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 by Barbara Sheridan
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April 2002 Issue

Love by the Light of the Moon!

They're Back ! New works by Amanda Ashley, and Maggie Shayne
Updates on Christine Feehan and Rosemary Laurey
Romance Interviews with:
Angelique Armae, Keri Arthur, Jennifer Dunne,
Charlaine Harris, Katriena Knights, Jaye Roycraft, and Susan Squires

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What makes vampires such perfect heroes? Why they're "dead sexy", of course! With whom else can you find a such a perfect combination of strength, power, and vulnerability. Oh yes, they are compelling creatures.

And we as readers are lucky to be blessed with the variety of vampire romances currently available. Eleven fine paranormalromance authors offer us incredible possibilities, with offerings that transend reality and aptly provide the simple solution to all of the world's ills, LOVE.

Welcome to an all new world of vampyres, demons, and fallen angels, in COME THE NIGHT, the first in a series by Angelique Armae. Lazarus Conlon's mother had saved her son Lazarus, son of a mortal and a fallen angel, from a terrible fate when, as an infant, she'd asked her father to convert the child to vampyre. But had she truly saved him? Another child of angel blood had not been so lucky, and threatens the fate of Lazarus and the vampyre clan of which he is now the patriarch. Lazarus' wife and only love, Neomina Delacroix, appointed heiress of the Tracker Council and the keeper of the Amulet of Christ and the St. John Stake, a woman born to hunt his breed, has sealed her allegiance to her own people in blood. But destiny has decreed that she is the only hope for the survival of her husband and his clan against the evil that stalks them. Which will she choose, duty or love?

The Damask Circle formed over a hundred years ago with Seline, a witch and Michael, a vampire. They are to protect humans from the outlaws in the supernatural community. Over time, others have joined the organization. In CIRCLE OF FIRE we share the adventure of one of the Circle’s shape-shifting members, Jon, who finds an untrained talent in Madeline while protecting her and others from a dangerous outlawed witch. Is it that she needs Jon to help her harness her talent -- or is it love? Private Investigator Nikki James meets up with Michael in DANCING WITH THE DEVIL. Nikki has psi abilities, which she uses on the job. This draws out a rogue vampire wishing to possess her. Michael saves her life by binding her to him and later she returns the favor. Love between an immortal and human is difficult at best. Michael has been battling his bloodlust, as well as the madman bent on revenge. Nikki's gift may have reawakened it. He must leave her or risk destroying her. But can they survive the separation? They don't have to for long. In HEARTS IN DARKNESS, destiny and disaster bring them together again. This time Michael must face the vampire who made him, and his only hope of salvation is Nikki's love. This tale brings to light the changes in Nikki’s powers due to her blood bond to Michael. Will these new talents grow along with their love? Keri Arthur has more to come for Michael and Nikki and of course other members of the Damask Circle.

He was a healer, yet for the last four hundred years he'd been doomed to live off the blood of others. Still Alesandro de Avallone was not a cold blooded killer. He'd paid his unwilling benefactors back for their gifts on many occasions. Life for life. He had taken the blood of the dying and cured them with his own. He'd never given any of them a second thought until he met Analisa Matthews. She was different, special, innocent, and pure. Her spirit melted what was left of his heart, but what did he have to offer her besides danger? A comfortable life, perhaps. Surely not a lifetime of love and yet ...Veteran author Amanda Ashley (a.k.a. Madeline Baker) returns to vampire romance with MIDNIGHT EMBRACE.

The sins of his father have been visited upon Desmond Lacroix. A curse had been placed upon the man and his progeny. Though immortal, Desmond and his half-brother suffer from a strange malady that mocks vampirism. But that is not the worst of the curse, they are also doomed to watch helplessly, as those they dare to love die painful deaths. Desmond had already watched his wife suffer this fate. He was not about to lose his small daughter as well. He'd put everything into finding a cure for her terrible illness. Now the child's fate is in the hands of a cynical reporter, Rebecca Morgan, whose only goal is to uncover his secrets. It isn't long before he realizes he needs her for more than just her blood, but if he let's himself love her, will he lose her as well? Find out Desmond's secret in DARK SALVATION by Jennifer Dunne.

