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by Barbara Sheridan
Leslie Tramposch: Managing Editor - Sara Reyes: Marketing and Publicity
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January 2002 Issue

Short but Sweet - Paranormal Novellas!


Daw Books - November 7, 2001
Paperback ISBN 0756400163
Denise Little, Editor

Thirteen original tales of fascinating felines
and the humans they have marked for their own...

Fantasy's finest tale-spinners present a brand-new collection
of four-legged fiction that will catapult our favorite felines
into space, time, and the many realms of the fantastic.

Contributors: Mary Jo Putney, Andre Norton, Jody Lynn Nye, Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
Karen Haber, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Diane A.S. Stuckart, Janet Pack, Bill McCay,
Pamela Luzier, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Von Jocks

"A Light in the Darkness" by Pamela Luzier (aka Pam McCutcheon): When a woman searches for a solution to a domestic problem, she's helped by an unusual white cat.

"Ecliptic" by Von Jocks, “The Stargazer’s Familiar” by Mary Jo Putney. and more


Love Spell, September 10, 2001
Paperback ISBN: 0505524503

A man hunts a woman. Yet what if he is no ordinary man,
but a predator in search of prey? A dark soul looking for the light?
A vampire, a werewolf, a mythic being who strikes fear into the hearts of mortals?

Three of romance's hottest bestselling authors invite you to explore the dark side,
to taste the forbidden, to dive into danger with heroes who fire the blood
and lay claim to the soul in these striking tales of sensual passion.

When day fades into night, when fear becomes fascination,
when the swirling seduction of everlasting love overcomes the senses,
it must be… AFTER TWILIGHT

"MASQUERADE" by Amanda Ashley
"Dark Dream" by Christine Feehan,
"MIDNIGHT SERENADE" byRonda Thompson


Daw Books - September 1, 2001
Paperback ISBN 0756400074
Denise Little, Editor


A magic-filled menagerie of the most alluring animals in all of fantasy fiction!

Includes all-new, original stories by Denise Little; Jody Lynn Nye; Von Jocks;
Michelle West; Kristine Kathryn Rusch; Josepha Sherman; P.N. Elrod; Alan Rodgers;
Jean Rabe; Carol Hightshoe; Pamela Luzier; Susan Sizemore; India Edghill;
Dennis A. Schmidt; Rosemary Edghill; and Gary Braunbeck

"The Dragon and the Maiden" by Pamela Luzier (aka Pam McCutcheon):What's a maiden to do when she's selected to be the next sacrifice to the strange new dragon in the area?


Jove, August 29, 2001
Paperback ISBN: 0515131512

"The Traveler" by Lynn Kurland: A modern Manhattan woman finds herself in the arms of a medieval knight with his mind on conquest-of his stolen castle, that is. But soon his mind turns to other things and they both learn what they're willing to give up for love...


Pocket Books, November 2001
ISBN: 0743442717

"After The Music" by Christine Feehan: Terrified by mysterious threats, Jessica Fitzpatrick spirits away her twin wards, Tara and Trevor, to the remote island mansion of their estranged father, world-famous musician Dillon Wentworth. Ever since the fire that claimed his troubled wife's life and left him horribly disfigured, Dillon has shut out the world. With Christmas approaching, the spark between him and Jessica might light the future, but there are those who shared Dillon's wife's love of the occult…and their evil machinations threaten everything.

"Lady of the Locket" by Melanie George: The echoes of history and romance lure Rachel Hudson to Glengarren, the Scottish castle where her parents met many Christmas ago. But it is the portrait of fierce Highlander Duncan MacGregor that sparks an inexplicable yearning inside her. On a storm-tossed night, as lightning cracks across the castle's turrets, Rachel finds herself face-to-face with MacGregor himself, astride a might stallion on a windswept battlefield. Now, stepping ino Rachel's time-and her heart-the warrior from the past is pursued by an ancient evil enemy…


Speculation Press - January 2002
Trade Paperback ISBN: 0967197988

A collection of whimsical stories about angels and demons
and the humans who interact with them.

Featuring novellas by: Jody Lynn Nye, Stuart Barrow, Tom Dullemond, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Sharon Nelson, Susan Sizemore, Jennifer Dunne, H. David Blalock,
Terri Beckett, Michael J. McShay, and Michele Hauf

"Vacation" by Jennifer Dunne: When Saffron's master awards her the first vacation in seven hundred years, she takes the opportunity to experience something totally different. Eschewing the seven deadly sins that are the mainstays of her work, she determines to experience the fabled seven virtues instead. The problem is: she is restricted to human abilities for her entire week long stay at The Slice of Heaven Resort and Spa.Saffron is about to get a unique prospective on her "assignments" as she struggles with temptation!~© PNR


Cumberland House, February 2001
ISBN: 1581821565

The words murder and romance seldom appear together. If given a choice, most of us would prefer them to be as far apart as possible. But there is no denying that an edge of danger can heighten tension, intensify emotions, and make every moment a treasure to be seized, since it might be the last chance to experience anything at all.

The collection of stories in Murder Most Romantic is aobut romance experienced in the teeth of mortal danger, when every decision is life-or-death and the smallest mistake could kill you. It is said that love is at its most intense when it is threatened, and when that threat is mortal, murder and romance can combine to build emotions to a fever pitch.

