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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity

April 2001

Romance...With a Little MYTH-Story!

FEATURING: Roberta Gellis and Elizabeth Rose
UPDATES: NEW! from Julie Kenner and Kathleen Nance
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Legendary love takes on a new meaning when it involves characters borrowed from the annals of ancient mythology.

Join the priestess Ariadne of Knossos, daughter of King Minos, on her journey to womanhood, caught between the "mad" god she loves, Dionysos, and her poor deformed younger brother, Asterion, who needs her desperately -- in BULL GOD, a tale of the minotaur, by the incomparable veteran author Roberta Gellis.

Sons of Ares cannot love. Well, perhaps they never had a beautiful daughter of Calisto, and the matchmaking skills of Zeus and Hera, to contend with before. Join vegetarian chef, Callie Gabriel, and the georgeous FBI agent,Armond Marceaux, as they brave danger together and prove that opposites do attract -- in THE WARRIOR by Kathleen Nance.

Halfling Zoe Smith, assistant school librarian, has the option of becoming a superhero on her twenty-fifth birthday. Yes, her father is a Protector. Her ancestors had been thought to be gods, by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
There are a couple of problems though. The decision is sure to break her mortal mother's heart, and the man she loves, the handsome P.I. George Bailey Taylor, is looking to settle down with someone nice and completely normal.  Join them
-- in APRODITE'S KISS by Julie Kenner.

Ares, god of war, is up to his usual tricks. This time he will use his own daughter, Thera, as a pawn in his scheme. Hoping to stir a war between the Trozens and the centaurs he despises, he promises her, as wife, to the Trozen King, but not before impregnating her with a centaur child. The king's younger brother Kyros intercedes, but now she carries his child! Not exactly a way to prevent a war, and unbeknownst to Thera, Kyros is cursed! Join them -- in KYROS' SECRET a mythological fantasy by Elizabeth Rose.

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