances
 Yasmine Galenorn,
Publisher Spotlight:
Tara Gavin - Silhouette Nocturne
Spook-Tacular Romance
'Tis the Season
Spotlight on Holiday Themed Romance
It's About Time

Paraphernalia 2005

We're Back!

Meet New Feature Columnist:
Dee Gentle
5th Anniversary Issue
The PE.A.R.L. Finalists!
Featuring: Top Nominees for 2004
in the ten P.E.A.R.L. categories!

P.E.A.R.L. 2004!
Featuring: The Best of the Best
for 2004
-- Winners chosen by the paranormalromance listers!

Spotlight on Luna Books

Featuring: Christie Golden

Spotlight on Tor Books

Love at First Bite
Great Summer Reads
Mind Over Matter
Featuring: Marjorie M. Liu
Young at Heart
Howl at the Moon

Featuring: Lorie O'Clare,
J. J. Massa

Special Feature:
PNR recognizes the
Career Achievements of
Jayne Ann Krentz

There's Magic in the Air
'Tis the Season
A Spotlight on Holiday Romance

Paraphernalia 2004

The PE.A.R.L. Finalists!
Featuring: Top Nominees for 2003 in the ten P.E.A.R.L. categories!
NEW Category --Erotic Paranormal.
4th Anniversary Issue

P.E.A.R.L. 2003!
Featuring: The Best of the Best
for 2003
-- Winners chosen by the paranormalromance listers!

Paraphernalia 2003

The PE.A.R.L. Finalists!
Featuring: Top Nominees for 2002 in the ten P.E.A.R.L. categories!
NEW Category --Erotic Paranormal.
3rd Anniversary Issue

P.E.A.R.L. 2002!
Featuring: The Best of the Best
for 2002
-- Winners chosen by the paranormalromance listers!
When Worlds Collide!
Part I

Featuring: Tina Ancinec,
Susan Grant, Patti O'Shea,
and Patricia Waddell

When Worlds Collide!
Part II

Making Romance Magic!

Paraphernalia 2002

Short but Sweet - Paranormal Novellas!
FEATURING: Anthologies
2nd Anniversary Issue

Pearl 2001!
Featuring: The Nominees
and The Winners!
Team Canada - A Spotlight on LTDBooks!
Love by the Light of the Moon!

They're Back ! New works by Amanda Ashley, and Maggie Shayne
Updates on
Christine Feehan

and Rosemary Laurey
Romance Interviews with:

Angelique Armae
, Keri Arthur,
Jennifer Dunne
, Charlaine Harris,
Katriena Knights
, Jaye Roycraft,
and Susan Squires

Featured Website:
The Vampire Vixens

PNR Poll: We Want More...
Vampire Romance!

Special Feature!!!
CR 2002 
The Party in Las Vegas
The Hot and the Humorous!
Featuring: Nina Bangs, Katherine Deauxville and Sandra Hill
New! Local Coverage: Wisconsin RWA Convention
PNR Poll: We Want More...
Hot and Humorous Romance!
Featured Website:
Goth Rom
Fated to Mate - A Date with Destiny!
Featuring: Carla Cook,
Ann Lawrence, Catherine Snodgrass,
and Deb Stover
Special Feature:
PNR recognizes the
Career Achievements of Nora Roberts
Making Our Fanatasies a Magical Reality!
Special Feature PNR goes to RT!
Featuring: Scenes from
the RT 2002 Convention
in Reno, Nevada
A Salute to Series and Short Stories!
Featuring: A look at some of 2002's Category and Short Story
Paranormal Romances
A Romance for all TIMEs!

Paraphernalia 2001

By Candleglow --- The Heralded Return of
Gothic Romance!
Featuring: Evelyn Rogers and Colleen Shannon
PNR Poll: We Want More...
Gothic Romances!

1st Anniversary Issue
Collaborations --When two heads are even better
than one!

P.E.A.R.L. 2000

FEATURING: J.M Jeffries,
Christine Holden
and Elizabeth Keys
Special Interview
Barbara Sheridan:
One Year Later

Para Books make Media News
PNR Poll: We Want More
Witch.....It's all in the SPELLing?
FEATURING: Carol Lynn Stewart,
Karen McCullough
, and Maggie Shayne

PNR Poll: We Want More...Witches!
Romance...With a Little MYTH-Story!
FEATURING: Roberta Gellis and Elizabeth Rose
Julie Kenner
and Kathleen Nance
PNR POLL: We Want More.... Mythological Romances!
TOP Paranormal Romance Authors Define
COVER POLL: How do romance covers influence purchasing?
PNR POLL: We Want More............ Romance Conferences!
Celebrate Romance 2001 and
2001 Wisconsin RWA Convention
A Fine TIME ..... for Romance!
FEATURING: Nina Bangs,
Melanie Jackson
, Linda Kay,
and Marianne Petit
General Cover Poll Results

THINK PINK - Spangler Cover Poll Results
We Want More............Time Travel Romance!
Every Romance Reader's Fantasy!
Holly Fuhrmann
, Tanya Huff,
Sharon Shinn
, and
Lois McMaster Bujold
LISTER'S POLL: We Want More............Fantasy Romance!
A Tribute to those who lost their lives
in the attack on the U.S.
A timely quote from a great
American pacifist,
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Out of This World Romance!
Featuring: Catherine Asaro,
Judy Gill
, Susan Grant,
Robin D. Owens
Catherine Spangler

LISTER'S POLL : We Want More............Interstellar Romance!
Paranormal Romance visits Orlando!
Featuring: Scenes from the
RT Convention
in Florida

Paraphernalia 2000


Debut Issue
Welcome to Paraphernalia!!!

P.E.A.RL. 1999

Featuring: Barbara Sheridan
and a special interview with
"Lady McKenna"

Photos from CR1999
The Return of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous!
Interviews featuring Dorchester editor Christopher Keeslar
and Love Spell author
Christine Feehan
Virtually Cover to Cover!
Interviews featuring authors
Ann Lawrence and Tracy Fobes,
cover model John DeSalvo,
and theCoverStory:
Tea, Crumpets, and......Paranormal?
Featuring: Karen Harbaugh,
Jo Beverley
, Sandra Heath,
and Rosemary Stevens
with contributions from the
Regency list
Holy Thor,
Vikings and More!
Featuring: Sandra Hill
and Judy Di Canio
Romance News with
Berkley Editor Judy Palais
Photos from CR2000
Romance on the Wild Side.........Imajinn That!
Featuring: Susan Krinard
and Shauna Michaels
Romance News with Imajinn Publisher Linda Kichline
Are You an AVID Reader?
Featuring: Linda Colwell and Rosemary Laurey
Romance News with
Avid Publisher
Colleen Schulte

Photos from RWA D.C.
TIME.........For a Good Romance!
Featuring: Karen White,
Terri Brisbin
, and
Deb Stover
Isn't She Enchanting; or shall we say...Enchanted?
Featuring: Julie Kenner, Lisa Cach, and Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Romance News with
Dreams Unlimited Publisher
Silke Juppenlatz

NEW! PNR Poll: We Want More............VAMPIRES!
Dial "O" for Other-worldly Assistance!
Featuring: Holly Fuhrmann,
Kathleen Nance
, and Lynn Bailey
PNR Poll: We Want More............SECONDARY CHARACTERS!
Romance News: Introducing
Photos from RT Houston
Soar into the Future...
...Flying high with Sci-Fi
Featuring: Catherine Spangler,
and Susan Grant

PNR Poll: We Want More...........TALES FROM BEYOND!
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