Many award-winning writers have joined together in creating the new and original stories in Murder Most Romantic. From Laura Resnick's heart-stopping tale of a honeymoon gone very wrong to Dine Stuckart's look at the scary side of the cyber world, to D. E. Meredith's story of love and death in smalltown Texas and beyond, every contribution adds a new twist. This collection of heart-stopping romance includes:

"Homicidal Honeymoon" by Laura Resnick, "The Scottish Ploy" by P.N. Elrod, "" by Diane A. S. Stuckart, "The Perfect Man" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, "Celtic Cross" by Yvonne Jocks, "Hostage to Love" by Mary Watson, "Dizzy and the Biker" by Susan Sizemore, "Night Hawks" by Jody Lynn Nye, "Keeper of the Well" by Deb Stover, "Dearly Beloved" by D. R. Meredith, "The Must Go On" by Neesa Hart, "Twelve Days" by Laura Hayden.


Ellora's Cave - December 2001
Adobe (PDF) ISBN:1-84360-086-2
MS Reader (LIT) ISBN: 1843600870
HTML/Rocketbook ISBN: 1843600889
Mobipocket ISBN: 1843601397

"Jingle's Belle" by Lani Aames (a.k.a. Lanette Curington): 'Twas a week before Christmas, and Bel in a funk, heard something fall from the rooftop with a clunk. She ran out the door, and what did she find? In the garden, an elf, the hunky Christmas kind...

"Santa Claws" by MaryJanice Davidson: a powerful European werewolf falls in lust at first bite with sidewalk Santa Giselle Smith. Giselle, a pleasant but sheltered woman, is literally swept off her feet by the charismatic and sexually hungry Alec. Author's note: Davidson's previous werewolf novella, "Love's Prisoner", won the Sapphire Award and was a P.E.A.R.L. finalist. She is currently at work on the sequel to "Love's Prisoner".


Jove Pubns, October 3, 2001
Paperback ISBN: 0515131660

Love blossoms like the lucious petals of the spring's very first rose

"Winter Rose" by Nora Roberts: On a remote island cursed with eternal winter, a young queen heals a wounded soldier - and warms her heart with the joys of true love...

"The Rose and the Sword" by Jill Gregory: An exiled princess's last hope for recovering her lost kingdom lies with the embittered prince she is pledged to marry - a man as impossible as he is irresistible...

"The Roses of Glenross" by Ruth Lanigan: Sheltered in an abbey in war torn Scotland, a lonely lass tend a huanted rose garden -- while a heroic soldier basks in the pure glow of her love...

"The Fairest Rose" by Marianne Willman: Embarking on a dangerous quest to win the hand of a princess, a bold warrior falls for the one woman who has the power to save his life -- and hold his heart...


Jove, Aug 01 2001
Paperback ISBN 0515131091

Love, Supernatural Style

Love is the universal language.
And nowhere is this more apparent
than in these extraordinary stories
from four of today’s hottest authors.

From a futuristic cop caught in a crisis of the heart
to a smoldering vision of an unusual love triangle,
from the hunger for a human touch on an alien planet
to a witch’s desperate search for the love of one man,
these tales of paranormal romance will transport you
to a time and a place you’ve never been before….


New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb — "Interlude in Death," a new Lieutenant Eve Dallas story,
New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton — "Magic Like Heat Across My Skin," a new Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter tale;
And USA Today Bestselling Authors: Susan Krinard - "Kinsman", and Maggie Shayne
- "Immortality"


Red Sage Pub., Inc.- December 2001
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0964894270

"Kissing the Hunter" by Angela Knight: Navy Seal Logan McLean hunts the vampires who murdered his wife. Virginia Hart is a sexy vampire searching for her lost soul-mate only to find him in a man determined to kill her. In Kissing the Hunter, she must convince him all vampires aren’t created equally — hunting her won’t save his soul, only loving her will.


Ellora's Cave - October 2001
Adobe (PDF) - ISBN:1843600234
MS Reader (LIT) - ISBN: 1843600242
Rocketbook/HTML - ISBN: 1843600250
Mobipocket - ISBN: 1843601141

Nancy Lombardo, Erica Kalai, and Janna O'Neill are three friends attending a costume party in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night. Things That Go Bump In The Night tells the story of each woman and the otherworldly man who charges into her life.

"Bloodlust" by Marilyn Lee: Schoolteacher Erica Kalai is always warning her female students against letting teenage boys sweet talk them into bed. But on her 40th birthday, she encounters a man dressed as her favorite anti-hero, Dracula. One look at the younger, strangely compelling giant, and Erica is soon out of her clothes and into his arms. It won't take her long to figure out, however, that she's put herself into the clutches of a real Dracula...

"A Little Too Charming" by Treva Harte: Janna doesn’t believe in magic, or witches, or fate, or even love anymore. Such fairy tales as romance are for women who don’t have to live in the real world. What she’d really like is some hot sex just to satisfy her hormones. Once Jana gets a good look at Ted Grimes she has a very hard time keeping her mind on business. He practically kisses her senseless before he even says hello. Something really weird is going on. Is Ted her destiny? Or is this man who's reputed to be a witch just A Little Too Charming…

"Naughty Nancy II - Book 4 & 1/2: Trek Mi Q'an" by Jaid Black: Nancy Lombardo is determined to become a new woman. No more wearing spectacles, no more pulling her hair back into a tight spinsterish bun, and no more spending every night alone and sexless. Nancy gets more than she bargained for when she's whisked away to a planet of Barbarians and claimed for a mate by an eight-foot tall shape-shifting predator.
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