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by Barbara Sheridan
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April 2003 Issue

When Worlds Collide!
Part II

Featuring: C. J. Barry, Jeanine Berry, Catherine Spangler,
Stobie Piel, and Angela Verdenius

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"Do I dare disturb the universe?" ~ T. S. Eliot

Tess MacKenzie thought that being held up at gunpoint at three in the morning was the worst thing that could happen to her. But that was before her would be rescuer made her the latest victim of an alien abduction! He had expected her to believe that he had followed her voice across the galaxy that she was the only one who could recover a coveted amulet and save his father's life. He thought it would be simple, but he hadn't counted on Tess refusing. Would she have a change of heart? Whisked away to a world she hadn't known existed, she learns more about Cohl Travers than he knows about himself. Though he would never admit it, the sexy adventurer was born to lead his people. But could she give up her own dreams to make his come true? Discover the answer in UNEARTHED, the first book in a brand new space adventure series by C. J. Barry.

Elinna Serru had always known what she wanted to with her life, but that was before she discovered that the gods she revered and studied under had feet of clay. Now they were leaving her world and people behind to face certain calamity in a decade's time. The S'hazons had taken most of the psiborn adepts of her world with them to begin again in another dimension. Elinna had chosen to stay behind, and in her singular focus on saving her world, had allowed all of her special relationships to fall by the wayside. Now five years later, and no closer to saving Gaea, she was having regrets. Famine, disease, and war had returned to her island continent. Many had returned to worshiping the old Sky Gods, and when her old rival, Jaspat returns seeking her aid in bringing the adepts home, she realizes that she needs all the help she can get. Is it too late to reclaim the love she had forsaken? Had she learned the lesson in time to save her world? Enjoy DAYSPRING DESTINY, part two of Elinna's story, by Jeanine Berry.

Former Smuggler Celie Cameron had joined the Shielder exodus to another system, where equality reigned. But she could not run away from the past that haunted her. Now a legitimate trader, she found life in the new quadrant dull. The peaceful existance gave her too much time to think. She was terribly lonely now that her sister Moriah had found her true love, and Celie knew that no matter how much she wanted it, she would never know such happiness. But when she made a routine delivery to Joba in the ninth sector, everything changed. Conditions on the planet were deplorable. Something was very wrong here. Her client Max agreed, and when they attempted to transfer the humanitarian supplies he'd ordered, an attempt was made on their lives. Escape aboard his ship was their only option. But Max was injured in the attack, leaving Celie with way to much time alone with Max's look-alike android, Rurick. Why did she find the machine so much more appealing than the man? Find out in SHADOW CROSSING by Catherine Spangler.

An impromptu graduation celebration in the Border Territory ends badly. Ariana of Valenwood and her friends have been kidnapped. and soon find themselves on a barren Dark Sun world far outside the Intersystem territories. When they are forced down a dark tube into a cave, they are confronted by barbarians. A quick assessment of the situation tells Ariana that these men are slaves to the Automon, bred for the sole purpose of mining malloreum crystals to fuel the Dark Sun ships. The women are to become the latest batch of breeders. Though almost paralyzed with fear, Ariana steps between the men and the other women. Recognizing her as the alpa female, the barbarian leader stakes his claim on her. Ariana is determined to fight him, but she has captured the attention another, slightly younger, man. Having assessed her, he challenges the leader for the the right to claim her. In him she sees something different. Though his language consists of nothing more than grunts and gestures, she detects intelligence and a gentle spirit. In him she recognizes a prince beneath the barbarian. When brains prevail over brawn, she becomes his, to have and to hold. In his arms brings out the barbarian inside the princess. But life is short on this dismal world. She recognizes that the Automon have developed a cruel means of preventing rebellion. If their budding love is to survive, they must escape this world. But should they succeed, would their relationship survive in the light of day, or would their differences tear them apart? Enjoy LORD OF THE DARK SUN, the latest in a futuristic series by Stobie Piel.

The two young Daamen traders strolling the marketplace looked with disdain upon the slaver's stall, but were carried away with the crowd entralled by his latest offering. The men were stunned by what they saw - A Reeka warrior! The women had been declared outlaws, charged with murdering their men. They had been hunted and were now thought to be extinct. One look at the proud and frightened face of the young captive starts Darvk's heart beating in a way he had not known it could. Thinking to save her from a life of rape and abuse, he becomes the unlikely owner of the wildest woman he's ever known. Unfortunately, it would not be easy to convince Tenia that his motives for claiming her were pure. She had learned not to trust men, and plannet to escape at the first opportunity, or die trying. Darvk is not about to let her go. He has no taste for slavery, but when Shari, the leader of the Inka Empire, shows an unusual interest in taking Tenia off his hands, he realizes that she would never be safe on her own. Tenia insisted that the Reekas were innocent of the crimes with which they'd been charged, and Darvk's intuition told him she was telling the truth. Darvk proves to be a rare man of honor and Tenia's stubborn heart eventually allows him inside. But her loyaties are divided and her first one must be to her sisters. Though he has promised to fight by her side, she cannot bear the thought of him hurt. She was determined to go it alone, but she had met her match in Darvk. Who would prevail? Take a look inside THE HEART OF AN OUTLAW by Angela Verdenius to find the answer.

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