Christine Feehan wowed the romance world with her debut novel DARK PRINCE. Less than three years, eight books, three novellas, ten P.E.A.R.L Awards, and a RITA nomination later, She's still wowing us. DARK CHALLENGE even made a guest appearance in the movie "Kate and Leopold!. Here most recent Carpathian novel, DARK LEGEND is the tale of ancient and legendary twin brothers looked within the earth, one lost to darkness, the other seeking salvation in the light personified by his lifemate, Francesca del Ponce, a healer. Francesca is also an ancient Carpathian, too long without a lifemate, ready to face the dawn. Her decision is firm, she will save his life, but she will not be a part of it. Look for the next installment of the series titled DARK GUARDIAN.

A vampire named Bill? You bet! He's all American, why he'd fought in the civil war. Now the vampires have "come of of the coffin" and been made legal citizens, Bill is mainstream. Learing to live among mortals that is. It's not going to be easy, especially when he almost gets drained on his first night. Who else would a southern vampire fall in love with but a pretty blond cocktail waitress with a disability of her own. Sookie Stackhouse reads minds, not deliberately, she just can't help it. When you put these two together you get one interesting crime solving duet. Join Charlaine Harris, in a world of murder, mystery, and mayhem and hey throw in a considerable dash of humor. Enjoy her new Southern Vampire novels DEAD UNTIL DARK and LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS.

It all began with a Halloween party, or as the vampires viewed it the annual Blood Bash. Or did it? Julian Cavanaugh is a four hundred year old vampire who has resisted the taste of blood for nearly two centuries. Lorelei Fletcher, has dim memories of a hooded stranger visiting her when she was a girl of six. She carries a rare genetic marker in her blood. Attending this party hadn't been her idea. I had been her friend Dina's. Dina is dying of cancer and Dina's boyfriend Nicholas has an uncontrollable urge for Dina's blood. He's not dressed up as a vampire, he's the real thing! Nicholas's maker, Vivian had watched her entire family die from the plague. She'd survived only to be brutally murdered shortly after being cured. The one who connects them all, is Lucien one of the First Demons. He's gearing up for a war between good and evil. These are only some of the REVELATIONS you will find in the first book of the Vampire Apocalypse series by Katriena Knights.

The British vampires invade Ohio in RAPTURE IN MOONLIGHT sequel to the popular Walk in Moonlight by Rosemary Laurey. Kit brings a newly transformed Dixie back to her home soil, settling in the Germantown section of Columbus where she'd set up a novelty shop called The Vampire Emporium. Kit's longtime friend, Justin Corvus, has come to check on his friends and meet with his old nemesis Vlad (Dracula) about establishing territory for them. He's still bearing a grudge about his long-time love leaving him for the Vlad, but that is soon forgotten when he meets a young single mother with a young son who is interested in all things vampire. Unfortuanately her blue-collar job requires her to live in a very unsavory neighborhood. Can you say "Protective intincts?", because they are about to get Justin in serious trouble.

Vampires don't have reflections, but that doesn't stop Dallas Allgate from seeing himself for what he is....a monster. People only in him what they want to see, their own fantasy reflected back at them through his eyes. But former policewoman turned photographer, Tia Martell is different from anyone he's ever known. Can she make him see himself in a different light before his past catches up with them and destroy him? DOUBLE IMAGE is the incredible first novel in a new vampire trilogy by Jaye Roycraft. Double your pleasure with book two, AFTERIMAGE, also available now.

A fatally ill screenwriter finds confort in the ramblings of a long dead madman. He's become her obsession, her fantasy lover. When she translates his journal into an award winning vampire film, everyone beats a path to her door, long lost relatives, a fanatical government agent bent on outing and exterminating the undead, ... and the man himself, who is indeed dead but not quite buried, at least not at night! Welcome back to the world of Maggie Shayne and TWILIGHT HUNGER, Book Seven of the continuing Wings In The Night series.

Lady Sarah Ashton has put aside her soul searching to deal with more immediate problems. Her property has been usurped by a dark, dangerous, mystery man who might be a killer and is definitely a vampire, her own deed is missing, bizarre murders are becoming the norm in London (the thirteen victims drained of their blood), and her best friend has become completely unbalanced. Enjoy a new and suspenseful Regency Gothic Romance, SACRAMENT, by Susan Squires.

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