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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

August 2000

Are You an AVID Reader?

Featuring: Linda Colwell and Rosemary Laurey;
Romance News with Avid Publisher Colleen Gleason Schulte

Special Feature! RWA Literacy Signing
Photos from D.C.

Are you an Avid reader? If you are then Avid books may just be for you.

Avid books are published in a variety of formats, guaranteed to suit your not only your love for Paranormal romance but also your budget and storage capacity. Readers can choose between print, disc, or rocket reader e-book formats.

You say you want to hear more? Meet Avid Publisher Colleen Schulte in an interview by Barbara Sheridan.

Speaking of reading, are you in mood for a time travel with an unusual twist? Join Linda Colwell and heroine Emily Foster WHEN THE LILACS BLOOM, as she struggles to rewrite history for a pair of star-crossed lovers against the evil that will stop at nothing to prevent it.

Dixie LePage got more than she bargained for when she inherited that house in England. Take a WALK IN MOONLIGHT with Rosemary Laurey as Dixie faces a corrupt coven of witches and a trio of formerly famous vampires. Can her heart discern the difference between good and evil, in spite of appearances?

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